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only 8,886 emails this year
2019.12.31, Toronto
My multi-annual plan to reduce emails has continued.
oh, Fermi and your paradox
2019.12.21, Toronto
Two interesting articles on the Fermi paradox state: one, that civilization burns itself out via industrialization-fueled climate change; and two, that ignoring the discussion isn't helping us mature to the point that we can even contemplate moving into the stars.
cancelling wind turbine projects because reasons
2019.12.10, Toronto
Ontario's cancelled another wind-turbine project.
smuggling out e-waste
2019.12.04, Toronto
An interesting article in The Verge about how greed drove a "recycling" company to falsify documents in order to conceal that monitors containing mercury were being sent to Hong Kong for dismantling.
we're burning our plastic bottles
2019.12.03, Toronto
You know how you're so good about sorting plastic bottles from non-recyclable trash? It doesn't matter, they're being incinerated anyway.
quantum science for a real mind-bend
2019.11.25, Toronto
OK, I had to watch this one twice.
happy Fibonacci day!
2019.11.23, Toronto
For my math nerd friends out there.
The Boy, tennis star
2019.11.22, Toronto
We took The Boy to a tennis club at Kipling and Highway 7, just past the north-west corner of Toronto for his first-ever provincially-ranked tournament.
same ol' same ol'
2019.11.22, Toronto
Today I rode up to the Bermondsey neighborhood to meet a friend and fellow unemployee.
the entrepreneurs
2019.11.21, Toronto
Today I had a meeting downtown with an entrepreneur who's built a thriving software business; within a couple of years of their start they now have four products in production with different clients.
solid-state batteries are here
2019.11.18, Toronto
In this fascinating video, we learn that solid-state, eco-friendly, stable, and inexpensive batteries are just around the corner--prototypes already exist! Amazingly, storage capacity is much greater than our current batch.
the boy's poem on corruption
2019.11.15, Toronto
Our son wrote a poem for a school assignment.
on asking whether you should really be CEO
2019.11.12, Toronto
A friend in Australia passed on an article in which a corporate board member spilled the beans about the mis-allocation of millions of dollars towards management consultants who provided little value.
gitlab owns an error
2019.10.30, Toronto
Today I received a letter from the CEO of Gitlab about the retraction of a planned service that had worried the user community.
sequence 8, 13, 19, 26
2019.10.16, Toronto
Today The Boy brought home math homework that was in our opinion way above the grade six level - to provide a formula that can explain the sequence 8, 13, 19, 26.
twenty years of this journal
2019.09.28, Toronto
I just noticed that today is the twentieth anniversary of my web journal.
won't somebody think of the children
2019.09.27, Toronto
This is where my cycling advocacy stuff is taking me these days.
ate some wheat
2019.09.26, Toronto
On the weekend, I ate some wheat.
farewell to summer
2019.09.25, Toronto
My summer went by in a blur of long start-up weeks.
first email from a seven year old
2019.09.24, Toronto
I was surprised tonight to receive an email from my seven-year-old.
good-bye websites
2019.09.23, Toronto
Over the weekend I repatriated the last of my websites.
oh, Calgary
2019.09.20, Toronto
I read a story from Calgary in which a resident has been getting endless death-threats because he pointed out that the city's bus drivers are refusing transit tickets printed in French.
humans versus the environment
2019.09.19, Toronto
It seems that the people trying to solve the Fermi paradox are increasingly coming to the conclusion that we're utterly alone in the Universe.
it was thirty years ago this month
2019.09.18, Toronto
I've just realized that it was thirty years ago this month that I returned to Ontario to start my university studies.
rats play hide and seek
2019.09.17, Toronto
So it turns out that rats can play hide and seek.
what have the Romans ever done for us
2019.09.13, Toronto
Tell us, Boris! .
tweeting to Gorbachev
2019.09.12, Toronto
So I wrote a tweet to Mikhail Gorbachev to thank him for getting the USSR through the Chernobyl crisis.
our brush with west nile virus
2019.09.11, Toronto
Mari and The Girl noticed a bluejay pacing about in a neighbor's yard.
fun times in the US election cycle
2019.09.10, Toronto
I'm constantly amazed at what politics looks like in this brave new millennium.
the holy shopping center
2019.09.09, Toronto
Time was, I was underemployed and adrift.
wrapping up another tax year
2019.09.09, Toronto
Whelp, I tallied all of the expenses for my company's fiscal year.
the boy does a tennis tournament
2019.09.08, Toronto
A year ago, The Boy attended a tennis tournament and placed dead last.
farewell to sea ice
2019.09.07, Toronto
Well, I guess within another couple of years there won't be ice in the Arctic ocean year round.
reasons to be thankful, UK edition
2019.09.06, Toronto
Watching what's happening in the UK these days certainly gives me pause.
broken ring and post - tell 311
2019.09.05, Toronto
Remember folks, when we see a broken or missing ring-and-post on the street in Toronto, we tell 311.
the communications protocols of elementary teachers
2019.09.04, Toronto
It's interesting to see each new year's teacher's approach to communications with us, the parents.
new contra-flow bike lane
2019.09.03, Toronto
Living in a city where people routinely are struck down in the streets by an out-of-control driving populace, it's nice to see some small signs of progress.
the boy scored a 92
2019.09.03, Toronto
The Boy's test results with the Ontario Conservatory of Music came back: 92 out of 100.
fishing beneath the lock
2019.08.31, Port Severn
We followed up on the tip from the camper at the lock and fished below the dam at Port Severn (which is a fish sanctuary in the spring).
the frog-catchers
2019.08.30, Port Severn
Our last full day at the cottage saw autumn-like weather, definitely time for long sleeves.
wind and lots of it
2019.08.29, Port Severn
Well the improved fishing was short-lived.
fishing weather at last
2019.08.28, Port Severn
The rain gave way to some decent weather.
fishing in the rain
2019.08.27, Port Severn
It rained all day, today.
paddling on wye marsh
2019.08.26, Port Severn
Today we went paddling on Wye Marsh near Midland.
living the cottage life
2019.08.26, Port Severn
This was us, yesterday.
early fishing
2019.08.25, Port Severn
We headed out early this morning, and while I caught only a single pike it was a beautiful time to be out on the water.
cottage country
2019.08.24, Port Severn
We've arrived.
that's all folks
2019.08.23, Toronto
It's been a very busy week as I prepare to take the family to a rented cottage for the following week.
second Paul, second boat
2019.08.18, Fenelon Falls, Ontario
Today a fellow named Paul who is not our neighbour but rather the neighbor of a friend in Fenelon Falls took us out on his boat.
on Paul's boat
2019.08.15, Toronto
Our neighbors Paul and Margaret took The Boy and me out on their sailboat today.
busy weekend
2019.08.11, Toronto
This weekend we had plans on Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon/evening, Sunday morning, and Sunday afternoon/evening.
happiness is a warm kettle
2019.08.09, Toronto
What does it say that a hand-me-down electric kettle made our week, this week?.
killing things on my bike
2019.08.08, Toronto
I related to a friend how I'd accidentally run over a small snake on my bike, and then nearly hit a dog and he said, "At least you didn't kill a child.
amazing but obvious
2019.08.07, Toronto
Cheers to Cloudflare for taking the amazing but I have to say rather obvious step of taking 8chan off the air.
this cannot possible go skynet I mean wrong
2019.08.06, Toronto
Well, what could possibly go wrong with launching an aware military defence network that can control spy satellites? I mean yes it sounds familiar.
fishing in St. Catharines
2019.08.05, St. Catharines
The Boy and I did a bit of fishing on Martindale Pond this morning.
a rare get-together with part of my family
2019.08.04, St. Catharines
My brother and his wife are in Ontario for a wedding, so we all got together in St.
when a cyclist drives
2019.08.03, Toronto
Driving in an unfamiliar area, I was shocked to see a terribly-uneven railroad crossing immediately before us.
say, would you reboot the box under the fish tank?
2019.08.01, Toronto
Today proved that there can be times when you text your spouse to ask them to say reboot a computer system inside the aquarium stand, and it's work-related.
what happens to your credit rating when you give up an old credit card
2019.07.29, Toronto
The lore of credit ratings says that maintaining credit accounts for a long time is good, so I've always wondered what happens if you give up an old credit card.
happiness is your kid's first adult bike
2019.07.28, Toronto
The Boy and I updated a 25-year-old mountain bike with a bunch of new parts today: at eleven he's ready for his first 26" bike.
Porter's five forces
2019.07.26, Toronto
Today I read a story about Intel's apparently upcoming ouster from Apple's lineup - pretty shocking stuff; remember MBA graduates, Porter's five forces have been established for a long time.
46°C in France today
2019.07.25, Toronto
So France and other European countries are setting record temperatures; in these cases I'd like to tell my kids that we did the best we could for the world but we all know that that's a blatant lie.
starting up an old project
2019.07.25, Toronto
I've decided to resume the novel project I set aside eleven+ years ago when my son was born.
riding rental bikes in Toronto
2019.07.24, Toronto
Today I rode a rental bike from Toronto's bike sharing service and thoroughly enjoyed it.
writing loveletters to politicians
2019.07.23, Toronto
Today I wrote to emails of thanks to the Toronto Mayor and the city Councillors that took the lead on the recent spate of directives to make the city's streets safer.
to what could this be referring?
2019.07.22, Toronto
The Late Show had a faux 'Wheel of Fortune' style puzzle tonight, for which I just couldn't pick a single answer.
wildlife, while there is some
2019.07.21, Toronto
So it turns out that Manta Rays can leap right out of the water into the air.
selling my work online
2019.07.20, Toronto
Today I put a manual of policy and procedures on risk management for small non-profits for sale on my "professional" website.
old memories triggered by the weather
2019.07.19, Toronto
The weather today perfectly reminded me of hunting for tadpoles and Oma's cooking, while staying with the old folks on vacation from Calgary 35 years ago.
bike sharing stations everywhere
2019.07.18, Toronto
I am happy to report that the city's parking authority is in no way fooling around with the bike-sharing project - there are bike stations everywhere, now*.
not at all a real-estate bubble
2019.07.15, Toronto
Even if you wanted to buy a place in Whitby or Brampton (or Milton!) you're now paying a 50% premium over Ottawa or Calgary or Montreal.
what does 2475 dollars get you in Toronto
2019.07.13, Toronto
I saw a (badly written) article about new apartment building construction in Toronto that contained this line: "bringing the cost of an average-sized unit of 794 square feet to $2,475".
happiness is ditching a bank
2019.07.12, Toronto
I closed a credit card account of 18 years standing because of one bad call to a bank; I don't know why banks can't be bothered to solve problems for long-term clients but this just forced me to move more business to my credit union.
switching to v-brakes
2019.07.11, Toronto
I've done some math and it seems that riding a bike for the past eight years has saved me $9,000 in TTC fares.
162cm and growing
2019.07.10, Toronto
My son's above the 98th percentile for height; I was hoping he'd avoid a lifetime of backache and poor shoe selection but no.
that's mr wernebung to you
2019.07.09, Toronto
When I called up the Canadian Red Cross to give them a new credit card number the fellow took down my name as Wernebung; I'm glad that's not how it's spelled.
the Boy's big opportunity
2019.07.02, Toronto
Our son plays tennis, and his club has just asked him to join a new youth program that will see him get a lot of exposure this summer.
in our first parade
2019.07.01, Toronto
Today all four of us rode our bikes in the East York Canada Day parade.
skunked on the Holland River
2019.06.30, Toronto
We had our fishing trip today.
a movie with The Girl
2019.06.29, Toronto
I took our daughter to see Toy Story 4 today - it was the first time the two of us have seen a cinema movie together alone.
opportunities to fish
2019.06.28, Toronto
We've rented a cottage for the last week in August, and have also decided to go fishing this weekend.
good news for the Danforth Avenue bike lanes project
2019.06.27, Toronto
Toronto's Infrastructure & Environment Committee has passed resolutions calling for the creation of bike lanes on Danforth Avenue.
paying attention to cyber security
2019.06.25, Toronto
In a discussion on cyber security breaches, someone referenced an incident in Baltimore.
my date with Kevin
2019.06.24, Toronto
For the first time, I met a colleague I'd worked with remotely for four years - he suggested we meet as he was visiting Toronto.
The Girl's first recital
2019.06.23, Toronto
The Girl gave her first piano recital today, and I tried my hand at phone video recording, which I usually avoid.
caught in the rain three times in a day
2019.06.20, Toronto
I had to run some errands while at work today, then had a meeting over dinner.
the fridge that ran
2019.06.19, Toronto
Our fridge is eleven years old and won't stop running; no wonder we have an $80 hydro bill every month.
flooded beach like glass
2019.06.18, Toronto
I for one welcome the flooded Woodbine beach - this morning the water was like glass and it reflected gorgeously.
your credit card don't mean nothing to me
2019.06.17, Toronto
Today I tried to add my Visa card to PayPal; I was declined, so I called the bank but was given the run-around.
longer bike rides
2019.06.16, Toronto
Mari joined The Girl and me on a ride down to the Leslie Street Spit today where we saw a turtle and some big fish.
bells on Danforth
2019.06.15, Toronto
Today I joined hundreds of other cyclists in riding the length of Danforth Avenue from Withrow park in the west to the Oakridge Community Recreation Centre in the east.
lotsa email from my pal Cron Daemon
2019.06.12, Toronto
The Boy was watching me struggle with my inbox, and asked who "Cron Daemon" is and why I didn't spend much time on his email.
shred those parking tickets
2019.06.10, Toronto
I saw a truck from one of those document-shredding services with two parking tickets on its windshield; I somehow suspect I know what'll happen to the tickets.
the girl's first ride
2019.06.08, Toronto
I took The Girl on a ride on her new bike; about four kilometers under glorious sunshine.
an sd-wan breakthrough
2019.06.07, Toronto
At work, we've made a real breakthrough with the performance of our software.
mercedes CO2 emissions are getting worse
2019.06.06, Toronto
Today I noticed that the average CO2 emissions of the fleet of cars sold by Mercedes actually got worse by 12g/km between 2016 and 2018.
crapped on in June
2019.06.05, Toronto
For the 19th time in my life, I've been crapped on by a bird.
car expenses piling up
2019.05.31, Toronto
It's amazing how quickly the car repair bills pile up when your warranty expires.
more views of a flooded beach
2019.05.30, Toronto
This is the far side of Woodbine beach: the water is receding, but the beach is still swamped.
an exploding star caused us to walk upright?
2019.05.29, Toronto
It's pretty amazing to see what we can work out these days, such as a distant supernova leading to humanity's ancestors walking upright.
flooding on Woodbine beach
2019.05.28, Toronto
Woodbine beach was largely underwater this morning, so I made a panorama pic.
the first bite is the only welcome one
2019.05.27, Toronto
I'll posit that the first mosquito bite of the season is the only welcome one.
an uber eats driver does something kind
2019.05.25, Toronto
I saw an Uber Eats driver do something kind - she got off her bike to help a blind man cross Bay street.
a new bike for The Girl
2019.05.24, Toronto
I'm buying a bike for The Girl, and I'm finding the process surprisingly difficult - when did kid's bikes become so awful? By awful I mean, why should a bike for 20kg child itself weigh 20kg? Why is $300 only enough for a single-speed bike with a coaster brake? Why does a light bike with front- and rear-brakes cost $450? Anyway, we're going to sell the kids' balance bike and the cycle trailer and spend a bit more to get The Girl something lighter and better-featured.
unnecessary goop
2019.05.23, Toronto
I bought some goop to remove a rubbery-looking streak from the side of our car only to find that the auto shop had removed it for me.
that's it, I'm off to Collision
2019.05.22, Toronto
Joining the boss today at Collision conference here in Toronto - it's a conference for startups and their investors.
our cycling advocacy group took a break and just rode for fun, today
2019.05.21, Toronto
For the first time that I can recall, our cycling advocacy group took a break and just rode for fun, today.
ran into my eleven year old on the street today for the first time
2019.05.18, Toronto
When I ran into my son on the street today, I realized that it was the first time I'd encountered him acting as independently as he has for the entire school year.
on this day last year a man I don't know died cycling in my neighborhood
2019.05.16, Toronto
Like me, Doug Crosbie was a cyclist and a father.
what I'd look like as a woman
2019.05.14, Toronto
Last night a colleague took a pic of me through some app that slapped a woman's 'do on me and made my features more feminine.
woodbine beach is flooded again
2019.05.13, Toronto
Thanks to high water levels and a few days of east winds, a great deal of Woodbine beach is under water again this year.
too cold in Toronto for fishing, this weekend
2019.05.12, Toronto
I took The Boy out to fish for pike on Toronto's waterfront today.
a message from the Australien government
2019.05.10, Toronto
A friend sent me this satirical "ad" for the "Australien" government.
it seems that Boeing's had a long history of cut corners
2019.05.09, Toronto
Hat tip to Adrian for the link.
with the kids now 11 and 7 years old, I suddenly noticed the absence of Thomas the tank engine
2019.05.08, Toronto
I suddenly noticed the absence of Thomas the tank engine videos in our home.
kicking caffeine (again) and the headaches have improved
2019.05.07, Toronto
Having recently kicked the caffeinated coffee has had an impact on the incessant migraines I've been suffering this year.
if we allow 2° in global warming 6° is inevitable
2019.05.06, Toronto
According to the short series of videos below, it' inevitable that even a 2° rise in global temperatures, it will give rise to fully 6° in changes.
three months to fix a fender-bender
2019.05.03, Toronto
Between Sonnet insurance and Toronto Honda it's taken 3 months to fix a bumper cover; I now have to actively manage both daily.
the soaking of the year
2019.05.02, Toronto
I can't recall having gotten so wet at such a low temperature as cycling into the wind of last night's rainstorm at 5°.
April freezing rain brings May d'oh
2019.05.01, Toronto
This year in Toronto it appears that April freezing rain showers bring May well not flowers more like almost-freezing rain showers.
freezing rain at the end of April
2019.04.30, Toronto
I rode home in freezing rain last night–I'd like to say I'm surprised but I'm not.
proud moment in bike repair
2019.04.29, Toronto
I replaced the stem on The Boy's bike with a taller "riser" stem - this required rebuilding the front brake and it all went rather well.
stolen bike part
2019.04.26, Toronto
I'm not sure why someone would stoop to stealing one of these, but it happened to me this week.
moving sidewalks
2019.04.25, Toronto
I just learned that Billy Gibbons had a band before ZZ Top.
the weather has finally changed
2019.04.24, Toronto
I don't know how it's taken so long this year but the weather has finally changed for the better some six months after the first snowfall.
another Easter egg hunt complete
2019.04.22, St. Catharines
Another successful Easter egg hunt this year, the bunny was credited with doing a good job with the eggs–but we only recovered 96%! .
two bikes
2019.04.17, Toronto
How nice it is to take a bike ride with a small child, unsteady perhaps but growing in confidence and excited to explore the world.
scranos weaponized malware
2019.04.16, Toronto
So, this Scranos is a mutable piece of malware with a great deal of capability and it's still just getting warm.
king street pilot is permanent
2019.04.16, Toronto
Every day I cross the center of Toronto's downtown via street only usable by transit, taxis and bikes - not a big idea globally but new to TO.
The Boy is out for the week
2019.04.15, Toronto
The Boy is off for four days at an overnight school trip on Toronto Island.
31 ways to misspell a name
2019.04.14, Toronto
The Boy told us of a couple of misspellings of our family name today–I dutifully noted them to my amusingly long list.
woe is the speeding Audi
2019.04.13, Toronto
Certain Audi drivers are going to ruin it for everyone.
a flock of woodpeckers
2019.04.12, Toronto
Our backyard must be lousy with grubs of some kind.
cycling in freezing rain
2019.04.11, Toronto
The boss called from the western edge of the city with some urgent news.
The Boy makes a stand
2019.04.10, Toronto
The Boy had his first victory over bureaucracy today.
pranking The Girl
2019.04.09, Toronto
The Girl wanted me to put a copy of some Taylor Swift song she'd bought onto the MP3 player she uses in the car (yes, an MP3 player–it's several years older than she is).
teaching the girl to ride
2019.04.08, Toronto
The Girl suddenly and confidently took to cycling on the weekend.
switching database extensions in PHP
2019.04.07, Toronto
I must be the very last person on Earth to migrate a substantial PHP project from the antique mysql_ functions (which went out with MySQL 5.
2019.04.06, Toronto
I've just taken my website to a new domain.
why don't you get a job?
2019.04.06, Toronto
I hope some day when I tell my kids "Why don't you get a job" or "Why don't you get a degree" they play this song at me in response.
survey of character strengths
2019.04.05, Toronto
I took an online survey of my character strengths.
big rainbow trout on Toronto's waterfront
2019.04.04, Toronto
As I was riding home tonight I saw one of the regular anglers on our stretch of the waterfront.
map of impact craters on Earth
2019.04.03, Toronto
In one of our discussions, The Boy and I wound up looking at an amazing map of the impact craters that dot the Earth.
tweet your way to resolution
2019.04.02, Toronto
Two months ago, we were in a fender-bender.
The Girl wants what The Girl wants
2019.04.01, Toronto
Our dear daughter has decided she wants a xylophone for her impending birthday.
rapa nui statues
2019.03.29, Toronto
So it turns out the famous "Easter island" statues are only found near sources of fresh water.
time for our annual hobbling of the city's transit
2019.03.28, Toronto
Toronto has a long-standing tradition of making plans to do something about its crippled transit system, then scrapping those plans.
happy 80th, dad!
2019.03.27, Toronto
Happy birthday, dad, and thanks for everything! Us, a great deal younger.
farewell to my non-profit board
2019.03.26, Toronto
Tonight was my last night of service on the board of directors of Cycle Toronto, an advocacy organization with a vision of a future city that's safe for cyclists.
latest watch crush–frederique constant
2019.03.25, Toronto
Is it a bad sign that your taste in watches ranges from $50 to $900 and you can't afford any of them? .
on the killing of muslims at prayer in Christchurch
2019.03.22, Toronto
Some words from a muslim on the killing of muslims at prayer in Christchurch.
cycling advocacy in Beaches-East York
2019.03.21, Toronto
I'm a member of a group of cycling advocates in my home "ward" in Toronto, "Beaches-East York" (catchy, I know).
defeated commuters
2019.03.20, Toronto
Still feeling vindicated in riding my bike to work in some chilly conditions.
cycling on powder, cycling on ice
2019.03.19, Toronto
Second day of cycling for the year, and I've managed to fall.
hanging in my closet
2019.03.19, Toronto
I saw this amusing sign near the office: .
first day back in the saddle
2019.03.18, Toronto
Back on my bike, and on day one I missed a major disruption to the subway.
yardworks we like your shovels
2019.03.17, Toronto
We use snow shovels from "Yardworks" - in the interest of product failure analysis, here are some pics of one shovel that broke.
website dropped by google when I switched to https
2019.03.16, Toronto
In September, I switched to SSL on all my websites; doing so killed all the traffic.
happy Pi day, everyone
2019.03.14, Toronto
I usually celebrate this day by returning to my bicycle for my commute.
skiing and show-shoeing
2019.03.10, Collingwood, Ontario
The Girl has a classmate with some very generous parents: they invited us with them to a condo they'd rented at the Blue Mountain resort in Collingwood.
when will this winter end?
2019.03.04, Toronto
I think this pic says it all.
teaching people to fish
2019.03.03, Toronto
The Boy and I took a family of friends ice fishing today.
everybody loves hypnotoad
2019.02.11, Toronto
If the fine folks who produced the Simpsons and Futurama had nothing more to say on the nature and quality of televisions shows, they need only have said this.
coyote on the street tonight
2019.02.01, Toronto
I ran into a coyote on the street tonight.
11,600 emails
2019.01.26, Toronto
In 2017 I received 18,000+ emails (not including work).
watch out, moon!
2019.01.21, Toronto
The rate of major meteorite strikes on the Moon is increasing.
music with a telegraph machine
2019.01.20, Toronto
The Boy asked what a telegram is, I turned to Youtube for a demonstration of a telegraph machine, and of course that led to: .
latest watch crush
2019.01.12, Toronto
It's been too long since I posted about my latest watch crush.
tempus fugit
2019.01.11, Toronto
It's been a full month since I posted something to my twenty year old journal.
still limping
2019.01.04, Toronto
I'm still limping from having (probably) broken a bone in my foot.
CIA no more
2019.01.01, Toronto
Whoopsie, I seem to have forgotten to renew my Certified Internal Auditor designation.
goodbye, 2018
2018.12.31, Toronto
People seemed to behave like 2018 was a bad year, but I think I had a good one.
a friend turns fifty
2018.12.19, Toronto
I had a rare get-together with a friend tonight, a few days before his fiftieth birthday.
a live turkey vulture
2018.12.12, Toronto
Today a turkey vulture landed in our back yard; I was able to get the kids to my window to see it take off.
the week that wasn't
2018.11.19, Toronto
November in Toronto, when you can say, "Thank god we carried the sofa down all those stairs before it started snowing".
cool text-only weather site
2018.11.08, Toronto
Quite by accident, I discovered a cool weather website that uses no graphics at all.
musical talent
2018.11.03, Toronto
Our ten year old made a song with his iPad that's on par with much of the electronic music you hear today from adults.
broken foot
2018.10.29, Toronto
I think I can confirm after several days of throbbing and inflammation: I've cracked a bone in my toe or foot.
international cluster
2018.10.27, Toronto
For kicks, I've turned my website into a cluster running out of New Jersey and Amsterdam across two hosting companies.
farewell to AWS S3
2018.10.20, Toronto
I've figured out how to cut my spend on hosting my websites from $15 to $6.
seven point seven billion people on one page
2018.10.14, Toronto
I found a representation of all seven point seven people on one page - I had a heck of a time finding myself.
twenty years with my own domains
2018.10.07, Toronto
I registered my first domain - etherlabs dot net - on this date in 1998.
two day retreat
2018.10.05, Toronto
For the past two days, I joined a client's executive team and board on a strategic retreat that started with "What do we do as a company?" (which led to a substantial revelation) and followed that all the way to which executives would own what crucial initiatives this year, and which would follow on through the next two years.
parental controls
2018.10.05, Toronto
So it's come to this: we've had to institute the parental controls on The Boy's Nintendo Switch.
no online gaming with nintendo for my son
2018.09.22, Toronto
My son can't play "Splatoon 2" on his Nintendo Switch because he can't find 8 paying members online.
18,000 emails in 2017
2018.09.18, Toronto
According to my inboxes, I sent or received 18,000 emails in 2017.
1.5 billion seconds old
2018.09.18, Toronto
Some time ago, I noticed that the UNIX epoch had turned 1.
the long ride
2018.09.17, Toronto
I started a new commute today, some 13+ kilometers across the city center.
all is well that ends in baboon urine
2018.09.08, Toronto
We went to "African Lion Safari" today, so naturally the car came back decorated with baboon urine.
replaced the shifters on my bike
2018.09.07, Toronto
Today I took some time out from my job search and non-profit commitments to change the gear shifters on my bike.
let's encrypt for free certificates
2018.09.05, Toronto
I've now put SSL encryption on all four of my websites.
new website for my professional profile
2018.09.04, Toronto
I've made a new website for my professional profile, featuring some case studies.
on execution
2018.09.03, Toronto
Today I read an excellent post on getting things done, by a City of Toronto executive.
daddys flabby belly
2018.09.03, Toronto
This morning our dear daughter re-introduced me to one of her friends: "This is my daddy, and my daddy's flabby belly.
oracle cloud is unavailable
2018.09.01, Toronto
I'm jobsearching, and came across this odd warning when following a lead: As my friend and former colleague Adrian put it, "Nice, a dinosaur caught in a tar pit".
good times and a cupcake
2018.08.31, Toronto
I had the best cupcake of my life today, from a place on Gerrard called the Hype Food Company.
CIA for five years
2018.08.28, Toronto
It's been five years since I wrapped up a year - and five hundred hours of study - toward the Certified Internal Auditor designation.
chasing the garbage truck
2018.08.28, Toronto
Both of my grandfathers were known to chase down the garbage truck and get something precious back that their wives had thrown away.
website transition is complete
2018.08.27, Toronto
At long last, I've implemented the flattening tool on risktopics.
yonder coming Putin
2018.08.27, Toronto
I wrote a folk song based on "The Midnight Special" about today's political events in the US.
wow YYZ terminal 3
2018.08.25, Toronto
I had the pleasure of picking up a friend at YYZ's terminal 3 today, such a refreshing change from the spacious and beautiful terminal 1! Honestly, how is that cramped and shoddy mess still a part of an airport that's seen growth by 15,000,000 passengers per year since 2010?.
the kids are home
2018.08.18, Toronto
I can tell the kids are home: I had to wade through Japanese educational toys to get to the bathroom, where the sink was 2/3 full of soap foam.
on the water at 6:30
2018.08.14, Toronto
I was out on the water at 06:30 again this morning, fishing and watching the sailors, paddle-boarders, and kayakers.
our summer of fishing
2018.08.13, Toronto
Last night, I caught my first trout from Canadian waters.
crapped on again (yes again)
2018.08.12, Toronto
While fishing, it happened again.
stress and weight gain
2018.08.11, Toronto
I've lost nearly 3kg since a highly stressful contract ended six weeks ago.
drama on the waterfront
2018.08.10, Toronto
This afternoon I noticed a lot of sirens, and the presence on a number of helicopters.
day of the worm
2018.08.09, Toronto
I got on my bike despite the heat, and put another 15km on my bike doing chores today.
survived some flooding
2018.08.07, Toronto
There was flooding in Toronto tonight, and twitter was alive with astonishment; I couldn't help but think of the typhoons.
long point disappointment
2018.08.05, Long Point, Ontario
This morning "grandma" and I drove from Saint Catharines to Long Point on Lake Erie hoping to see the provincial park; we failed.
urban cycling
2018.07.31, Toronto
It feels strangely good to be back; it must be the jetlag, which is monumental.
what a difference ten years makes
2018.07.30, in the air
I left the kids with their mother in Japan, today - it's amazing to see how far they've come.
mapping my travels
2018.07.29, Nichinan, Miyazaki
A fourth typhoon is upon us today.
one final venture onto the sea
2018.07.28, Nichinan, Miyazaki
It was my final weekend in Japan, and Mari's uncle took us out on the water one last time.
fishing in a river
2018.07.26, Ayacho, Miyazaki
To take a break from the fishing, we headed into a woodland preserve in Kyushu's interior - but things did not go as planned.
back on the water
2018.07.24, Nichinan
Today we went back out on the sea with Hosoda-san for what became the Day of the Snapper.
a long day on the go
2018.07.21, Japan
We spent the night in an interesting little hotel that's next to one of the main Japan Rail station in Matsuyama.
Who built the world
2018.07.20, Nichinan
Today six-year-old Emma asked "Daddy, who built the world?" And she actually listened to the response!.
if you're ever in Matsuyama...
2018.07.19, Matsuyama
Tonight I ate pork uterus.
keeping desktop applications up to date
2018.07.18, Toronto
I've installed something called Glary Utilities to mind my PC's stability and security.
onsen on a hot day
2018.07.18, Matsuyama
Today we left Hiroshima for the ancient hot-spring city of Matsuyama on the island of Shikoku.
small fish day
2018.07.16, Kushima, Japan
We went out with Mari's uncle once again, this time with Mari and Emma.
on the sea again
2018.07.15, Kushima, Japan
Mari's uncle took us out on his boat, today.
deep sea fishing
2018.07.13, Toronto
Today I went deep-sea fishing for the first time, and caught some unfamiliar but delicious species.
The Boy in grade five
2018.07.09, Miyazaki
Ken attended his first day in grade five, today - all of a week after his last day of grade four.
revenge of the swallow
2018.07.09, Miyakonojo, Japan
Perhaps I had it coming when a swallow crapped on me this morning.
the Tokyo train museum
2018.07.05, Toronto
Today went to Omiya - the distant part of the city where Tokyo's fine train museum can be found.
disney sea
2018.07.04, Toronto
Today, inevitably, we wound up at Disney Sea.
2018.07.03, Tokyo
Today's outing was to a place called Kidzania.
hello, Ghibli museum
2018.07.02, Tokyo
Today we took the kids to the Ghibli museum, jetlag or no.
hello, Tokyo and your electric vehicles
2018.07.01, Tokyo
Hello, Tokyo, it's been too long - 5 1/2 years! We're only passing through, but I had to comment on your electric vehicles.
off to Japan
2018.06.29, Toronto
We're leaving in the morning and for once I've had time to pack (because I ended my service at work two days before the contract ended).
moving on
2018.06.26, Toronto
After a year-long contract that saw 50-55 hour weeks every week, it's time to set aside the labor at last, and take a vacation.
some weird sin
2018.06.24, Toronto
To de-stress, I've been playing the original 1991 version of Civilization.
five years of
2018.06.21, Toronto
I've had this site on the go for five years, now.
black plastic is killing the planet
2018.06.06, Toronto
Wow, it turns out that black plastic is a lot worse for us than I knew.
voting on a beautiful evening
2018.05.30, Toronto
Tonight I took The Girl out for a walk along the boardwalk so I could vote in the advanced polls - it was a beautiful night for a stroll with a six year old.
more bike problems
2018.05.29, Toronto
I blew a tube tonight, it went off like a gunshot.
broke another spoke
2018.05.22, Toronto
For a second time in the past month, I've broken a spoke - these new bike wheels seem to have a problem.
a fine day on Toronto islands
2018.05.21, Toronto
We decided to go to the Toronto islands today, to enjoy the blue skies and endless expanse of green grass.
fracking the human being
2018.05.19, Toronto
Discretionary energy is a term used to describe optional effort that an employee might put into their job.
the broken spoke
2018.05.09, Toronto
A spoke broke on Friday; when I got it fixed, the mechanics told me the problem was "too much weight".
happiness is a new camera lens
2018.05.03, Toronto
In preparation for our trip this summer, I've bought a lens for my four-thirds system, a Rokinon 12mm.
The Boy sweeps his track meet
2018.04.27, Toronto
The Boy won four 1st place ribbons at a track meet, the most in his grade; there are only nine events.
happiness is new wheels
2018.04.23, Toronto
I'm back on my three-season bike, and the new wheels make an enormous difference! Spending four months almost exclusively on the TTC was quite a drag: I tend to pick up infections, and I certainly don't get an exercise.
time to buy worms
2018.04.21, Toronto
Finally, it's time to buy worms and go fishing!.
an ice storm and a felled tree
2018.04.15, Toronto
I was just sitting at my desk at home when I heard a great wrenching sound - one of the old hardwoods along the property lines between our places and the next had snapped in twain halfway up, with the crown crashing down where there are usually several cars behind a small apartment building.
what's that humming
2018.04.14, Toronto
There are a couple of strange noises about the small apartment building where we live: a noisy wheedling sound, and apparently a persistent hum.
privacy at Facebook
2018.04.02, Toronto
The recent flap about the Cambridge Analytica breach at Facebook has people talking about privacy issues pertaining to that website.
the fishing trip that wasn't
2018.03.31, Toronto
The Boy and I tried to go fishing today, but wound up spending three hours at a Canadian Tire.
seven thousand reads for a watch review
2018.03.30, Toronto
A few months ago I wrote a review of a watch - my every day wear, a Seiko SARB 033; it's now been read 7,000 times.
the breakdown
2018.03.20, Toronto
Cycling to work today, my winter bike brown down: the cassette was spinning freely on the rear axle.
where is my mind
2018.03.09, Toronto
From time to time, I play "my music" at the children; recently my son's taken to learning to play the stuff on the piano.
crapped on again
2018.03.07, Toronto
I discovered splat of bird crap on my shoe; my sixteenth crapping upon by our flying friends.
the planning fallacy
2018.03.04, Toronto
Today, while pursuing one of my hobbies, I discovered something called the planning fallacy.
back on my trusty steed
2018.02.26, Toronto
With the weather suddenly (and suspiciously) nice, I hopped on my bike for work today, grinding rust off the chain and unironing my shirt.
unstrangled at last
2018.02.23, Toronto
After years of substandard home network performance, I've finally taken the plunge and built a proper network at home.
skunked at 4:20
2018.02.19, Toronto
I should have realized that our anticipated ice fishing trip would be a bust when I encountered a skunk in our backyard at 4:20.
Valentine's day vm backup plan
2018.02.14, Toronto
I'm working on a project in which the data set is so sensitive that backups to long-term media – or outside the production network segment – aren't permitted.
Facebook is troubling
2018.02.12, Toronto
The other day, I realized that my regular use of Facebook as part of my advocating for safe cycling infrastructure in Toronto was having some negative effects.
taking a break from Facebook
2018.02.06, Toronto
And I'm done with Facebook.
three hours of sleep, 11 hour workday
2018.01.29, Toronto
I notice I'm not writing much in this aging journal; maybe it's the three hours of sleep and the 11 hour workday?.
The reaches the age of Bart Simpson
2018.01.28, Toronto
It's no need to worry just because my son has reached the age of Bart Simpson, right? .
how to look silly – bicycle addition
2018.01.22, Toronto
If I ever cared about my appearance, it's not as I start pushing fifty; this is how to look silly on your bike, in the name of safety.
replaced the bracelet on my SARB033
2018.01.15, Toronto
This Christmas, I replaced the bracelet on my Seiko SARB033 with a nice leather strap - I think it looks much better, and haven't taken the watch off since.
hand-rolling backups like in the 90s
2018.01.12, Toronto
I've once again found myself hand-making a backup solution when a large organization has proved incapable of deploying a sensible solution.
getting to work in the snow, darkly
2018.01.08, Toronto
The fates just didn't want me getting to the office, today: I woke with a head cold, in a power outage, as the snow sheeted down.
frozen Niagara falls
2018.01.07, Hamilton
We're going to check out the frozen Niagara falls before everything melts again, tomorrow.
more nerd news
2018.01.06, St. Catharines
Five years ago, I bought an external USB 3 device - two weeks after I finally have a USB 3 capable system, the external drive has died.
the pay-off
2018.01.05, St. Catharines
I had one of those milestone days today, where months of work on various projects comes together all at once.
here comes Japan
2018.01.04, Toronto
We're going to spend as much of the summer as we can in Japan, in 2018.
coming to the Americas
2018.01.03, Toronto
I think it's really amazing that they're able to use DNA and archaeology to work out the history of ancient peoples with fair confidence these days.
growing kids
2018.01.02, Toronto
I measured the kids this morning: The Boy's at 153cm, and The Girl's at 115cm.
unwelcome news on new year's day
2018.01.01, Toronto
We've just received word that our application for an apartment suitable for our growing family has been denied.
goodbye, 2017, you wretch
2017.12.30, Toronto
A friend died, I lost my job, the fishing was relentlessly terrible, and I spent half the time scrambling.
hackintosh no more
2017.12.29, Toronto
So my hackintosh has proven unstable - so much so I broke down and bought a Windows 10 license.
so much for peace
2017.12.28, Toronto
Yesterday I said that all was peaceful in the last work week of the year; I forgot some of the things that have to happen for year's end revenue-recognition purposes.
home again, back to work
2017.12.27, Toronto
The primary benefit of working during the Christmas break is the peace: time for documentation!.
Boxing Day in Canada
2017.12.26, Toronto
Working for a US firm, as I am once again, I'm at a loss to explain Boxing Day to Americans.
first Christmas without Santa
2017.12.25, St. Catharines
On this, the first Christmas after The Boy learned about Santa, he reports that it's "just not as exciting".
hackintosh is go
2017.12.24, St. Catharines
I spent 90 minutes assembling my new hardware, and then a few hours installing the OS, but I've got me a hackintosh.
driving in a winter paradise
2017.12.23, St. Catharines
Driving to grandma's house in St Kitts for X'mas we found fresh snow lining the grape vines and tree branches; beautiful.
white Christmas
2017.12.22, Toronto
It snowed overnight, returning the landscape to a wintry white just days before Christmas.
migraine summary for 2017
2017.01.31, Toronto
It looks like I lost three days outright to migraines in '17, and had to take strong migraine drugs some 84 other times during the year.
2017.12.21, Toronto
I've taken the plunge - I'll be installing the OSX license from my now-defunct Mini onto some generic PC gear.
goodbye, mac mini
2017.12.20, Toronto
My mac mini's up and died, and it looks like Apple wants $1,700 for another one - which ain't gunna happen.
the longest board meeting
2017.12.19, Toronto
The board meetings that involve the annual operations and budget reviews are always long - but this one was only 2 1/2 hours.
the price of bitcoin
2017.12.18, Toronto
Adrian in Japan sent an interesting link to the writings of a bitcoin skeptic.
those who need closure
2017.12.15, Toronto
From a Youtube video, today I learned that there are two types of people; those who need closure -.
FOOSH goes the cyclist
2017.12.14, Toronto
My mum works in the medical field and shared a slideshow about FOOSH injuries - fell on out-stretched hand.
you may find yourself .. President!
2017.12.13, Toronto
Someone's made a mashup of the Talking Heads with US President Donald Trump - it's disturbingly good.
latest watch crush
2017.12.12, Toronto
My latest watch crush is thin, square, and digital - but not smart.
2017.12.11, Toronto
It seemed, when riding this morning, that I'd timed the switch to the beater perfectly: the city had coated the streets with salt.
happiness is an old bike
2017.12.09, Toronto
I picked up the 25-year-old bike I'm using for the winter, today - I'd forgotten how light it is.
too busy for email
2017.12.08, Toronto
I was so run off my feet at my client site I didn't send a single personal or business email all day.
two hours of budget talks
2017.12.07, Toronto
When you sit on a board of a non-profit, there shall be annual budget reviews, and they shall be long.
Best. Tree. Ever
2017.12.06, Toronto
We skipped the expensive trees we've been getting in the Beaches, and got our best tree to date at a grocery store.
why The Girl wants to be a mom: cola
2017.12.05, Toronto
Our five year old daughter says she wants to be a mother for the reason that once she is, she'll be allowed to have a whole can of cola.
I spy, says the five year old
2017.12.04, Toronto
The Girl had us in stitches, today, with her attempt at "I spy" - she would literally look at what she had in mind.
a network outage and a scramble
2017.12.01, Toronto
I had the unusual start to my day of getting to the office to find the network completely out; so I scooped up my laptop and headed home.
a year-end party
2017.11.30, Toronto
Cycle Toronto's staff and board had our Christmas/holidays/etc party tonight, out in the west end.
the neglected fountain pen
2017.11.29, Toronto
During the height of the craziness when I was doing my masters degree, my brother gave me a fountain pen.
black mountain bikes get stolen a lot in Toronto
2017.11.28, Toronto
According to an article that features my cycling advocacy non-profit, it turns out that black mountain bikes are the most stolen bikes in the city.
holy ecological crisis, Bitcoin
2017.11.27, Toronto
Wow, the global Bitcoin system is really a disaster for energy consumption.
how to fold paper
2017.11.26, Toronto
This weekend, The Boy showed me how to make his favorite airplane, and The Girl showed me how to make a paper Santa.
beater bike don't go too fast
2017.11.25, Toronto
I patched up everything I could on my beater bike, a 25 year old mountain bike with extended handlebars and seat post.
an interesting day (at the office!)
2017.11.24, Toronto
My colleagues and I spent nearly the entire day working through the next version of a client's product.
happy Fibonacci day, everyone
2017.11.23, Toronto
It's Fibonacci day, 11/23 - derived from the sequence in the Fibonnaci series where you find each number by adding the two before.
three good things
2017.11.22, Toronto
As part of my ongoing attempts to get my migraines under control, I'm trying to recognize more good things as they happen.
Seiko's spring drive
2017.11.21, Toronto
I've been chatting with a colleague about Seiko's spring drive watches - apparently they use both mechanical and quartz components.
anther long Monday
2017.11.20, Toronto
I'm taking an evening class, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit but it turns my Mondays into 9AM - 9PM affairs.
can't fish for snowing
2017.11.19, Toronto
The Boy asked if we could go fishing, today - the weather forecast for snow and strong wind said no.
walking with my daughter
2017.11.18, Toronto
In a day dominated by a resume overhaul and a load of corporate expense tracking, I enjoyed an hour's stroll with The Girl.
we have smart kids
2017.11.17, Toronto
It was parent-teacher day, and I have to say our kids have good teachers: apparently our kids are thriving.
cycling into strong wind
2017.11.16, Toronto
I rode in against a biting 30kph wind this morning, fallen leaves flapping wetly and low clouds skudding.
it's time to tune up my beater bike
2017.11.15, Toronto
The city salted the streets last week, a reminder that it's time to tune up my beater bike for the winter.
a week of green
2017.11.14, Toronto
Still no change to the migraines, but I'm prepared to stand by the assertion that the green lights are helping me sleep.
DISC analysis
2017.11.13, Toronto
I had one of those DISC personality profiles done through an affiliate of my night school teacher.
the unsafe workplace and the body's response
2017.11.11, Toronto
Simon Sinek gives some interesting insights into how unsafe environments (such as a workplace with infighting) has a deleterious effect on our health through changing the chemical balance of our bodies.
the worm is turning on sexual harassment
2017.11.10, Toronto
It's shocking to see the sexual harassment scandals multiply, some really disappointing stuff is coming to light.
day three
2017.11.09, Toronto
I've been on this green-light migraine therapy for only a couple of days but I'm now sure I'm sleeping better.
night two
2017.11.08, Toronto
I managed to come down with another of my headaches, today - bad enough that I wound up in the usual escalating round of analgesics and migraine-specific drugs.
green medicine
2017.11.07, Toronto
Tonight I am doing a Canadian first: participating in a University of Arizona study into whether green light can prevent migraines.
this year's photobook
2017.11.06, Toronto
We're awaiting the arrival of our annual photo journal of the kids' lives - this is our tenth year.
10,000km and what do you get
2017.11.04, Toronto
I dropped by Cycle Solutions on Kingston Road to have my rear wheel looked at; they shocked me with the news it was finished.
down the hill and up again
2017.11.03, Toronto
I met a friend for lunch, today - a feat that meant cycling first down and then up the hill to St Clair.
so this is November
2017.11.02, Toronto
It's November in Toronto, and the thick gloom has settled in nicely.
back on the bike, and counting cell-phone drivers
2017.11.01, Toronto
I counted 6 drivers operating their vehicle with a cellphone in hand as I glided past a line of 37 slow-moving cars.
happy hallowe'en
2017.10.31, Toronto
For Hallowe'en this year, The Boy dressed as "Captain Haddock" from Tintin.
environmental risks in North America
2017.10.27, Toronto
Here's an interesting video on environmental risks in North America - I hadn't known about the solar flares, wow.
green lights for a migraine study
2017.10.26, Toronto
I'm joining a study into whether nightly exposure to green light can help ward off migraines.
no cycling for a while
2017.10.25, Toronto
My latest cold has knocked me out, looks like I won't be cycling for the rest of the week.
turning grey
2017.10.24, Toronto
I met with some colleagues I hadn't seen in six months - they greeted me with, "You're really turning grey!" It was a grey day, I got rained on en route, and I'd started my day with a new prescription for antibiotics for 2017 Headcold #7.
Monday's count: 3 in 30
2017.10.23, Toronto
As I watch for phone-surfing drivers, I've never noticed someone with a passenger in the car use his phone while driving.
a glow-in-the-dark bicycle
2017.10.20, Toronto
I've put reflective tape all over my bicycle; see how it glows in the dark.
Thursday's count
2017.10.19, Toronto
Cheers to the driver of Ontario BUDHADOG; I've seen him 5 days in the past 2 weeks, never once driving and texting.
we can have nice things
2017.10.18, Toronto
Toronto took another step toward keeping its infamous Bloor cycle lanes, today.
Tuesday's count
2017.10.17, Toronto
Today I counted 5 cell-phone holders as I passed 49 cars - and one person eating with a spoon from a glass bowl.
Friday's count
2017.10.16, Toronto
I counted 6 drivers Friday, in a stretch of 36 cars, who were using their phones - that's more than had a passenger.
a lightweight, secure, fast page view tracker
2017.10.13, Toronto
A year ago, I designed a lightweight, anonymous page-view counter for my website: 75,000 views later I'm sharing with the world.
ISACA article is live
2017.10.12, Toronto
I've had permission from ISACA to re-publish my article, which appeared in ISACA's Journal earlier this year (volume 5, 2017).
the chilly weather is here
2017.10.12, Toronto
Sadly, yesterday was the day that I put away the shorts and rode in my Trailer Park style cool weather track pants.
smart phone, stupid drivers
2017.10.11, Toronto
As I rode past a line of slow-moving cars today, I counted 8 drivers using their phone (out of 46 cars).
still feeling thankful
2017.10.10, Toronto
It wasn't a great day, but there's lots for which to be thankful.
crapped on again
2017.10.09, Toronto
I was crapped on by a bird again, today - for the fifteenth time in my life.
at the fair
2017.10.08, Toronto
We attended the Thanksgiving "festival" at Balls Falls.
a dinner alone
2017.10.07, St. Catharines
Mari and I left the kids with Grandma and had a rare dinner out, together.
giving thanks on Thanksgiving
2017.10.06, St. Catharines
It's Thanksgiving in Canada, and our little family certainly has a lot for which to be thankful: No floods No massive earthquakes No insane clown presidents And that's enough for 2017.
cycling 1,650km to work
2017.10.05, Toronto
By my rough estimate, I've traveled 1,650 km getting to work and back, since I started this summer.
how to disagree
2017.10.04, Toronto
Lots of good material arising from the debates online about some cycle lanes (who'd have guessed!).
inventing the jaywalker
2017.10.03, Toronto
Recently, there was some debate on the meaning of 'jaywalking' - a term invented by the auto industry and friends.
a beautiful day for a ride
2017.10.02, Toronto
Yes, it was only 8oC this morning, but the weather was perfect for cycling: calm wind & lotsa sun.
the annual retreat
2017.10.01, Toronto
I spent the day on Toronto's harbor islands, at the annual retreat for the non-profit board on which I sit.
The Boy's big run on bomb threat day
2017.09.30, Toronto
The Boy finished 57th in 2km race that drew runners from all the local schools, that's out of 300+ boys.
my kingdom for some taurine
2017.09.29, Toronto
It's funny, that with products like Red Bull everywhere, it can be hard to find taurine in pill form for daily control of migraines.
bus tried to block me, today
2017.09.28, Toronto
When I tried to turn left from Woodbine to Cosburne this morning, a TTC driver used his bus to block me.
sober is ready when you are
2017.09.27, Toronto
The line is supposed to be "summer is ready when you are", but summer just left, and I always hear "sober is ready when you are".
meeting with old friends
2017.09.26, Toronto
For the first time in nearly a decade, I had dinner with Jon and Charlie, who I've known for 22 and 36 years, respectively.
home made granola
2017.09.25, Toronto
For the second weekend running, I've made some grain-free granola.
family portrait
2017.09.24, Toronto
We took a family portrait of ourselves for The Girl's homework assignment.
the Equifax breach
2017.09.23, Toronto
I've gotten questions from a variety of people about the Equifax breach, and what it means to them in terms of potential ID theft.
45km and what do you get
2017.09.23, Toronto
Today I did the ride with Cycle Toronto; 25km with a crowd of a couple of hundred people.
dates with our children
2017.09.22, Toronto
When one of the kids has an evening play-date, we wind up having a "date" with the other kid; today it's dinner with The Boy.
we're only making plans for Kenneth
2017.09.21, Toronto
The intake form for The Boy's "Individual Learning plan" includes some talk about his post-secondary education - he's 9! Mari and I debated about what to put there, and eventually settled on, "We have no idea about how Ken's education career with the TDSB might work out, or how that might work with his post-secondary education.
live global map of surface winds
2017.09.20, Toronto
My mum sent along this amazing map of the surface winds on the planet; the visuals and interactivity set a new bar.
2017.09.19, Toronto
ISACA's sent me some copies of the issue of their Journal that includes my article.
my failed ride with the TTC
2017.09.19, Toronto
On Friday, I tried to attend a talk at 08:30 downtown; but the TTC had other ideas.
Tracking Vulnerability Fixes to Production
2017.09.18, Toronto
As an IT auditor at a software company, I discovered that security vulnerabilities in our bespoke product had not been getting released to clients on a timely basis.
8PM on a Sunday, time to remember homework
2017.09.18, Toronto
Naturally, at 8PM on a Sunday, The Boy remembers, "Oh, I have homework.
end of an exhausting week
2017.09.15, Toronto
It's the end of a week that began with me working past midnight and finished with me abandoning a TTC bus and walking home.
Japanese resolve
2017.09.14, Toronto
The Japanese are being a lot more patient with the North Koreans than I think I could be.
read a great sci-fi book
2017.09.13, Toronto
I've recently read a great sci-fi book titled "All Our Wrong Todays".
happiness is a new classroom
2017.09.12, Toronto
I've pulled the plug on my data science MOOC: the instruction was aimless, and the assignments uneven.
happiness is a new drive train
2017.09.11, Toronto
My 25km daily commute's been rough on my bike; after three years it was time to replace the drive train.
The Boy's first tennis tournament
2017.09.09, Toronto
The Boy was in his first tennis tournament today; he won more games than he lost.
that 70's car
2017.09.08, Toronto
I've noticed an increase in the numbers of beige, khaki, and orange cars on the roads recently: it can mean only one thing.
Dropbox nuked my journal photos
2017.09.06, Toronto
Dropbox has decided to turn off public image sharing, even for their paying customers - reducing their value-add but not their price.
40 years of the Voyager spacecraft
2017.09.05, Toronto
From the photos in this article it seems that it was casual Friday when NASA made the golden records sent with the Voyager spacecraft.
fund raising, we're fund raising
2017.09.04, Toronto
My fundraising for the 25km safe streets bicycle ride in Toronto is $75 along, so far - thank you donaters! It now turns out that there's a free bag of roasted coffee in it for anyone who'll donate (ask me for details).
pity that Saturn cars are no more
2017.09.03, Toronto
Having had our car struck twice, I have to say I've come to appreciate what Saturn was doing with their polymer cars.
a fundraising ride
2017.09.02, Toronto
I am doing a fundraising ride to promote safe streets in Toronto.
texting with a nine year old
2017.09.01, Toronto
I find myself texting every day with The Boy, who is all of nine - so far, he's still typing English.
evaluating third party cyber risk
2017.08.31, Toronto
The Investment Industry Association of Canada has issued new guidance on evaluating cyber security readiness in third parties.
well that was quick
2017.08.31, Toronto
So there are leaves blowing in the streets, and I wore a hoodie while cycling to work; it's Autumn! We went right from a long rainy "late Spring" as one friend put it, to Autumn.
a scratched car
2017.08.30, Toronto
Our beloved car has been scratched, and I'm thinking of getting it painted - time to source someone to do the work.
yakiniku in Toronto
2017.08.29, Toronto
Mmmm, Japanese "yakiniku" in Toronto.
riding on Woodbine
2017.08.28, Toronto
Today I had the pleasure of riding up the length of the new cycle lane on Woodbine Avenue - a great ride! Formerly a no-go zone on a bike due to the heavy, stop-and-go traffic, it's now easy with a wide lane between the curb and parked cars that are kept apart from the cyclist by a buffer that prevents dooring.
learning about backpacks
2017.08.27, Toronto
It turns out I've been shopping poorly for backpacks all these years – but I didn't know it until speaking with someone at MEC.
two skunks for two anglers
2017.08.26, Toronto
We headed out under calm, clear skies, and attempted to reproduce last week's fishing success despite the un-fishy weather.
another of The Boy's friends is leaving
2017.08.25, Toronto
We've learned that a third friend of my son is leaving; that's three boys in as many months.
teaching The Boy to use email
2017.08.24, Toronto
With The Boy heading into grade four, we're looking at a first cell phone - and I'm teaching him how to use email.
7 years of swift growth
2017.08.23, Toronto
I recently took this pic of my kids to capture the second meeting of The Boy with a girl he met at a wedding in 2010.
approximately a month late for pi
2017.08.22, Toronto
pi approximation day was 7/22, I've only just thought of it today.
arrows on the streets of Toronto
2017.08.21, Toronto
I've figured out the small arrows on the streets of Toronto that point from the center of the street to the curbs.
another submitted blog post
2017.08.20, Toronto
I've been asked to submit another guest blog post for my professional work.
lake Ontario bass
2017.08.19, Toronto
I took The Boy fishing at Frenchman's Bay, today, and he caught a 2.
GMO salmon in our grocery stores
2017.08.18, Toronto
If you thought that salmon you ate was a natural organism, I hope you don't live in Canada.
fever days
2017.08.17, Toronto
Nothing quite like a fever in the warmest weather of the summer.
The Boy's friend is moving away
2017.08.16, Toronto
It looks like a good friend of our son is moving away - this is the fourth in as many years and the second this year.
sick again - again!
2017.08.15, Toronto
I'm back on antibiotics again, for the fifth time this year.
back in the city, and commuting again
2017.08.14, Toronto
On my first commute through the city today, I saw a mastiff in a bike trailer (designed for kids).
lost our canoe
2017.08.11, Toronto
I've caused the destruction of our canoe.
petroglyphs park
2017.08.10, Stoney Lake
We went to the Petroglyphs Provincial Park near Stoney Lake, today.
first walleye hit
2017.08.09, Stoney Lake
This morning, I watched an immature walleye hit a lure I'd bought for that species.
septic tank repaired!
2017.08.08, Stoney Lake
Following a large rainstorm on the weekend, the septic tank at the cottage we're renting seemed to have filled up.
bass and more bass
2017.08.06, Stoney Lake
We've been out fishing every morning, and again in the afternoons.
here comes vacation
2017.08.03, Toronto
We're going on vacation and my fourth sinus infection of the year just keeps getting worse.
counting the days
2017.08.02, Toronto
We leave for the rental cottage in 48 hours.
lightning without clouds or rain
2017.08.01, Toronto
July went out with a bang - thunder, that is - under sunny skies without rain.
this Trump mess is becoming distracting
2017.07.31, Toronto
Just how much money does Trump owe these Russian gangsters? All of it, I presume? I can't recall the last time a foreign government's loopiness was this distracting.
to the park!
2017.07.30, Toronto
We took Ki-kun to Tommy Thompson park for a picnic and some fishing - it was the first time he truly felt that he was in another land.
to the falls!
2017.07.29, Niagara Falls
We took Mari's nephew to Niagara Falls, as one does with visitors to Toronto - but then we did something a bit unusual.
how Russia and Trump fit together
2017.07.29, Toronto
It's always seemed that Trump and the Russian criminal syndicate/rulership had some joint concern driving their actions.
and now, a teenager
2017.07.28, Toronto
Mari's nephew is staying with us for the next three weeks; now we have a 5 year old, a 9 year old, and a 15 year old.
the ground beneath me sags
2017.07.27, Toronto
The excavation next door to us seems to be causing subsidence in our yard.
the worst kind of cyclist
2017.07.26, Toronto
Today I encountered the worst kind of cyclist: he passed me in an intersection by ignoring a stop sign.
like busy is a virtue
2017.07.25, Toronto
The job's already gotten busy enough that I'm already pining for the days this Spring when I wasn't working.
three weeks of cycling and I gain 2kg
2017.07.24, Toronto
After three weeks of cycling 23km every day I've actually gained two kilos.
getting it wrong with R
2017.07.23, Toronto
I'm taking a "MOOC" on Coursera in data science.
fishing alone at sunrise
2017.07.23, Toronto
Today I had a taste of what my retirement might be like - fishing solo at sunrise.
learning to ride
2017.07.22, Toronto
A few weeks ago, The Girl decided she'd learn to ride her bike when she saw kids her age riding well.
to the rescue!
2017.07.21, Toronto
The Boy left a backpack on the street car the other day - I'm off to the looossst and fooouuunnndd.
back in Toronto and vowing to do better
2017.07.20, Toronto
Having witnessed Ottawa's mature network of cycle lanes, my resolve is doubled to do something about Toronto's unsafe streets.
de-identifying health information
2017.07.19, Toronto
I currently have a contract with a firm that "de-identifies" health information prior to it being shared with third parties such as marketers, drug manufacturers, and researchers.
goodbye, benefits
2017.07.19, Ottawa
It seems my drug benefits plan has expired - who knew my migraine drugs would cost $240! I found out the hard way by coming down with a migraine mid-morning while at the office while away from home.
drinking with PhD's
2017.07.18, Ottawa
Tonight I found myself drinking with four Ph D's and one professor - all substantially younger than me.
Ottawa's got nice cycle lanes
2017.07.17, Ottawa
I am very impressed with Ottawa's cycling infrastructure; separated lanes in green spaces and protected lanes on the streets.
caught my first catfish today
2017.07.16, Toronto
I caught my first catfish, today.
a fish older than a fisherman
2017.07.14, Toronto
I noted a post by TRCA staff that suggests that the walleye The Boy caught at thanksgiving may have been older than he was.
the seat fell off my bike today
2017.07.13, Toronto
The seat fell off my bike as I was crossing a busy street, today.
1.5 billion seconds
2017.07.13, Toronto
Today I noticed something: we've passed through 1.
nearly struck by a truck on Bayview
2017.07.12, Toronto
A pickup driver nearly ended my life on Friday.
how to blacklist spam callers
2017.07.11, Toronto
My home phone provider allows me to blacklist spam callers by pressing *7 during a call.
I think I like it here, at Yonge & St Clair
2017.07.10, Toronto
Having worked up at Yonge & St Clair for the past week, I'm reminded of the years when I lived nearby.
soldering and lock picking
2017.07.09, Toronto
I caught The Boy picking a lock, yesterday, and using a hot soldering iron.
gluten-free pancakes
2017.07.08, Toronto
In celebration of my 3,500th post, here's my recipe for gluten-free pancakes.
that's a lot of tracking!
2017.07.07, Toronto
I have this browser plugin that blocks third-party tracker systems from the websites I visit.
good times
2017.07.07, Toronto
I had lunch with two colleagues who lost their jobs the same day I did.
goodbye, greenery and quiet
2017.07.06, Toronto
Be it ever so green and quiet and perfect, my route to my new job isn't going to last.
goodbye, Adelaide street
2017.07.05, Toronto
Working up-town means avoiding the dangers of Adelaide street - broken tracks, the illegally blocked cycle lane, and high-speeds.
the long climb
2017.07.04, Toronto
This is the route I took on my first day at the new job: a lot of climbing over nearly 14km.
goodbye, Niagara
2017.07.03, Toronto
The Boy and I headed out to Jordan Harbor quite early this morning, to fish the harbor with worms and hooks.
hello, Niagara
2017.07.02, St. Catharines
We went down to St Catharines to visit Grandma, today, and The Boy and I spent half the time fishing.
happy birthday, Canada
2017.07.01, Toronto
We went down to the beach and watched the fireworks firing from a barge.
goodbye, first half of 2017
2017.06.30, Toronto
Goodbye, first half of 2017: you took a friend, you took my job, and you thwarted my fishing - here's to the second half.
latest watch crush
2017.06.29, Toronto
She ain't exactly pretty; ain't exactly small: she's my latest watch crush.
report cards
2017.06.28, Toronto
The Boy's report card was substantially better than mine ever were.
gaming Google news
2017.06.27, Toronto
two of four articles are spam? Kudos to whoever figured out how to game Google's aggregator this badly.
video conferencing at last
2017.06.27, Toronto
If there was any upside to a two-hour conference call last night, it's that my home Internet seems to have stabilized at last.
gettin' fat, says The Boy
2017.06.26, Toronto
After I'd finished talking to a friend, The Boy informed me he could really see how I'd put on weight lately.
The Girl vows to ride
2017.06.25, Toronto
Our daughter's always been a luke-warm student of cycling, but has vowed to learn after seeing younger kids ride.
bells on danforth once again
2017.06.24, Toronto
We lit out at 10 to attend the "Bells on Danforth" ride once again - this time with Mari and both kids.
200 years of the bicycle
2017.06.23, Toronto
The bicycle turns 200 this year, in fact we're only a couple of weeks away from the bicentennial of its first public use.
thank you, AK-88178
2017.06.22, Toronto
Out for a spin today, I had the misfortune of being in a "sharrow" with a driver staring at his cell phone.
privacy in this day and age
2017.06.21, Toronto
Sometimes people get emails that make it clear their personal network is known to various websites or agencies.
welcome, summer of '17
2017.06.21, Toronto
Ye gods, summer is finally here – albeit with a high of only 21C today.
another record breach
2017.06.20, Toronto
A data analytics company leaked personal information on 200 million voters.
we have no privacy
2017.06.20, Toronto
Sometimes people get emails that make it clear their personal network is known to various websites or agencies.
half a "Chantelle"
2017.06.19, Toronto
I cycled 30km today, but there's a dedicated cyclist on the CT board who cycles 70km a day - I managed nearly half a "Chantelle".
fishing on father's day
2017.06.18, Toronto
The Boy invited me to go fishing today at Tommy Thompson park - where at least the mink catch fish.
poaching tusks in Siberia
2017.06.17, Toronto
Poachers in Siberia are digging up mammoth tusks with pressurized water, making themselves rich but fouling the rivers.
tennis with a pro
2017.06.16, Toronto
Picking up The Boy at tennis school, I learned that his instructor thinks he's good enough to spend some solo instruction with a pro.
another tattoo used
2017.06.15, Toronto
I've discovered that another of my old tattoo ideas was used by someone out there.
no lice on us
2017.06.15, Toronto
The kids were tested for lice, but there were no lice.
writing an industry standard
2017.06.14, Toronto
The Investment Industry Association of Canada is producing a two-document guide on evaluating cyber risk in their third party (vendor) arrangements.
lice, getcha lice
2017.06.14, Toronto
The school just sent a note telling us 24 children at the school have head lice.
ISACA article accepted
2017.06.13, Toronto
The ISACA article has been accepted.
cruel bunnies
2017.06.13, Toronto
It was nearly the end of me today when a bunny darted out as I was riding, this evening after a non-profit board committee session.
cycling with a snapping turtle
2017.06.12, Toronto
As I was on a 13km ride, I encountered a snapping turtle on a wooded path - it had the trail to itself.
canoeing and reading
2017.06.11, Toronto
At 6:30 this morning, my friend Richard picked me up for a morning jaunt to Leslie Street Spit from Cherry Beach by canoe.
fixing people's bikes
2017.06.10, Toronto
I spent six hours today fixing kids' bikes at Main Square – a low-income housing complex at Main and Danforth in Scarborough.
a great day, today
2017.06.09, Toronto
The Boy and I spent much of the day together - first fishing, then a jaunt downtown.
sneaking off to fish, again
2017.06.09, Toronto
It turns out The Boy has a day off school; we're leaving the home pre-dawn to get some fishing in before the day starts.
2017.06.08, Toronto
The "fawaffle" truck was at The Kids' fun fair - a falafel sandwich not wrapped in pita but a waffle cone made of falafel.
say, that emperor has no clothes
2017.06.07, Toronto
It's funny how everyone's going around on egg-shells pretending that we don't know that Trump's just a crook.
snuck off for some fishing
2017.06.06, Toronto
I left the apartment before six this morning to do some fishing in Scarborough; it's amazing what the unemployed can do.
so it's come to this - tidying up
2017.06.05, Toronto
At the two month mark, the job search has fallen into such a gentle rhythm that I had the time to spend the bulk of the day today doing chores.
total party un-kill
2017.06.04, Toronto
I allowed my son's D&D group to worm their way out of their death-by-riddle from our last session.
my wife can live with me
2017.06.02, Toronto
Mari says that it's been nice having me around the house these past two months - that she thinks we'll retire well together.
that's it, I'm going fishing
2017.06.01, Toronto
I took the morning off for some fishing, but the lake's still funny.
events on Toronto island cancelled due to flooding
2017.05.31, Toronto
Our son was supposed to attend his first camp on the Toronto islands this summer - it's been cancelled due to flooding.
Covey time-management quadrants
2017.05.30, Toronto
Where oh where has the four-quadrant Franklin Covey time management system been, all my life? It puts many of my thoughts into a concise guide! Franklin Covey time matrix.
goodbye, great barrier reef
2017.05.30, Toronto
So, we've killed the great barrier reef; mission accomplished.
goodbye, May
2017.05.29, Toronto
This was a busy, busy month - a blur of interviews, meetings, phone calls until I got sick and had to take some time to recover.
first family cycle trip
2017.05.28, Toronto
The family took a cycle trip down to Tommy Thompson park today and had a fine time.
this is why I joined Cycle Toronto
2017.05.27, Toronto
A five year old cyclist died this week when he fell into traffic - this is why I joined a cyclists' advocacy group.
is that a bubble bursting
2017.05.26, Toronto
It looks like Toronto's immense housing bubble may finally have burst.
happy towel day, everybody - you'll need it with this rain
2017.05.25, Toronto
Happy towel day, everybody - you'll need it with all this rain.
safe harbor de-identification of health data
2017.05.24, Toronto
The health industry works with a standard called the "Safe Harbor" for de-identifying personal information.
catch of the year
2017.05.24, Toronto
It is with great embarrassment that I've finally caught my first fish of the year in late May.
describing May 2-4 to Americans
2017.05.23, Toronto
How better to describe the Victoria Day weekend to Americans than by its nickname, "May 2-4"? I was on a call with the board I've recently left, which is for a US-based professional association.
blowing it with your kids
2017.05.22, Toronto
I take my son fishing in order to spend quality time with him, but always seem to end up losing my temper.
we won a three-legged-race
2017.05.20, Toronto
My wife and I won a three-legged-race - I think it was the first I'd ever run.
another fine sinus infection
2017.05.19, Toronto
I don't understand how I keep getting sinus infections - Spring has been here for a while! Post-nasal drip has me coughing all night, I sound like I've been dead and raised by some necromancer.
an ISACA article
2017.05.18, Toronto
Tomorrow's the deadline for the next issue of ISACA's "Journal".
flooding on Toronto's beaches
2017.05.18, Toronto
Lake Ontario was apparently at its highest ever yesterday, May 17 - I've put together a pic of what that looks like in Toronto.
time to regroup
2017.05.17, Toronto
Kevin's death is having an effect on my job search.
goodbye, Kevin Atwood
2017.05.16, Toronto
My musician friend Kevin Atwood has died, as humorous and sweet a fellow as you'll ever meet.
summertime is for fishing
2017.05.15, Toronto
I was looking at the surrounds of the cottage we're renting this summer.
multiple mistake mother's day card
2017.05.14, Toronto
I asked The Boy why his mother's day card said "Happy Birthday" so he redid it: identically.
happy mother's day
2017.05.14, Toronto
The Boy recreated the painting that hangs in our living room in his Minecraft world - as a mother's day card.
snapped my fishing rod
2017.05.13, Toronto
While enjoying a relaxing fishing jaunt, I stupidly broke my fishing rod, for the first time in my life.
five days of pain
2017.05.12, Toronto
I've had a right-side, weather-related migraine for five days.
heading for the gifted program
2017.05.11, Toronto
We toured a gifted program at a nearby school, following The Boy's qualifying.
created a job - for someone else
2017.05.10, Toronto
My habit of introducing people I feel should be working together has paid off in a job created, but for someone else.
the fun is in the doing
2017.05.09, Toronto
Once again, I'd like to quote Kurt Russell: the fun is in the doing, not the talking.
our first fish of the year
2017.05.08, Toronto
The boy caught his first fish of the year, today - a tasty 45cm pike.
fx trading and a positive attitude
2017.05.08, Toronto
Mari says it's common wisdom in the FX trading world that one must keep a positive attitude to place productive trades.
dungeons & dragons total party kill
2017.05.07, Toronto
I played D&D with my son, his two friends, and their father yesterday.
a month of unemployment
2017.05.06, Toronto
It's interesting that some things have changed so much and some so little, being unemployed for a month.
illicit help from the TTC
2017.05.05, Toronto
I had a little help catching the 502 at University and Queen yesterday on my way home.
my mind, mapped
2017.05.05, Toronto
I did a personality test of sorts, and learned I'm an odd duck.
1,500 photos of the day
2017.05.04, Toronto
Be it ever so humble, this pic of my daughter spelling a friend's name is my 1,500th "photo of the day".
busy as if I had a job
2017.05.03, Toronto
Toronto's become a city of new software ventures in the past few years.
the only chart that matters
2017.05.02, Toronto
My wife's an economist by training and is now learning to become an FX trader – I keep thinking of a certain chart.
no more plastic bottles, demands The Boy
2017.05.01, Toronto
The Boy now refuses to use any more bottled water, and demands that we carry water with us everywhere.
a birthday for a girl who's almost five
2017.04.30, Toronto
We had a party with a dozen kids for Emma's fifth birthday - for some reason Mari and I are exhausted.
bird of prey at our window
2017.04.29, Toronto
A bird of prey suddenly arrived on our balcony, diving at a mourning dove.
new season of Archer
2017.04.28, Toronto
"Good news and bad news," I told Mari, "the new season of Archer has started.
tweeting for traffic
2017.04.27, Toronto
If you tweet updates to your website at a certain time of day, you can get a steady increase in traffic.
vice president of a non-profit board
2017.04.26, Toronto
Last night I was nominated to be the Vice President of the board of Cycle Toronto.
so this is a dentist's office
2017.04.25, Toronto
Another benefit of unemployment – I saw the inside of a dentist's office for the first time since 2014.
volunteering at school
2017.04.24, Toronto
Another benefit of having all this free time - I got to volunteer at the school for the visit of a scientist.
learning from my son
2017.04.23, Toronto
The Boy gave me a tennis lesson, today - it's great when you can learn from your own kids.
2017.04.23, Toronto
An unexpected benefit of being unemployed: I am meeting a lot of people.
my guide on managing third party risk
2017.04.22, Toronto
I've written a guide on managing third party risk, that is, the risk that comes with sharing your data with third parties such as service organizations.
13 years in Toronto
2017.04.21, Toronto
Last month, I passed the sum of 13 years spent living in Toronto.
4ºC and raining
2017.04.20, Toronto
4ºC and freezing rain under 30kph winds; the worst cycling! The things I endure to turn up opportunities.
PMP for five years
2017.04.19, Toronto
Today is the five year anniversary of my long slog through the PMP exam.
45km of cycling
2017.04.19, Toronto
My various meetings took me downtown twice and to the Danforth: some 45km of cycling in a day.
the boy has figured out the Easter bunny
2017.04.17, Toronto
A friend made a comment about hiding Easter eggs, within earshot of my son; this led to something unexpected.
we've overclocked the kids
2017.04.16, Toronto
Trying to figure out what's happened to our kids, today, to make them so hyper and babbly.
metrics that matter
2017.04.15, Toronto
The article I placed on LinkedIn about losing my job has now been read well over 1,000 times.
a migraine in nice weather
2017.04.15, Toronto
As so frequently happens, the weather gets nice and I get a migraine.
a family day
2017.04.14, St. Catharines
Today we went to St.
moth-eaten suit
2017.04.13, Toronto
The damage to my good suit is irreversible.
720 reads in 48 hours
2017.04.12, Toronto
My previous post (which was cross posted to LinkedIn) regenerated over 700 reads in under two days.
gracious in defeat
2017.04.11, Toronto
Two women colleagues described me as "gracious" today; I don't think that word means what they think it means.
I lost my job
2017.04.10, Toronto
Last Tuesday, I lost my job during a restructuring at PortfolioAid, a compliance solutions firm.
thoughts after six years
2017.04.10, Toronto
I've gathered my thoughts on exiting an executive role at a software firm after six years.
sleepless night
2017.04.07, Toronto
Every other night since my ouster, I've not slept.
today was non-profit day
2017.04.06, Toronto
It's a good thing I didn't have a pesky job to contend with.
time off for good behavior
2017.04.05, Toronto
I was a mid-level executive at employer of the past six years.
cut down in my prime
2017.04.04, Toronto
I lost my job today in a restructuring that saw 4/10 members of the management team gone, among others.
four skunks this year - a fishing tale
2017.04.03, Toronto
The Boy and I have chalked up three skunks on our fishing outings so far this Spring, and I managed another on my own.
Japanese renounce their language
2017.04.01, Toronto
On our way to Japanese class, I convinced The Boy that the Japanese had renounced their language and would switch to English.
precision of apathy
2017.03.31, Toronto
A colleague came by to inform another; "I care about this as much as you do - to the power of minus 100.
my first NBA game
2017.03.29, Toronto
I attended my first NBA game tonight - we had a great time (watching the local team blow a game-long lead in the fourth quarter).
feeling thankful for a head cold's passing
2017.03.28, Toronto
I think the metaphorical back of this head-cold I've got is broken – which is good, because it spawned three days of migraines.
farewell, SIRA board
2017.03.27, Toronto
My first term as a non-profit board member ends on March 31.
the message and the medium
2017.03.27, Toronto
A former colleague on the SIRA board published this article to LinkedIn.
How to create a unique minimalist watch brand
2017.03.26, Toronto
Here's a guide to creating your own successful minimalist watch brand.
cold number twelve
2017.03.25, Toronto
I lost exact count around Christmas, but I've got cold ~12 since September building up.
-8°C on the third day of Spring
2017.03.23, Toronto
It's -8°C on the third day of Spring – it must be Toronto! That said, it's a beautiful blue day.
printer ink costs how much
2017.03.20, Toronto
Ink cartridges for our home printer are so expensive that it's the only thing people have to say about the otherwise decent printer.
changes to my website
2017.03.18, Toronto
In the past couple of days, I've brought back my book reviews, added a watch review, and made changes to speed up the site.
our day off
2017.03.15, Toronto
Beware the ides of March, your day shall be a bust if depending on the weather forecast – or so we learned this year.
Re: my little pony, rutger hauer edition
2017.03.14, Toronto
In The Girl's "my little pony" book I was rather amazed to find a couple of Roy Batty quotes, Shakespeare, and Planet of the Lost Apes.
unsubscribing from things
2017.03.13, Toronto
The new year is ten weeks old, and I have unsubscribed from 22 email things.
my father's new watch
2017.03.12, Toronto
I love it when people "buy into" a brand intended for a wildly different demographic - my father's new watch is a great example.
an interesting take on consulting
2017.03.11, Toronto
I've started reading Peter Block's "Flawless Consulting".
my latest watch crush
2017.03.11, Toronto
I like watches, and true to Pisces form, my interests tend to flit about like a butterly in a field of flowers.
settling Australia
2017.03.09, Toronto
It looks like Australia's original settlers lived without mass warfare; an interesting break with the usual pattern of human history.
a good crack at explaining the Vancouver housing bubble
2017.03.08, Toronto
I've come across a really good explanation of the Vancouver housing bubble, from SFU.
never park your bike on Duncan St in Toronto
2017.03.06, Toronto
Never park your bike on Duncan St in Toronto unless you want it destroyed or stripped.
toronto housing is becoming fun
2017.03.03, Toronto
Housing in this city is now in the lofty company of Vancouver, where you can't guess if a listing is a parody.
riding in Toronto's second winter
2017.03.02, Toronto
My ride to work started with a flat that I deemed a slow leak; I pumped it up and took off into 40kph winds at -9.
cloud hosting, not lightning fast
2017.03.01, Toronto
I did some speed testing and discovered that AWS and Google are slow at serving fonts.
blessed but unmotivated
2017.02.28, Toronto
Here's an interesting article outlining all the things Canada's got going for it, and all the nothing we're doing with the opportunity.
the ever-expanding sh*tlist
2017.02.27, Toronto
These are the 64 IP addresses that I current block on my websites.
have I adopted a Michael face?
2017.02.27, Toronto
New research suggests that we adopt a face that reflects our name - I wonder if I've got a Michael face and if so, what does it mean? Here's a link to the research.
claiming professional expenses in Canada
2017.02.24, Toronto
In Canada, anyone on the treadmill of maintaining professional designations gets a couple of tax incentives.
no ice fishing this year
2017.02.24, Toronto
Looks like we've lost the rest of the ice fishing season.
the prior journal post was debunked
2017.02.23, Toronto
So it turns out my great-grandfather never changed our name; that was my father's little joke.
turns out our family name changed
2017.02.22, Toronto
It turns out that my great-grandfather dropped the "von" from our name, "von Werneburg", on the grounds that it was already long enough.
a memorable d&d session
2017.02.21, Toronto
We played d&d on the weekend, and it was a memorable session - turns out they heard "white tower" when I was saying "wight tower".
happiness is a plowed cycle lane
2017.02.17, Toronto
The city of Toronto's been doing a good job lately of keeping the cycle paths plowed in the dead of winter.
two and half minutes to midnight
2017.02.16, Toronto
Things continue apace - now the doomsday clock's back where it was in the 50's! Some interesting commentary on Trump in there.
replaced a strap on my beater watch
2017.02.15, Toronto
I replaced the aging NATO strap on my watch with another cheapie, this time a two-part.
now what, America
2017.02.13, Toronto
Hard to imagine that things could get this wacky, this fast, in the US - I feel for my American friends.
court case
2017.02.12, Toronto
On Monday I appeared in a court room for the first time, for the guilty plea of the driver who knocked me off my bike.
goodbye, bank
2017.02.11, Toronto
A certain credit card issuer decided they would issue me a new card, then didn`t, but froze my existing card.
new census data
2017.02.10, Toronto
Oh boy, new census data - and my home town of St Catharines has once again bucked the trend and not show growth.
get cyber safe
2017.02.09, Toronto
The government of Canada has produced some guidance for small-medium enterprises which is a) quite good and b) surprisingly readable.
the flight of the wealthy
2017.02.08, Toronto
It looks like the wealthy are planning on pulling the plug on the US.
goodbye, ecology
2017.02.03, Toronto
So it turns out there are micro-fragments of plastic in the seafood we eat; we now have that stuff in our blood.
so this is kakistocracy
2017.02.02, Toronto
For once, I find myself doing some reading about the character and intent of a US President, with some interesting findings.
goodbye, January
2017.01.31, Toronto
I foolishly chose to take the TTC to work today; two fares ($6+) to get to work late.
riding in the snow for my son
2017.01.27, Toronto
To get anywhere in downtown Toronto, there is no substitute for a bike.
migraine prophylactics are as bad as the problem
2017.01.26, Toronto
I've said it before and I'll say it again, daily prophylactics for migraine are more trouble than they're worth.
still ukraine, still ukraine
2017.01.25, Toronto
On my son's new globe, some things never change; Crimea is still Ukraine #earworm.
virtual kidnapping
2017.01.23, Toronto
In addition to CEO fraud emails, now there's virtual kidnapping.
hello, sunshine
2017.01.23, Toronto
It's ten to five, and the sun's just going down; so good to have some sunlight in Toronto!.
hello, October's shoes
2017.01.21, Toronto
Mari realized that the shoes we ordered from the US back in October hadn't come; I called the shop, they'd had them for months.
goodbye, Mr Obama
2017.01.20, Toronto
They say you bungled the American empire, Mr Obama; I say good riddance, let the US be a country again.
goodbye, civilization
2017.01.19, Toronto
Farewell, civilization as we've known it.
financial industry vendor management
2017.01.11, Toronto
Today I attended an wealth management industry committee meeting in which we're looking at an industry-wide approach to managing third party risk.
poor Maebh
2017.01.11, Toronto
The storm last night tore a piece off our building that came down and onto our car - I wonder if insurance will cover it.
another Marlies game
2017.01.08, Toronto
The Boy and I went to another Marlies game, today, and it was a hell of a show.
hello, ETL
2017.01.07, Toronto
Another year, another extract-transform-load project.
goodbye, little aquarium
2017.01.06, Toronto
Friends have taken the smaller of our aquariums - I know it's in good hands with a smart young lad.
goodbye, home phone
2017.01.01, Toronto
We'll be cutting our home phone spend from $28/month + tax to ~ $9/month by going VOIP.
goodbye, 2016
2016.12.31, Toronto
Feeling particularly thankful today - despite everything, I had a pretty good 2016.
mobile data overage charges
2016.12.30, Toronto
For the past few months, I've been paying $5 - $10 a month for overshooting my cellular data allotment on my mobile phone.
cycling at Christmas
2016.12.23, Toronto
I cycled in to work today; the major trails away from the streets were icy, but the streets were good.
watching TV has changed
2016.12.19, Toronto
Last night I heard the audio for a show through my phone while watching the TV; I felt old.
the frozen driveway
2016.12.18, Toronto
Our steep driveway is covered in ice thanks to a new city policy towards meltwater and rainwater.
the book I wish I'd had
2016.12.16, Toronto
Ray Pompon's book IT Security Risk Control Management: An Audit Preparation Plan is the one I needed back in 2011 when I first took a service organization through an audit.
latest watch crush
2016.12.13, Toronto
I'm looking at a thin dress watch to slip under my French cuffs.
cycling at minus six
2016.12.09, Toronto
My rear shifter cable was locked up this morning due to the -6°C weather.
the flaming lips sell out
2016.12.06, Toronto
So; the Flaming Lips have lent "Do You Realize" to the latest Transformers movie.
securing your life
2016.11.22, Toronto
The New York Times recently ran a piece with practical information about protecting your online life.
yet another reason to patch
2016.11.18, Toronto
Today I had an illuminating call with our insurance broker and carrier about an exclusion in our errors & omissions insurance pertaining to unlicensed data and software.
here comes fascism!
2016.11.18, Toronto
The Toronto District School Board has circulated an email about escalating racism and hate in the city.
back on my steed
2016.11.17, Toronto
One round trip on the TTC is one round too many for a dedicated cyclist; I don't know how people do it every day.
damaged bike chain
2016.11.16, Toronto
I don't know how I did it, but I managed to bend two links in my bike chain.
top hits these past ten days
2016.11.01, Toronto
My website's seen a predictable trickle of traffic lo these past nine - ten days.
teaching the girl to skip (stones)
2016.10.29, Toronto
On The Girl's third try, she skipped a stone on the lake about 7-8 times - by herself! Just like her brother, she only needed me to show her how about three times.
woke up braking
2016.10.26, Toronto
I woke myself up reaching for my bike brakes, this morning.
suicidal cyclists
2016.10.25, Toronto
Yesterday I saw a cyclist hanging onto the door handle of an SUV westbound on Richmond Ave at speed.
DNS subdomain discovery
2016.10.24, Toronto
This weekend, I found this interesting little tool called DNS Dumpster.
inching closer to github pages
2016.10.24, Toronto
I will achieve in time, my object all sublime, to move this website to a free platform.
lost cycling glove
2016.10.23, Toronto
An occupational hazard of cycling: losing your gloves.
journal entry 3335
2016.10.20, Toronto
They say it's quality, not quantity, but I can't count the former and I have all these posts! Three thousand, three hundred, thirty-five posts to be precisely pointless.
shaking like a leaf
2016.10.19, Toronto
It turned out that the confusion about us being good parents came from both of us going to see Emma for her night terrors.
"you guys are good parents"
2016.10.18, Toronto
Our four-year-old surprised me this morning, sticking her head into the washroom and saying, "You guys are good parents.
fintech and information risk
2016.10.17, Toronto
An article appeared in "The Investment Executive" this weekend that highlights information risk in so-called fintech.
the fish magnet's first walleye
2016.10.09, Lower Buckhorn Lake
The Boy caught his first walleye tonight.
my first crappie
2016.10.07, Lower Buckhorn Lake
I caught a lovely crappie today, a good-sized and healthy-looking specimen with good "shoulders".
fare well, beloved Gill
2016.10.04, Toronto
Gill, our 9-10 year old angel fish, has died.
on failed persons
2016.09.27, Toronto
The Basel definition of operational risk is this: "Operational risk is defined as the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events.
coyote incident
2016.09.27, Toronto
Today a coyote came to visit us.
a flat on new tires
2016.09.26, Toronto
The toll from using cheap tires has started: I'd only just had a cycle shop fix my screw-up with my chain (I missed a small guide on one of the derailleur wheels) when I had my first flat in nearly two years.
new drive train
2016.09.25, Toronto
I changed the cassette and chain on my bike today; a clear case of better late than never.
on reputation and character
2016.09.23, Toronto
It's almost comically unfashionable to talk about things like character and reputation in today's society, but it wasn't always so.
it's been a better week
2016.09.22, Toronto
Bruised ribs or no, it's been a better week.
of trout and bruised ribs
2016.09.20, Toronto
I headed out for a bit of fishing and landed nothing but some bruised ribs.
wed men tells no tales
2016.09.20, Toronto
A friend said he had some tales from his honeymoon.
yup, quite a week
2016.09.16, Toronto
After 3 board committee meetings, 2 grant applications, and an audit, the week ended with my walk-around USB drive dying.
what a perfect day
2016.09.14, Toronto
Summer's nearly over, and I feel that I actually lived it this year, unlike the past 3-4.
what a week, 2016 edition
2016.09.13, Toronto
Missed a day due to illness yesterday; today I discover that my bike tire needs replacing; the bike shop that claimed to have the tires and tubes I wanted had neither; then the watch repair guys break my watch; then I put the new tubes in my new tires, and put those on my bike and noticed that one of the spring arms had broken on my rear brake.
week not going as planned
2016.09.11, Toronto
Was sick all day with a sinus headache that triggered a migraine.
dangerous and fruitless fishing
2016.09.10, Toronto
The Boy and I were supposed to go fishing, but it rained and I decided to go out at sunset - this was a mistake.
no eth0 after linode moved me to kvm
2016.09.09, Toronto
Linode, my internet hosting provider, urged me to move my VM to a new infrastructure; doing so cost me 14 hours of downtime.
Simcity 4 on a Mac
2016.09.04, Toronto
Thanks to the "WINE" emulator, I'm now running my antique license of "SimCity 4" to show my son my old cities.
debating a cycle lane on the street
2016.08.22, Toronto
Tonight I attended a meeting in my neighborhood to discuss a proposed contra-flow cycle lane.
fishing no more
2016.08.21, Toronto
My fishing partner has left me high and dry, now being eight-and-a-half.
fishing among experts
2016.08.20, Toronto
The Boy and I were fishing in Tommy Thompson park today when we were visited by a real expert.
UGO wallet saves an angler from a fine
2016.08.08, Toronto
A wallet app on my phone saved me from an MNRF fine this weekend.
cry the beloved economy
2016.08.05, Toronto
Canada's balance of trade set a new low today, but it's the historical context that tells the story.
going fishing
2016.08.04, Toronto
Our son is really pretty amazing.
that'll teach us for going to Canadian Tire
2016.08.04, Toronto
We've been having car trouble, but something's gone right at last.
lost a rod
2016.08.01, Toronto
Heading out to do some fishing this evening, I noticed that we'd left my son's rod in Tommy Thompson park in Toronto.
lost a trout at the last minute (again)
2016.07.27, a mountain river
I'm cursed when it comes to landing trout in western Canada - today yet another one slipped away from me.
caught the same fish on different days
2016.07.20, Salt Spring Island
I caught a fish last night, then caught it again this morning - I was embarrassed for the fish.
first ever salmon
2016.07.15, Victoria, BC
The Boy and I caught two salmon today, a coho and a chinook (locally called a "spring" salmon).
how to sabotage innovative projects
2016.07.11, Toronto
One of my favorite books on internal control; sorry, the only good book I've ever encountered on internal control is "Intelligent Internal Control and Risk Management" by Matthew Leitch.
seven billion humans, three billion trees
2016.07.05, Toronto
We humans now outnumber trees.
hydro bill results
2016.07.05, Toronto
I've had my next electricity bill; my changes resulted in a $22 (13%) savings.
fishing in the city
2016.07.02, Toronto
It's confirmed, I've found a reliable fishing hole in Toronto.
some sleep for once
2016.07.01, Toronto
Our Girl slept through the night, last night - maybe the first time this year? Maybe the third?.
no fix for cyber security in our lifetime
2016.06.23, Toronto
An article landed in my inbox today in which an expert from Marsh was quoted as saying, "Cyber as a pervasive risk will likely not be solved in our lifetime.
a boreal owl
2016.06.20, Toronto
We've been hearing owl calls in the night for some weeks now, I think I've identified the species.
fixing the electricity bill
2016.06.13, Toronto
Looks live I've shaved $20 off my monthly electricity bill with just two changes.
the fish magnet
2016.06.12, Toronto
The Boy has now caught about 4x the fish I have, down in the absurdly beautiful* Tommy Thompson park.
riding with Emma
2016.06.11, Toronto
I got our darling daughter out on the Weehoo today, despite occasional demands to "turn around" and "go home now".
a sequel to the passion of the christ
2016.06.10, Toronto
Naturally, Mel Gibson's doubling down on his widely criticized move to bring back the anti-Semetic "The Passion of the Christ" BS from the middle ages.
Trump! Let the fire burn how it will.
2016.06.09, Toronto
Some people are going to vote Trump because they want to see the elites suffer with the rest of us.
the Endor holocaust
2016.06.08, Toronto
Aw, no.
today – jackhammer plus migraine
2016.06.08, Toronto
Indoors: me, barely hanging on with a right-side migraine.
too busy for a journal
2016.06.02, Toronto
Three weeks have raced by since my last journal entry; I think it's time to wind down my 17-year-old website.
fishing for pike
2016.05.20, Victoria Harbour
We arrived at the cottage tonight, and all four of us piled into the canoe for some fishing.
gane's law on the passage of data and meaning
2016.05.16, Toronto
Gane's Law: "Any information that must be passed through two levels of management shall be mooted by the voyage, for it shall be diluted and misconstrued.
killed a squirrel with my bike
2016.05.10, Toronto
I started the day with running down a squirrel with my bike.
a cycle lane on Bloor
2016.05.04, Toronto
Toronto city council has turned a corner, voting to install a cycle lane on the city's main, long, crowded, east-west shopping street.
the high price of civilization
2016.05.04, Toronto
Our electricity bill came to $173 for two months, up $10 because I once left the iron on for 4 hours? I can easily recall when I'd pay about $20 a month for electricity.
the baby squirrels lived
2016.04.29, Toronto
Last weekend, we discovered a squirrel's nest; we wound up with three baby squirrels in a box.
farewell shopping malls
2016.04.28, Toronto
I learned today that traffic at shopping malls has fallen by 50% since 2008.
is risk management a profession
2016.04.25, Toronto
A risk practitioner vastly senior to me posited the question on LinkedIn whether risk management is even a profession.
the problem of entitlements
2016.04.25, Toronto
Virtually every organization has the problem of managing IT asset entitlements.
squirrels in the storage shed
2016.04.23, Toronto
I was in the storage shed, and spotted some debris atop a box on the top shelf.
the edge method to puzzles
2016.04.23, Toronto
I do believe our almost-four-year old has the hang of the edge method to jigsaw puzzles.
failed your PMP exam?
2016.04.22, Toronto
That sucks.
long dive by a bird of prey
2016.04.22, Toronto
I saw a bird of prey take a long straight dive with its wings folded.
property damage
2016.04.20, Toronto
Something happened to the fences, railing, and steps at the property where we live.
first board meeting
2016.04.19, Toronto
If you're a member of Cycle Toronto, you can rest assured that the board is organized and energetic.
1776 steps in 23:41
2016.04.17, Toronto
Today, I climbed the steps of the CN tower with our eight year old son.
tax refund
2016.04.15, Toronto
It is really annoying to get such a substantial tax return every year; why can't the government remember from year to year that it's over-taxing us by hundreds of dollars a month! All the more so when the money meant that medical bills were being put off.
another presentation
2016.04.14, Toronto
I did another presentation, today.
people really do plug in the USB devices they find
2016.04.13, Toronto
In case there was any question: people really do plug in the USB devices they find.
officially on board
2016.04.12, Toronto
I met with the President of the board of Cycle Toronto for dinner, tonight.
evaluating a vendor's SOC-2 report
2016.04.11, Toronto
Someone asked me how to evaluate a service organization's SOC-2 report.
back in the saddle
2016.04.10, Toronto
My entire body aches, but I'm back on my bike for the commute.
bike fixed
2016.04.09, Toronto
I've had my bike repaired; happily, I got a small discount for being a member of Cycle Toronto.
the doctor says...
2016.04.08, Toronto
The doc says that I should get back on my bike as soon as the immediate pain is past, as it prevents PTSD.
knocked off my bike by a driver
2016.04.07, Toronto
I was knocked off my bike on the way home today by a driver who then fled the scene.
snow in April
2016.04.06, Toronto
It has now snowed every day since April Fools Day – coincidence? There was enough that we had to shovel the drive, on Monday.
Googling the quick and the dead
2016.04.05, Toronto
Google autocomplete completes a friend's name with the word "obituary"; he'd also cancelled the phone number I had.
head of state, athlete, billionaire, or drug lord
2016.04.04, Toronto
A headhunter once put it simply as he could: "What's your career trajectory, CEO, COO, or CFO?" I recoiled at the thought at the time, though I now know the answer and I'd have to put "missed" or "failed" in there somewhere.
no joke
2016.04.01, Toronto
For 04/01, we created a new password policy: whenever any password in the enterprise changed, all must be changed.
SOC-2 versus SIG
2016.03.31, Toronto
My team has been spending some time reviewing the forthcoming SOC-2 control standards.
you spin me right round
2016.03.31, Toronto
Our three year old spontaneously started singing DOA's "You Spin My Right Round" despite our never (never!) having played it for her.
beaver patrol
2016.03.30, Toronto
Tonight while fishing (fruitlessly) at the Ashbridge's Bay marina, a large beaver paddled right by in front of me.
gave away a tail light, today
2016.03.29, Toronto
After my first Cycle Toronto board committee meeting, I found a red cycling tail light on the sidewalk.
scanning slides and negatives
2016.03.28, Toronto
Someone asked my advice on how to best scan slides and film.
skunked but loving it
2016.03.27, Port Dalhousie
Had another wonderful day of fishing to no avail, tonight.
governance and board positions
2016.03.22, Toronto
I've joined the board of Cycle Toronto, an advocacy association of city cyclists who are pushing for a safer city in which to ride.
Cycle Toronto's newest board member
2016.03.22, Toronto
To my surprise, I won the election to the board of Cycle Toronto.
the three-year-old does Walken
2016.03.21, Toronto
The kids went to a theatrical telling of "Goodnight, Moon".
three hours in the sun
2016.03.20, Toronto
Ken and I got three hours in the sun, today, fishing around Ashbridges Bay.
first fishing trip to the rouge river
2016.03.19, Toronto
Today we went down to the rouge river to do the first fishing of the year.
scouting fishing locations
2016.03.18, Toronto
I spent half an hour or so on the way home, toodling about the waterfront scouting fishing locations.
business books
2016.03.17, Toronto
Someone asked me today about management books I'd recommend.
migraine care in Toronto
2016.03.16, Toronto
I've just made a doctor's appointment for January 11, 2017.
fishing with Ken
2016.03.15, Toronto
We fished at the marina today, our first outing together of the open water season.
Toronto vs Silicon Valley
2016.03.15, Toronto
It looks like Toronto's housing is now less affordable than that of Silicon Valley.
first day of fishing
2016.03.13, Toronto
Fished down at the marina again for an hour or so.
laid low
2016.03.11, Toronto
Laid low for two days, in my prime, just barely 45, by my fourth bug this winter.
filthy March cycling
2016.03.08, Toronto
Crowds of cyclists are already out, some two months earlier than they would have 5 years ago – thanks to infrastructure! This is what happens when you set aside some lanes and allow people to make some choices.
back on the road
2016.03.07, Toronto
First day back on my bike, and I came across two blockages on the Richmond cycle lane and maybe half a dozen on the Adelaide lane.
manual lenses on a modern camera
2016.03.05, Toronto
My birthday gift (to self) was a pair of adapters for my Olympus camera body.
my profile as a cycle toronto board nominee
2016.03.03, Toronto
As a nominee for a position on the board of directors for Cycle Toronto, here's my 'candidate profile'.
case study on advanced persistent threats
2016.03.02, Toronto
In the middle of 2015, I produced an analysis of my employer's readiness regarding risk due to "advanced persistent threats" in the cybersecurity space.
bifocals to read my pill bottle
2016.03.02, Toronto
Just in time for turning 45, I needed my bifocal safety goggles to read a pill bottle today.
crapped on again
2016.02.29, Toronto
Got crapped on by a bird again, today – my fourteenth hit (and first in three years).
our neighbor is our neighbor
2016.02.24, Toronto
It turns out that the woman who lives in the apartment downstairs from us works four buildings from me.
hey presto
2016.02.23, Toronto
I've pulled out my Presto card, which I last used when moving back to Canada in 2010, for the TTC.
running for a board position
2016.02.21, Toronto
I've applied to be considered for the board of Cycle Toronto.
management consulting vs internal audit
2016.02.20, Toronto
I've just completed a three day intensive course on management consulting, which covered the twin streams of a) diagnosis and b) change management.
a three-day intensive course on management consulting
2016.02.20, Toronto
Today, I completed one of the most intensive training programs of my life.
flying west with the kids
2016.02.18, Toronto
We've been invited by my father and brother to take a vacation with them this summer.
concentrated volunteerism
2016.02.17, Toronto
In the past few months, I've dropped three of the professional associations I'd belonged to.
four fishermen, 150 fish
2016.02.14, Lake Simcoe
Today might be Valentines Day, but two of us spent it on the ice with our sons, not with our brides.
at least five problems with security metrics
2016.02.04, Toronto
Last year, I participated in a panel on "metrics that matter" at RSA.
the risk of false brand identity
2016.01.31, Toronto
A colleague from the CMC posted some thoughts on brand based on one of Seth Godin's periodic utterances.
stay classy Toronto
2016.01.18, Toronto
First thing I saw @ 6:45 this morning was a driver hit a parked car and drive away - stay classy, Toronto.
bifocal safety googles
2016.01.12, Toronto
So it's come to this; I've bought some bifocal safety goggles, so I can see what I'm doing when I'm working with my hands on my (increasingly rare) crafts work.
giving a strip of flesh
2016.01.09, Toronto
I awoke at 4 or 5 this morning with another bloody migraine; soon I'd be mopping blood from the floor.
roundabout new year's resolutions
2016.01.08, Toronto
For the new year, a friend has decided to exercise less and pay less attention to his finances.
twenty years with a website
2016.01.01, Toronto
19 years ago today, I brought the first database-driven part of this website online.
in the office with The Boy
2015.12.31, Toronto
In what has now become a tradition of two years, my son came to the office to take down the X'mas tree.
have a good winter, bicycle
2015.12.28, Toronto
When they lay down the salt, I put away my bike.
rock and roll, dying of old age
2015.12.28, Toronto
Well, Lemmy's dead.
three with migraines
2015.12.27, St. Catharines
Asians get fewer migraines than other racial groups, and I'm hoping that that will improve my kids' outlook.
merry X'mas!
2015.12.25, St. Catharines
At grandma's in Saint Catharines for Christmas - probably for the last time, as she's planning to leave.
studying contractual and financial risk management
2015.12.14, Toronto
It's true that you get like the people you live with; I've spent a lot of time in the financial industry, and it seems I've picked up a thing or two.
Emma and Oltaf
2015.12.13, Toronto
My daughter loves this Disney disaster called "Frozen", but at least she's got a sense of humor about it.
a German santa told me "hajimemashite"
2015.12.12, Toronto
Today a German Santa Claus told me "hajimemashite".
on paneling
2015.12.08, Toronto
Tonight I moderated a panel of experts on the role of the board in setting strategy.
moderating a panel
2015.12.08, Toronto
I moderated a panel tonight.
I won a door prize!
2015.12.07, Toronto
For the second time in forty-four years, I won a door prize, tonight.
making christmas tree ornaments
2015.12.06, Toronto
Ken and I went to "Four Cats", a local DIY arts place for kids, and made X'mas ornaments.
Vtech data breach
2015.12.01, Toronto
I sent a friend a note about the latest data breach that's in the news: Vtech.
detoured by tragedy
2015.12.01, Toronto
I was unable to cross the Don river at my usual spot due to a police barricade; they'd found a body in the river.
I got the city to change something
2015.11.21, Toronto
I managed to get the city to undo something that was inconveniencing cyclists.
more fun with my camera
2015.11.20, Toronto
I've been taking photos of people who park in cycle lanes; It seems that I'm starting to get known to that community.
graffiti mystery uncovered
2015.11.19, Toronto
I discovered hidden graffiti with the gain on my digital camera, today.
five years on the job
2015.11.16, Toronto
I've been at this job for five years, shattering my previous record – have I matured, or been institutionalized.
migraine educational session
2015.11.14, Toronto
This week, I attended an information session on enduring with migraines, which I've been doing for 40 years.
the straightjacket
2015.11.13, Toronto
I'm constantly amazed at how difficult it is to break free of the straightjacket of the immediate.
this year's photo book
2015.11.12, Toronto
We've finished this year's volume in our annual photo book collection.
no poppy for remembrance day this year
2015.11.11, Toronto
Oddly, I couldn't find a poppy for sale this year.
what is this rodent
2015.11.10, Toronto
Ken and I came across this former rodent.
nine years on
2015.11.09, Toronto
Turns out, Mari and I forgot about our wedding anniversary again this year.
some home-made fishing lures
2015.11.07, Toronto
The boy and I have been making wooden fishing lures, and rebuilding some old ones.
hiring for many talents
2015.11.06, Toronto
I've repeatedly been faced with the difficult task of hiring for ambiguous roles where a range of different skills are required.
yeah, I nailed that mid-term
2015.11.04, Toronto
88%, that'll do.
flickr pool on cars parked in Toronto cycle lanes
2015.11.02, Toronto
Not sure what good this will do, but I've started a flickr pool with pics with cars parked in Toronto's cycle lanes.
pumpkin pics from Hallowe'en
2015.11.01, Toronto
It's amazing what people can do these days.
us at Hallowe'en
2015.10.31, Toronto
Boo! .
breezed through a test on risk finance
2015.10.28, Toronto
I feel I did rather well on a test on risk financing tonight; in fact I think I over studied.
why ERM versus traditional risk management
2015.10.24, Toronto
I'm studying for a course on risk financing, and have a quibble with an answer "in the book".
thank you very much, Ontario driver BKDV 035
2015.10.22, Toronto
Today's run-in was with a Volkswagen, Ontario license plate BKDV 035.
collided with a taxi on King street today
2015.10.19, Toronto
I was struck by a taxi on King street today.
fishing in a river
2015.10.18, Toronto
For the first time in decades, I fished in a river.
agility and risk
2015.10.16, Toronto
Dave Thomas, one of the originators of the "Agile Manifesto", gave a talk in January that explains where the Agile movement has gotten off the rails (no pun intended).
running and winning
2015.10.14, Toronto
The Boy placed fifth for his grade in a "cross country" race that included several local schools.
The Boy catches his first large fish
2015.10.11, Victoria Harbor
Ken caught a 56cm pike today, and didn't stop there.
so this is Detroit!
2015.10.09, Detroit
I'm in Detroit for a conference, and had the opportunity of taking a tour around the city center.
collided with a jogger, today
2015.10.06, Toronto
I collided with a jogger, today.
17,500km of cycle-commuting
2015.10.02, Toronto
In the past five years, I've done about 1,750 trips to and from the office.
using a cache server to secure WordPress
2015.09.25, Toronto
Securing a website that runs on WordPress can be a challenge.
Oma and opa going home
2015.09.21, Toronto
Goodbye to Oma and Opa, thank you for the visit! .
big data? no thanks
2015.09.21, Toronto
Big data - no thanks! Just about sums it up: .
first fish from lake Ontario
2015.09.20, Toronto
On my fourteenth visits to the marina at Ashbridges Bay park, I landed a damn nice fish.
so that's a wood thrush
2015.09.13, Toronto
Today I learned what a wood thrush is, by having a dead bird on our balcony to identify.
a slow start to Toronto fishing
2015.09.07, Toronto
I have gone on eight separate fishing trips around the city, and not caught a thing.
2015.09.04, Toronto
After three and a half weeks, my family's back from Japan.
the sweet sting of the needle
2015.09.01, Toronto
Ah, the searing kiss of the tattoo needle; how I missed you.
a turtle in lake Ontario
2015.08.31, Toronto
For the first time in my life, I saw a turtle in Lake Ontario this morning as I cycled to work.
canvassing the public for signatures
2015.08.25, Toronto
Spent 80 minutes this evening collecting signatures for a CycleToronto petition.
ant colony is growing
2015.08.23, Toronto
The queen ant I found is raising a successful colony: there are now babies.
what the hell, I'll cycle to Markham
2015.08.22, Toronto
I was scratching my head for something to do, today, so I hopped on my bike and went north.
forecast so wrong, I had to buy a jacket
2015.08.21, Toronto
This morning the weather forecast said high of 29° and sunny, no mention of rain.
2015.08.17, Toronto
Today I accidentally shaved off my eyebrows with the assistance of our three year old.
a pike under placid water
2015.08.15, Victoria Harbour
The water was dead calm, so I paddled across the bay to a small island that's littered with fish scales, crab claws, and cormorant crap.
bats over the beaches
2015.08.14, Victoria Harbour
I was nearly home when I came upon some small bats gliding over the street – at the level of my helmet! I do love seeing bats about, it means that mosquitoes are dying, and they are beautiful in flight.
coffee for the whole office
2015.08.13, Toronto
Today, I'm taking some ice, some condensed milk, some boxes of tea bags, and some tonyo to the office.
lost child
2015.08.12, Toronto
Tonight I helped the woman after me in the queue at the grocery store find her three year old.
a take-up reel for an 8mm film projector
2015.08.11, Toronto
While cleaning out the basement of the family cottage, I found an 8mm projector.
John Cleese laughs at my alma mater
2015.08.10, Toronto
Several months ago, my mum sent me a Michael Enright interview with John Cleese.
every vacation must end
2015.08.08, Victoria Harbour
After two weeks of fighting with phragmites and hoarded junk (and a certain amount of fishing), it's time to rejoin the fray.
the other michael werneburg
2015.07.25, Toronto
I've found a few other people with my name, around the world.
helping a fellow cyclist in need
2015.07.24, Toronto
By happy chance I had my usual bike repair kit with me yesterday when I pulled up next to someone who was replacing a flat tube.
how profitable are your clients?
2015.07.23, Toronto
It's taken me some doing, but I've sorted out a mechanism for determining the profitability of clients for a software firm.
let's not go blind
2015.07.22, Toronto
Let's all be careful around rural Ontario this summer kids – the giant hogweed lies in waiting.
a trailer hitch for our Rondo
2015.07.21, Toronto
We're adding a trailer hitch to our Kia, so we can take the bikes to the cottage on the weekend.
now raising an ant colony
2015.07.20, Toronto
I've captured an ant queen for The Boy's small ant farm.
On the Ashley Madison list? Blame it on Target
2015.07.18, Toronto
It's occurred to me that if someone's name turns up on the user list at Ashley Madison, they can just blame Target.
for love of Pluto
2015.07.17, Toronto
It's fun to watch the various reactions to the new images coming back from Pluto - especially the emotionally charged ones.
some sleep, at last
2015.07.16, Toronto
The Girl actually slept through the night, last night.
woohoo, everyone borrow more!
2015.07.15, Toronto
Phew, the Bank of Canada just lowered interest rates – good thing we don't have a housing bubble.
a pleasant summer
2015.07.15, Toronto
A colleague is in Dubai, where it's 44° today - this morning in Toronto it was 13°.
new shifter cable
2015.07.13, Toronto
Yesterday, I installed my first shifter cable on my bicycle; it went smoothly but I'm still having phantom shifts.
reading and recovering
2015.07.11, Toronto
This weekend, while we tried to nurse our girl back to health, I picked a book on human evolution.
sick all week
2015.07.10, Toronto
First I got sick with a fever followed by sinus infection and bronchitis.
so this is sugar beach
2015.07.03, Toronto
I accidentally discovered "Sugar Beach" today when looking for somewhere to read.
plankton develops eyes on its own
2015.07.02, Toronto
Hooray for science - we've discovered a type of Japanese-Canadian plankton that has developed eyes.
Canada day fun
2015.07.01, Toronto
We ended the day with a trip to the beach and watched the fireworks.
refreshed website look
2015.07.01, Toronto
I've retooled the site again, reducing the load time from 3½s to ½s.
stepping up to 49mm
2015.06.30, Toronto
Gotta admire a camera store that honors a four year old gift card - thanks, Henrys.
Oh, syphilitic Lousiana
2015.06.29, Toronto
Syphilis, Louisiana - say it ain't so! Well, it does say, "least common" form of death.
snarling at sharks
2015.06.28, Toronto
Today we took the kids to the "Ripley's" aquarium, and this happened.
2015.06.27, Toronto
In an audit of my employer's cybersecurity stance, I found things to be generally quite good.
proud owner of a new camera
2015.06.26, Toronto
Well, I did it – I've decided on the camera system that might be the last I ever by into.
geography game, and the risk of Kyrgyzstan
2015.06.25, Toronto
I found this online game where you try to put names on countries.
new chain, new cassette
2015.06.24, Toronto
After barely eight months, I'm already on my second chain and cassette.
"no, daddy!" says the naughty hypocrate
2015.06.23, Toronto
When Ken was in the shower, Emma turned off the bathroom light and loudly exclaimed, "No, Daddy!" Only three years and two months old, and already causing problems for everybody.
so it's decided
2015.06.22, Toronto
Nine years ago, I bought an inexpensive camera expecting to use it for two years.
fixing bikes in the park
2015.06.21, Toronto
This Spring, I took a bike repair course; today I put it to practice by once again repairing people's bikes.
Shakespeare in the park
2015.06.19, Toronto
Tonight I'm taking my son to see "Hamlet" in the park.
that's no way to toss your salad
2015.06.18, Toronto
Today my foot slipped on an escalator stair; my arm went up, throwing my lunch into the air.
pan-am games already getting on my nerves
2015.06.17, Toronto
Today I witnessed a cyclist take a tumble as he navigated some unannounced barriers on our route.
donated some old cameras today
2015.06.15, Toronto
I donated an antique SRT-101 and two X700 bodies and some lenses to a camera shop; they're making a mural.
volunteer bike repair
2015.06.13, Toronto
I turned up at a kids cycling event, ready to do some bike repair – but I wasn't needed.
baby bunnies at dusk
2015.06.12, Toronto
Today's trip home was better than yesterday's - better to the tune of baby bunnies on the cycle path.
took a spill on my bike
2015.06.11, Toronto
Pinched between the ruined tracks and an oversized truck parked on the right, I took a bad bounce off of an uneven concrete rim next to the tracks and went down.
more camera porn
2015.06.10, Toronto
This time it's Sony that's caught my eye, with these fine entries.
a peer to mentor your staff
2015.06.09, Toronto
Another thing about getting older–you've got a network of peers who can serve as experienced mentors to your staff.
met an old friend for lunch, today
2015.06.08, Toronto
One of the things about getting older – you're more likely to have work contacts from twenty years ago.
the first family cycle trip
2015.06.07, Toronto
We cycled over to cherry beach and had a surprisingly chilly picnic.
a busy Saturday in June
2015.06.06, Toronto
This morning I: a.
the old bait and switch
2015.06.03, Toronto
Fell for the old bait and switch last night, this time with a camera company.
cycling in a sports coat
2015.06.02, Toronto
This morning I attended an interesting seminar at MaRS, on the subject of innovation.
you work twelve hours, what do you get
2015.06.01, Toronto
Another day older, and more deeply entangled in discussions around insurance, monte carlo.
i think my daughter is a time traveler
2015.05.30, Toronto
I saw my future daughter as an adult on the street, today.
so my belly is less huge
2015.05.29, Toronto
Today, The Boy told me, "Hey, your belly is less huge!" Yeah.
an explosion of bicycle traffic
2015.05.28, Toronto
The bicycle lanes on Richmond and Adelaide have exploded.
i've finished my bike repair course
2015.05.27, Toronto
I've finished my bike repair course, and it's made a big impact to the way I view my bike when I ride.
systems thinking
2015.05.26, Toronto
I attended a really strong seminar on systems thinking as an approach to change management.
late to bed and early to rise
2015.05.25, Toronto
Starting to think that years of burning the candle at both ends might be taking a toll.
canvassing on Danforth
2015.05.24, Toronto
Today I spent 90 minutes canvassing on Danforth about the cycle lane that we want to build.
lunch with smart people
2015.05.22, Toronto
Today I had lunch with one of those smart people who reflexively starts mentoring during a conversation.
bike repair stations in Toronto
2015.05.21, Toronto
A local brewery is sponsoring free-standing, self-serve bike-repair stations in Toronto.
the common law of business practice
2015.05.20, Toronto
Someone* once said this of choosing a vendor's solution based on price alone: "There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person's lawful prey.
repairing a rear wheel
2015.05.20, Toronto
Tonight in our cycle repair class we dismantled the rear wheel; really getting comfortable with this, now.
Detroit, here I come
2015.05.19, Toronto
That's it – I'm going to Detroit in October for a conference, and I'm going to enjoy it.
another workaday audit
2015.05.18, Toronto
Another visit by our service auditors this week.
a raccoon in crisis
2015.05.15, Toronto
Today's adventure began Jon with asking, "Does that look like a hand to you?" We were helping him move into his nice new digs a stone's throw from the water's edge here in the Beaches.
risk assessment in a nutshell
2015.05.14, Toronto
A pithy quote on risk assessment.
The Boy can sing, though quietly
2015.05.14, Toronto
We attended a concert at The Boy's school.
a fine mist, backlit by the dawn
2015.05.13, Toronto
I saw a fine mist falling, back-lit by the dawn and adrift on a gentle breeze.
of headwinds and the spring's fresh insects
2015.05.12, Toronto
I arrived at work with a mouth- and mustache-full of this year's crop of bugs.
interviewing means meeting interesting people
2015.05.11, Toronto
I'm interviewing for two jobs right now, it's a golden opportunity to meet some interesting people.
what a week
2015.05.08, Toronto
Well, it's been a long week, but the family's healthy and whole, so all is well.
here come the bike repairs
2015.05.07, Toronto
As I'd hoped, there will be a full slate of opportunities to volunteer for Cycle Toronto this summer, fixing people's bikes.
tearing apart a bicycle wheel
2015.05.06, Toronto
At my cycle repair class tonight I learned how to dismantle a wheel and repack the bearings.
meeting in a discrete place
2015.05.05, Toronto
I met a friend for drinks tonight at the pub under the Strathcona Hotel.
hiring on LinkedIn
2015.05.04, Toronto
I recently posted two job openings to LinkedIn.
taxes done
2015.05.04, Toronto
I'm always torn about a good-sized tax refund.
warm and pleasant at last
2015.05.01, Toronto
It's been so cool, dreary, and wet for so long that it's gotten hard to remember what sunshine feels like.
strange way to start a resume
2015.04.30, Toronto
Today I read a resume that started with the word "Competencies" misspelled.
more equipment, more
2015.04.29, Toronto
I went to Jacob's hardware for a set of combination wrenches for bike repair today; love that store.
kit flying in the spring
2015.04.28, Toronto
Emma's old enough to hold a kite string, now, so we put her to work.
back on summer tires
2015.04.27, Toronto
I've traded in my knobby 700x35's for some sleek 28's - always a happy surprise to feel the road again.
teaching cycle maintenance
2015.04.26, Toronto
I'm only three weeks into my cycle repair course, and I've already missed a class.
2015.04.25, Toronto
And just like that, I'm back to the routine of kids with stomach bugs and meal routines.
my pilgrimage is complete
2015.04.24, Toronto
Someone at RSA called it a pilgrimage that is mandatory but that you only have to do once.
2015.04.23, Toronto
I skipped another afternoon of "keynotes" to meet with a succession of people.
Torontonians everywhere
2015.04.22, San Francisco
Today I decided that I'd had enough of the "keynotes" and went for another walk with my camera.
over the top in the USA
2015.04.21, San Francisco
The conference officially kicked off today, so naturally the first event was so over the top that it defied belief.
RSA Conference panel
2015.04.20, Toronto
1,200 people showed up for our panel at RSA.
wandering the hills of san francisco
2015.04.20, San Francisco
After today's session, I went for a walk through Chinatown with my hot pink Minolta XD-11 and some black and white film.
a jet swirling contrails
2015.04.19, San Francisco
As we came over the last range of mountains I spotted another plane coming from the south (left).
heading to san francisco
2015.04.17, Toronto
In two days, I leave for San Francisco; I'm joining a panel at the sprawling great RSA conference.
another cyber presentation
2015.04.16, Toronto
I was asked to present on information risk at our annual user conference, held today.
running red lights
2015.04.15, Toronto
Today on the way home from my cycle repair class I see nine cars run red lights.
the police use malware to persecute whistleblowers
2015.04.14, Toronto
And in this crap-hill 'verse, the police use malware to persecute whistleblowers.
using malware to persecute whistle-blower
2015.04.14, Toronto
A colleague passed this along.
the McNamara fallacy
2015.04.13, Toronto
It's funny how you're more likely these days to see an economist declaring the system bogus.
preparing to speak at a panel
2015.04.10, Toronto
I've been invited to participate in a panel at the RSA Conference in San Francisco this year.
hiring is tough work
2015.04.09, Toronto
I'm currently hiring for two disparate roles, and it's tough sledding.
first day of cycle repair classes
2015.04.08, Toronto
I took my first class of eight with the TDSB cycle repair program at Central Tech tonight.
an earful of pool water
2015.04.07, Toronto
I was holding Emma in the pool when she grabbed my head and forcibly squirted a mouthful of water into my ear.
on "How to avoid a breach"
2015.04.05, Toronto
I recently saw a LinkedIn post to an article titled, "Data breaches – how to effectively avoid them and manage them if they happen".
speaking at this year's RSA Conference
2015.04.02, Toronto
I've been asked to join a panel at this year's RSA Conference in San Francisco.
2015.04.02, St. Catharines, ON
It took us 3½ hours to drive the 100km to Saint Catharines today, and I was weary and grumbling upon arrival.
an april fool's .. process manual
2015.04.01, Toronto
This year we issued a bogus process manual at work on "Accessing the stairs" for April Fools Day.
today my employer had a very good day
2015.04.01, Toronto
A competitor has announced a product that competes with something we're doing; it's welcome news.
working my way through my dissertation, still
2015.03.31, Toronto
I've posted another piece of my research findings to my other site, risktopics.
this time with feeling
2015.03.30, Toronto
Back on the bike, again.
the last stand of robin hood
2015.03.29, Toronto
I took the boy to see the farewell performance of "The Heart of Robin Hood" today.
cutting off your nose
2015.03.23, Toronto
This article suggests that we should no longer use email, because it's not safe.
a Torontonian for 1/4 my life
2015.03.21, Toronto
I've now been here in Toronto for 11 of my 44 years.
Maebh, scratched already
2015.03.15, St. Catharines, ON
We discovered that someone's struck our car and driven away without telling us.
happy Pi day, everyone
2015.03.14, St. Catharines, ON
It's 3/14 again; happy Pi day all you nerds and mathematicians.
first Ethiopian meal
2015.03.13, Toronto
Tonight I met a friend over Ethiopian food; it was the first time for both of (combined age, 84).
two day migraine
2015.03.12, Toronto
I've just been through the first two-day migraine I've had in nearly fifteen years.
winter's back is broken
2015.03.10, Toronto
And on the second day of decent weather, the count of cyclists to our office doubled to two.
back in the saddle, 2015 edition
2015.03.09, Toronto
I've finally ridden to work; a late start this year but it's good to be back on my bike.
a life 55 percent gone
2015.03.08, Toronto
Turned forty-four this week, and for the first birthday in years, I've noticed; I guess I can see fifty coming.
an ear for voices
2015.03.05, Toronto
We were listening to a Beatles song and Ken remarked, "that voice sounds like the singer from 'Monster in Paris'.
this is supposed to be cycling weather
2015.03.03, Toronto
March is usually when I get back on my bike; looks like it's not happening this week.
beyond risk-listing and the ISO31k diagram
2015.03.02, Toronto
Matthew Leitch is a risk management researcher in the UK I've leaned on more than once when I needed guidance.
what the SEC thinks about information risk
2015.02.27, Toronto
As a "knowledge worker", it's important to understand how one's output is used.
kei-tra in Canada
2015.02.24, Toronto
I saw an honest-to-goodness Japanese "kei-tra" (kei truck) on Queen street tonight.
say goodnight, gracie
2015.02.23, Toronto
The Boy told his sister, "Say 'Thank you,' Emma," so she said in a confident but quiet voice, "Thank you, Emma.
my son thinks I predate musical instruments
2015.02.22, Toronto
I told The Boy that we didn't have "music class" at his age; naturally, he asked, "Is it because at that age, they hadn't invented flutes and instruments?" Some days I do indeed feel that old.
the TTC breaks a perfect streak
2015.02.18, Toronto
The TTC really slipped up tonight; they let a whole street car full of people get to the Beaches.
ice fishing at -34°C
2015.02.16, Toronto
As we approached the ice-fishing site, the temperature on the dashboard read -34°C – we went out on the ice anyway.
this website is a decade old, I'll probably end it
2015.02.15, Toronto
Good ol' emuu dot net, my second website, is now ten years and four months old – and I think I might retire it.
forgetting my UNIX
2015.02.13, Toronto
I'm slipping; I went to null a file by copying /dev/null to it, and took about five seconds to remember /dev/null.
it looks like "cybersecurity" is here to stay
2015.02.12, Toronto
I'm not wild about the word "cybersecurity".
more on ISACA's certifications
2015.02.11, Toronto
I work in information risk management; there's a bevy of certifications in the field, but grandfathering is a big black eye.
like tobogganing on glass
2015.02.08, Toronto
Last weekend we took the kids tobogganing on a hill where someone would a few days later leave a lot of broken glass.
if I were red...
2015.02.04, Toronto
We went to our son's school today to hear the kids read the poems they'd written; Ken's had a great line.
getting some sleep
2015.01.28, Toronto
Emma woke twice last night, and I slept through both events; it's the dawn of a new age.
we're on to something....
2015.01.27, Toronto
Our darling daughter didn't sleep through the night - but she didn't demand that we attend to her, either.
our daughter slept through the night
2015.01.26, Toronto
She's two-and-a-half, and last night she tied her previous record by sleeping through one night.
now I've seen everything
2015.01.23, Toronto
Today I saw a driver pull up onto the sidewalk to pass a taxi that had stopped with its blikers going.
our new mayor just obsoleted our car purchase
2015.01.19, Toronto
A month after we break down and buy our first car, TTC improvements and fare reductions occur.
some good points on points-based immigration
2015.01.17, Toronto
Canada's just changed its immigration "points system" to ramp up the import of talented (but cheap!) talent.
cybersecurity as a systemic risk in the financial industry
2015.01.15, Toronto
Outsourcing technology service arrangements carry considerable risk to both parties.
on having a plan in life
2015.01.14, Toronto
Five year ago, I had the advice from an entrepreneur that to get big things done one should have a life plan.
I'm just too nice
2015.01.12, Toronto
Today I managed to convince my son that his aunt found his uncle in a pre-Internet "catalog of husbands".
my son calls Markham "Mirkwood"
2015.01.11, Toronto
After seeing some of the Tolkien movies, Ken's taken to calling Markham "Mirkwood".
the risk of time sheets incomplete
2015.01.05, Toronto
I work in an industry where records of time spent on distinct projects are required of knowledge workers.
so now it's snow tires
2015.01.03, Toronto
Don't worry about a snowy winter in Toronto this year, I've bought snow tires so it won't snow at all.
The Boy's big day downtown
2014.12.31, Toronto
At breakfast this morning, I told The Boy that he could join me at work today - a planned half day.
goodbye, 2014
2014.12.24, Toronto
Well, 2014, you're effectively done - and with all the VUCA* I reckon it's best to be ready for anything.
r & d funding
2014.12.23, Toronto
Got a double dose of good news on our R & D funding at work, today.
a lunch downtown
2014.12.22, Toronto
I met Mari and the kids for lunch downtown today; she tells me that The Boy has a special wish.
business lunching
2014.12.18, Toronto
One recent thing I've started doing is meeting new business contacts over a coffee or a meal.
feeling thankful
2014.12.17, Toronto
Tonight I met with a friend whose daughter is recovering from a serious concussion.
I really am becoming middle aged
2014.12.16, Toronto
First it's car shopping, now I'm buying life insurance - no doubt about it, I'm middled aged.
thanks for nothing, mbna
2014.12.15, Toronto
I've been using an MBNA mastercard for quite some time, but they've decided they don't want me anymore.
my son's D&D character has died
2014.12.13, Toronto
Facing an adversary both too strong and too many, The Boy's party was outgunned and simply ran out of luck.
things have come to a pretty pass....
2014.12.10, Toronto
Things have come to a pretty pass when you find yourself crafting a ransom note.
o frabjous day, callooh callay
2014.12.08, Toronto
Today started out with a prescription for antibiotics, but ended with a giant bag of free wooden train stuff.
where are my sarcastic air quotes
2014.12.07, Toronto
Both kids had a fever this weekend; if you haven't dealt with a delirious six year old, you haven't lived! Whiny-chan was particularly whiny, too, as I'm sure I was at 2 1/2 with a 39C fever.
SIFMA makes the first move
2014.12.05, Toronto
Over the past couple of years, I've been watching for a "guidance note" from one of the regulators on cyber security.
return to the hospital
2014.12.05, Toronto
Our plans to wean the little one from constant night-time attention have been thwarted: fever and worse.
dodging ice patches on my bike
2014.12.04, Toronto
Looks like the wide, rugged tires on my Surly are just the thing for dodging or riding over patches of ice.
the day of Christmas trees
2014.12.01, Toronto
I've started compiling a new section of my website dealing with the house rules for dungeons and dragons.
worst day of the year
2014.11.28, Toronto
Take a day that starts with a migraine, then add some grief from a car dealership, an auditor, and a failed hard drive.
no car after all
2014.11.27, Toronto
So it looks like we're not buying a car after all - a supposed problem came up with the warranty, so it's undone.
published with the IRM
2014.11.26, Toronto
The Institute of Risk Management has agreed to publish my dissertation to its membership.
introducing people
2014.11.25, Toronto
One of the advantages of attending network events is that you meet people who make you think.
getting right back into D&D
2014.11.24, Toronto
I've started modifying the rewrite of the basic/expert dungeons and dragons rules I'm playing with The Boy.
now I own a car
2014.11.15, Toronto
At 43, I now own a car for the first time in my life; nay, it's an SUV, and we can thank parenthood.
mw, interacting with people
2014.11.14, Toronto
Today I managed to do some socializing; such a rare treat in Toronto when you're middle aged.
16,000 days
2014.11.13, Toronto
I've lived 16,000 days.
eight years
2014.11.12, Toronto
Mari and I realized that the eighth anniversary of our wedding ceremony on a beach in Thailand was last week.
another sale for "The Fourth Turning"
2014.11.11, Toronto
I should be on commission for the 1994 book "The Fourth Turning", I keep convincing people to buy a copy.
a new fantasy RPG to explore with my son
2014.11.10, Toronto
The Boy and I have been playing a home brew of different versions of D&D; it's difficult, so I'm changing gears.
a day of learning to .. influence
2014.11.08, Toronto
I attended a Cycle Toronto event today, to learn how to be a better advocate for change in the city.
new meds cause "confusion"
2014.11.07, Toronto
Nothing like antibiotic fueled "confusion" in a six year old to wake you up on a Friday evening.
cycle toronto for a year
2014.11.06, Toronto
It's been a year since I joined Cycle Toronto; I'm marking the event by attending a day long seminar on a weekend.
pedestrian traffic accidents in Toronto
2014.11.05, Toronto
Here's the correlation between hours of darkness in the day and the number of Toronto traffic accidents involving a pedestrian.
re-learning to play dungeons and dragons
2014.11.04, Toronto
So, in our D&D game, my son and his party are on the run from a dragon after they killed its little brother.
how to create a start-up, for real this time
2014.11.03, Toronto
Today I read an article on start-ups by Paul Graham - perhaps the most important I've ever read.
Hallowe'en was fun for once
2014.11.01, Toronto
We had a ball last night with the kids for trick-or-treating.
cycling light with a backpack.
2014.10.31, Toronto
I've decided to forgo my pannier and rack, for a while, in favor of a water-proof backpack.
an experiment in risk culture programming
2014.10.30, Toronto
A large part of my duty as a risk manager is to guide the organization’s approach to risk.
found an anonymous love note on my bike
2014.10.30, Toronto
This morning I discovered that someone had left an anonymous love note on my bike.
the stinging kiss of cold rain – how I've missed you
2014.10.29, Toronto
Had my first taste of a late autumn, low temperature stinging rain tonight.
paid for my damaged bike
2014.10.28, Toronto
Today I received the check for the bike that was destroyed on September 22nd.
Michael Werneburg, MSc
2014.10.27, Toronto
I got a 79% on my dissertation, which I'm told is pretty good for the UK.
first commute on my new bike
2014.10.24, Toronto
With a new bike, you really get what you pay for; my new Surly Cross-check is a thing of beauty.
at last, my new bike
2014.10.23, Toronto
This evening I took possession of my new bike, a Surly Cross-Check with townie handlebars.
four weeks without a bike
2014.10.22, Toronto
Four weeks ago, a movie production company's truck destroyed my bike; it's been quite an adjustment.
the dice are trying to kill my son
2014.10.15, Toronto
I've been playing D&D with my young son; I swear the dice are trying to kill his first character.
a risk practitioners uprising
2014.10.10, Toronto
I took a couple of vacation days to go to Minneapolis and join the third annual conference of the Society of Information Risk Analysts, an interesting group of risk practitioners that is putting together what seems to be not exactly a people's uprising but a practitioners' uprising in the information risk management field.
So this is Minneapolis
2014.10.08, Minneapolis
I’m in Minneapolis for a conference and I have to say I like it here.
500px is our neighbour
2014.10.07, Toronto
I've just discovered that the offices of 500px are half a block away, on our street.
the TTC is not good for my legs
2014.10.06, Toronto
It's now been two weeks since my bike was destroyed, and my legs and hips are constantly sore from lack of exercise.
the day my lies caught up with me
2014.10.05, Toronto
"I'm glad I didn't trust you," my wife said as I walked through the door.
going to Minneapolis
2014.10.02, Toronto
I'm going to join a conference on information risk management in exotic Minneapolis.
success at last with my bike
2014.10.01, Toronto
I've finally had some success with getting my damaged bike replaced; I had to resort to threats.
no progress on getting my damaged bike replaced
2014.09.30, Toronto
I've placed an order for a new bike, but no one at the movie production company will give me the time of day.
could this be our first car
2014.09.29, Toronto
It's not much to look at, but this is the type of car we're considering for our growing family.
all-city space horse
2014.09.28, Toronto
While I imagine the "Space horse" might take the award for most strangely named bicycle, it is truly beautiful to behold.
some camera gear is getting really, really good
2014.09.27, Toronto
I would never have guessed, but Sony truly leading innovation in the camera market these days.
a cyclecross frame with townie handlebars
2014.09.26, Toronto
As I get older and stop making sense, one of my highest priorities in choosing a bike is my poor old back.
scared into trying an anti-virus package for my Mac
2014.09.25, Toronto
Every time I go to a cyber-security event, I learn to be scared for safety of my home computers.
what bike next
2014.09.24, Toronto
So my beloved, but somewhat underweight KHS bike is gone.
and then, in a second, my bike was destroyed
2014.09.23, Toronto
The movie "Pay the Ghost" cost me my bike today when one of their truck drivers crushed it.
the secret of life: dignity and meaning
2014.09.22, Toronto
Today I read a mission statement for life by American author & statesman John Gardner.
fun at "Jungle Cat World"
2014.09.20, Orono, Ontario
We went to bustling Orono, Ontario today and saw some of the world's last remaining 120 Amur leopards.
my odyssey on the TTC
2014.09.19, Toronto
Today I had a truly bizarre trip to work, courtesy of the Toronto Transit Commission.
applying for an award
2014.09.17, Toronto
I'm going to submit an entry for an award competition, based on my work over the past few years.
hot pink Minolta XD-11
2014.09.16, Toronto
I've received the hot pink leather kit I ordered from Japan.
a new rangefinder-style camera on the market
2014.09.15, Toronto
Mmmm, the march of progress in camera technology and design.
some monarchs at last
2014.09.14, Toronto
My son and I must have seen a dozen monarch butterflies in the city today as we rode "Bells on Danforth".
80% of the monarch butterflies I've seen this year were road-kill
2014.09.13, Toronto
Eighty percent of the monarch butterflies I've seen this year were roadkill we passed on a four km cycle trip today.
cycling to savings
2014.09.12, Toronto
I figure my bike saved me five TTC fares today; I've now saved over $3,400 in TTC fares in two years with a $700 bike.
holy crap, this is early September
2014.09.11, Toronto
I faced a 30kph headwind heading west into the city this morning, then a biting 15 kph headwind heading east again in the evening.
learning the ropes in marketing
2014.09.10, Toronto
We've been on quite a marketing roll at work, recently.
so it's meritage
2014.09.09, Toronto
Thanks to my mum's expertise, Mari and I have been "bumped out of our wine bracket" and now drink Meritage wines, which are blends that take the various excesses out of the different single-grape type drinks.
car ownership
2014.09.08, Toronto
It looks like we might become the last family of four without a car, and finally join the driving set.
DaftBlogger once more
2014.09.05, Toronto
Once again, I've written a post about the thrilling world of service audits; incredibly, I keep being invited back.
yet another camera crush
2014.09.05, Toronto
Meanwhile, I've abruptly developed a new camera crush.
beautiful day for outdoors volunteering
2014.09.04, Toronto
All set for that volunteering stint with Cycle Toronto; by which I mean, I know where to be and when.
all moved in
2014.09.03, Toronto
It's nice when you're a niche software provider and you're in a like-minded neighbourhood.
The Boy is a grade-one student
2014.09.02, Toronto
When we took our son to school today, I agreed with some of the other parents - we couldn't remember our first day.
2014.08.29, Toronto
I'm signed up for more volunteering for Cycle Toronto; this time, manning a booth at the last East Lynn market for the season.
stupidity again today
2014.08.28, Toronto
Today a restauranteur distinguished himself when I tried to pay with a credit card at his cash-only spot; he let me go.
to the science center!
2014.08.27, Toronto
I took the day off due to Emma's being unwell, and spent the day with The Boy; we went to the science center (naturally).
always on the hottest day of the year...
2014.08.26, Toronto
Cycled in a mad rush across the city today, getting to the hospital - it's always on the hottest day of the year.
today I pissed away $45
2014.08.25, Toronto
I mis-heard a quote at a print house: I thought I was spending $16, but it came to $60; aging does not make you wiser.
today, the storage unit
2014.08.24, Toronto
Today we really lived it up, clearing out the storage unit for the first time in three and a half years.
feeling rough today
2014.08.22, Toronto
For whatever reason, it wasn't until today that the news of the death of a friend a few weeks ago really hit me.
housing in a bubble
2014.08.21, Toronto
When your kids are too big an noisy for your apartment, but the housing market's gone bubbly, you must ride it out.
and now, a book project
2014.08.20, Toronto
Next up; a book project on how to get a service provider through an audit, to sell to regulated industries.
today they buried a friend
2014.08.19, Toronto
I have a nasty habit of missing out-of-town funerals; so it was again today.
edited star wars movies
2014.08.18, Toronto
At a BBQ, I learned that I'm not the only one who shows his kids the fan edited versions of Star Wars.
twenty years
2014.08.16, Toronto
I've now been working for more than twenty years; I suppose it's better than to toil in obscurity than it is to loaf in obscurity.
2014.08.15, Toronto
Hardly know what to do with myself now that I'm not studying and writing for hours a day.
Toronto is nice in Augtober
2014.08.14, Toronto
It was 14ºC this morning, and so cool in the evening that the heat came on in our apartment.
my dissertation is submitted
2014.08.13, Toronto
I've submitted my dissertation; three years of work has come to this final piece in my master's degree.
dear Adobe and Microsoft...
2014.08.12, Toronto
Dear Adobe and Microsoft; I've paid for both your products, I need them to work together -- get on it!!.
it's the final push
2014.08.11, Toronto
I'm only days away from submitting my dissertation.
you win this round, phragmites!
2014.08.08, Victoria Harbour, Ontar
I've fought to a draw with the phragmites at the cottage; after days of work with the scythe, it feels like harvesting than eradication.
caught a big bass
2014.08.06, Victoria Harbour, Ontar
I've never been a successful fisherman, but today I caught a 43cm/17" bass off the end of the dock.
the fisherman
2014.08.05, Toronto
Ken's been catching fish left and right; at this pace he'll have caught more this week than I had by the age of forty.
it's war!
2014.08.04, Victoria Harbour, Ontar
We're at the cottage, and it turns out that the waterfront's become infested with an invasive species called "phragmites".
so they're making another "Mad Max" movie
2014.08.01, Toronto
So they're making another "Mad Max" movie; I just hope it's not another "Prometheus".
yay, here comes ebola
2014.07.31, Toronto
There are more an more articles spreading about an ebola article in western Africa.
another cyclist hit on the streets of Toronto
2014.07.30, Toronto
A cyclist was struck by a car a few blocks from where we live; it turns out that it was our city Councillor.
what I do
2014.07.29, Toronto
Someone on LinkedIn asked why I have the title of "Director of Business Risk & Opportunity", so I wrote it all down.
a long week is over
2014.07.25, Toronto
Never buy an adjustable stem for a bicycle; that bit of advice sent me from pillar to post today until I'd fixed that mistake.
rest in peace, Brian Handy
2014.07.24, Toronto
A friend and mentor has died.
a house on fire
2014.07.23, Toronto
Tonight in the wee hours, we were woken by the sirens of fire engines; a house across the street was aflame.
happy pi approximation day
2014.07.22, Toronto
Happy Pi Approximation Day, fellow nerds; 22/7 = π.
Toronto ferry dock's
2014.07.21, Toronto
Went to see if Ken's cycling gloves were at Toronto ferry's "lost and found"; it turns out that's just a pile of junk on a sidewalk.
2014.07.19, Toronto
The Boy and I spent the day volunteering - we went to Main Square and helped people with old bikes.
the curse of camera lustin'
2014.07.18, Toronto
With just 1 income and 2 kids to feed, I'm the rare photographer who is resisting his wife's urging to buy a new camera.
dissertation draft submitted
2014.07.17, Toronto
Tonight I submitted my first complete draft of my dissertation to my supervisor in the UK.
now (zero) days without a cycling accident
2014.07.16, Toronto
I know all the young dudes gotta ride fixies with feet velcro'd in, but fer god's sake wear a helmet.
our halfling daughter
2014.07.15, Toronto
Once again, someone asked Mari, "Oh, she's your daughter? Is your husband black?".
watches rub off on people
2014.07.15, Toronto
Among the other "watch people" iin our office, one has bought the SARX017 I decided against back in the spring.
flesh-eating bacteria be damned
2014.07.14, Toronto
I had a chat today at lunch time with someone who's recovering from a fight with a flesh-eating bacterium.
slowly, Toronto is becoming cycle-ready
2014.07.10, Toronto
With the new contra-flow cycle lanes, the city is learning that cycling is a solution; no one tell the Mayors! I belong to a group that proposed and won such a lane on Dixon avenue in the Beaches Triangle.
someone who gets it
2014.07.09, Toronto
When you're lost in the midst of a dissertation, it's enormously helpful to meet someone who understands you.
putin mugs make happy
2014.07.08, Toronto
I bought some his-and-hers coffee mugs with images of Vladimir Putin for my brother and his wife.
feeling thankful for small things
2014.07.07, Toronto
The torrential rain that was coming down all night finally eased up about 1/4 of the way through my cycle commute.
a day of fishing on center island
2014.07.06, Toronto
We spent the day on center island again, this time for a day of fishing.
found by my tiny daughter
2014.07.04, Toronto
As I cycled home tonight, I heard a familiar voice cry "'addy"—the two year old had spotted me passing in a park and called me.
why me not think good
2014.07.03, Toronto
In the same book I quoted yesterday, I found this list of common problems with human cognition; it's a doozy.
now I've read everything
2014.07.02, Toronto
I found this excerpt in a business management book, today, and to be honest I believe it completely.
great ball contraption
2014.06.29, Toronto
Some people are really mechanically inclined; no surprise this lego-based "great ball contraption comes from Japan.
to Leslie Spit!
2014.06.28, Toronto
Today was our first visit to Leslie Spit so far this year.
riding with The Boy, and what condoms are
2014.06.27, Toronto
Ken and I left the ladies at home this evening and rode down to the apparently nameless point of land in Ashbridge's Bay Park.
a goose egg for The Boy
2014.06.26, Toronto
Poor Ken; he's currently missing six teeth in front and then he took a spill and has a big goose-egg on his forehead.
the soaking of the year and a book on executing on strategy
2014.06.25, Toronto
Tonight it was raining so hard on my way home from work that I might as well have been cycling in the shower.
arsenic in the food, and a half-eaten baby
2014.06.24, Toronto
So it turns out that rice from the US, which we've been eating daily for years, contains way more arsenic than it should.
car wax on a bike
2014.06.23, Toronto
It's not usual that I meet someone who towers over me, but one such giant taught me that you can use car wax on a bike.
ken's new bike
2014.06.22, Toronto
I took Ken up to Cyclepath on Danforth and got him a new bike.
what a perfect day
2014.06.21, Toronto
We spent the day cycling with some friends, down to center island then up its length, then back.
no more shooting film
2014.06.20, Toronto
The repair shop wants another $60 just to get a quote on my film cameras; I guess I'm done with film photography.
young no longer
2014.06.19, Toronto
There was a time when I was young; I recognize that those days are long over.
a bike lane approved
2014.06.18, Toronto
Cycle Toronto's "32 Spokes" in Ward 32 has managed to get a contra-flow bike lane through the PWIC today.
edits, edits, edits
2014.06.17, Toronto
I'm in the final stretch for my dissertation; the endless edits and rewrites.
cyclist down (on the tracks, naturally)
2014.06.16, Toronto
This morning on the way to work I passed a fellow cyclist who was down on the street, gasping in pain.
a new bed for a growing boy, bought dirt cheap
2014.06.15, Toronto
We managed to buy Ken a $1,300 bed for $200 at a store that's going out of business.
learning at the feet of the masters
2014.06.14, Toronto
I had an interesting opportunity to learn from some talented Toronto drivers today; I assume it's a full moon? My first opportunity came with a chance to speak with a woman today while driving in Scarborough, asking if she could explain a stunt she'd just pulled.
give the cyclist a door prize!
2014.06.13, Toronto
I got doored by someone emerging from a taxi, today; I pulled out of it but it's still dangerous and annoying.
walking five kilometers for charity
2014.06.12, Toronto
I was part of a $500,000 fund-raising 5km run today.
maxalt, a migraine drug as bad as the problem it solves
2014.06.11, Toronto
It's official, I can not take the migraine drug "Maxalt" without developing chest pains and winding up in the hospital.
ruining film with a shutter problem
2014.06.10, Toronto
I picked up some film today; it looks like I've got shutter problems with both of my beloved old X-700 cameras.
weekend of LEGO
2014.06.09, Toronto
I spent the weekend playing with LEGO with my son.
another year, another AGM
2014.06.05, Toronto
Time flies when you're having fun; and so, I found myself at the annual general meeting of the institute of internal auditors.
3D yoda head for lego minifig
2014.06.04, Toronto
Our friend Michael has made our son a Yoda head for a LEGO minifig on his company's 3D printer; it looked amazing! He and I met on the street car, as I'd inadvertently left my bike locked up outside the office (mercifully, it was still there).
I shot the Kenneth A on a difficult day
2014.06.03, Toronto
The stars aligned this morning, I was able to shoot that boat with my son's name.
great people are almost always bad people
2014.06.02, Toronto
Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely; great people are almost always bad people.
The Kenneth A
2014.05.30, Toronto
Today I spotted a boat that had my son's name, "Kenneth A"; knew I should have brought a camera.
fondling cameras
2014.05.29, Toronto
I dropped off some film and took the opportunity to fondle a digital camera (behind my film camera's back).
bring coffee or don't come home
2014.05.28, Toronto
No coffee in the home this morning; Mari's look said, "Bring coffee beans tonight, or don't come home.
bikes made in Toronto
2014.05.27, Toronto
I've noticed some new brands of bikes around, of late; it turns out there are two new bike manufacturers in Toronto.
today I "biked to work"
2014.05.26, Toronto
I joined Cycle Toronto's "bike to work" thing today for the first time; it was fun, there were hundreds of cyclists involved.
voting Green
2014.05.26, Toronto
I had no idea who I'd vote for in the Provincial election; happily I've learned that someone I know is standing for the Greens.
happy towel day!!
2014.05.25, Toronto
OK, geeks, it's towel day and I hope you've got your towel with you.
progress on my dissertation
2014.05.24, Toronto
I've made quite a bit of headway with my dissertation, in part by taking a week off of work to throw myself at the thing.
Rob Ford's not all bad
2014.05.20, Toronto
Rob Ford's not all bad; thanks to him, parents are having the "drugs are bad" talk with their kids waaaaay ahead of schedule.
gluten-free beer in Japan
2014.05.18, Toronto
Mari's just discovered that the whole time I was in Japan, there were gluten-free beers available (dammit).
first barbeque of the year
2014.05.17, Toronto
We went to a barbeque today, with tonnes of great food, some wine, and some friends.
dragging out the bikes
2014.05.17, Toronto
This "Spring" has been so cold and wet that we haven't been on a joint bike ride yet.
ken's gymnastics day
2014.05.17, Toronto
We went to the gymnastics day event for Ken's Japanese school today.
another semi-annual audit complete
2014.05.16, Toronto
We breezed through another semi-annual audit today.
seing to Niagara
2014.05.15, Toronto
On Sunday we went to the beach and I noticed that I could see a lighthouse on the Niagara shore of the lake.
good-bye "yarsh"
2014.05.14, Toronto
Our daughter's learning to speak using words, so no more waking in the night only to point at a wall and whisper "yarsh".
on coffee and batteries
2014.05.13, Toronto
Some days are full of import; some times you're just happy to remember to buy coffee and batteries.
singing all the time
2014.05.12, Toronto
When a toddler grows up in a bilingual home, and hits the sing-all-day phase, the result is one long nursery rhyme mash-up.
the year's first sand-castle
2014.05.11, Toronto
We went to the beach, today.
happy mother's day (from cyanide and happiness)
2014.05.09, Toronto
I'll let this speak for itself.
there will always be cheddar in the mouse trap, baby
2014.05.08, Toronto
I've been noticing a lot of anniversaries floating around these days.
yup, it's allergy season
2014.05.07, Toronto
After days of symptoms it's clear - the temperature has hit the double digits (at last) and now it's allergy season.
consuming the blood of the young
2014.05.06, Toronto
So it turns out that we can improve the health and energy levels of the elderly by giving them blood transfusions from younger people.
another new blog post
2014.05.05, Toronto
I've written a blog post that dives into some of the results of my masters dissertation.
may the fourth be with you!
2014.05.04, Toronto
Today we went to the toy store to pick up a scooter for The Boy; incredibly, there was a line up waiting for the store to open.
and now the mosquitos
2014.05.02, Toronto
It's not enough that we're still experiencing March weather in May - now we have to contend with mosquitoes, too.
don't drop the baby!
2014.05.01, Toronto
The other day, I nearly dropped squirmy little Emma on her head; when I caught her, her hair was already touching the floor.
so I guess we'll need a new mayor
2014.04.30, Toronto
At last, we'll finally start to get over the Rob Ford era here in Toronto.
are audit reports all about marketing
2014.04.29, Toronto
I am writing a dissertation on the impacts of implementing an enterprise risk function at service organizations.
the story of my father's arrival in Canada
2014.04.28, Toronto
Here's an account from my father of his arrival in Canada in 1956.
cycling in dress socks
2014.04.28, Toronto
I was so out of it this morning I cycled to work in a pair of dress socks - it must be Monday.
red light at dawn, cyclist's .. delight
2014.04.25, Toronto
I've had a happy experience with "Outdoor Gear Canada", the distributor of the blinking lights I use for cycling.
bigger nerd than ever
2014.04.24, Toronto
I've found a way to be a bigger nerd than ever; using an RFID-proof wallet.
more fun with my dissertation
2014.04.23, Toronto
I've had some interesting results from a survey of technology service providers who had completed a third-party service audit.
return of the cold weather
2014.04.22, Toronto
I grew up in Calgary, so I don't mind winter; but enough of this 3°C and rain! It's no good for cycling, it's no good for getting around and taking care of things, and it's certainly no good for getting the kids out of the house. to the rescue
2014.04.21, Toronto
I've been back in Canada for three years, but I still haven't gotten used to our complicated tax return system.
progress on my dissertation
2014.04.20, Toronto
As part of my masters dissertation, I surveyed six firms to evaluate their experience with service audits with interesting results.
easter eggs for a toddler
2014.04.20, Toronto
It was Emma's first Easter egg hunt with her brother, and she was lucky: her brother was a real sweetheart about sharing.
shooting my coworkers
2014.04.18, Toronto
Earlier this week, I lived out the dream of shooting my coworkers.
"i love you"
2014.04.17, Toronto
Little Emma told me she loved me today, on the phone.
my annual presentation to our clients
2014.04.16, Toronto
Recently, in reading a book on strategy execution, I found a clear test of why an employer should retain you.
everyone's lived in Japan
2014.04.14, Toronto
While munching on a burger at Queen and Spadina today, I watched the people go by.
having a ball
2014.04.11, Toronto
I've done some of the most interesting stuff of my career this past week.
the ice has finally melted
2014.04.10, Toronto
At last, the winter's ice is finally gone.
prowler in the neighborhood
2014.04.09, Toronto
Mari had a scare at home tonight, someone (young, black, not in a uniform, no sign of a donation clip-board etc) at the door as evening set it, handling a plush toy made for kids.
more bike repairs
2014.04.08, Toronto
Last year I had a new set of handlebars put on my bike, they're "city bike" style, swept back like a pigeon's wings.
instead of kisses, I get kicks
2014.04.07, Toronto
My daughter kicked me in the throat yesterday for asking for a kiss.
tanned and relaxed
2014.04.05, Toronto
Well, the family may be tanned and relaxed from their month in Kyushu but on their second morning back there was snow in the air.
now we're a family (again)
2014.04.04, Toronto
I left a silent apartment this morning, as has been the norm these past four weeks.
Mari and the kids, gone for a month
2014.04.02, Toronto
Mari and the kids have been in Japan for the past month, and we had our final Skype chat tonight before they'd get on the plane.
a remarkable trip to work
2014.04.01, Toronto
Today as I was riding to work, I came upon a construction site where a giant crane was lifting some concrete barriers into place.
new camera crush – the Fuji XT-1
2014.03.31, Toronto
Today I managed to hold the most recent object of my camera affection, an XT-1 from Fuji.
a wallet in the street at 07:45
2014.03.29, Toronto
As I was rushing across town on my bike this morning I found a wallet lying on the street at Dundas Avenue (at Hastings).
the good thing about a masters degree
2014.03.27, Toronto
When you're an adult student doing a masters dissertation, it seems that having interested responses from authors you're citing can come with the territory.
an icy beard at -12ºC
2014.03.26, Toronto
I've been cycling all week so far, but today was the coldest day I've cycled (possibly ever).
a scarf and a bike at -11º
2014.03.24, Toronto
OK I admit, today's cycling was a bit chilly.
a loaf in every microwave, and a cyclist in every rainstorm
2014.03.19, Toronto
I've been back on my bike for two days and have already had my first good rain storm.
cycled to work today
2014.03.18, Toronto
I took the plunge, and cycled to work in -5°C weather on roads that were mostly clear but naturally still somewhat icy.
housing in Canada
2014.03.12, Toronto
The house where my family lived from the time I was nine through eighteen was sold this year.
roofers at 08:00 on a Sunday
2014.03.09, Toronto
Good lord, guys.
emerging from winter on my bike
2014.03.08, Toronto
I rode my bike up to Danforth and Pape to pick up a suit and some shirts.
two more professional blog posts this week
2014.03.07, Toronto
This week I've made two new blog posts.
the 143 is no kind of express bus
2014.03.06, Toronto
There's a supposedly "express" bus that runs from Toronto's Beaches neighbourhood to the downtown.
new beater watch
2014.03.06, Toronto
For quite a while, I found myself torn between a rugged no-worry every day watch and something more expensive.
fleeing the winged sales baboon
2014.03.04, Toronto
Today I rid myself of a bank that doesn't understand its basic function.
so this is forty-three
2014.03.03, Toronto
I have never been told "happy birthday" as often as I was this year.
tobaggen track in our backyard
2014.03.02, Toronto
Say what you will about the constant snow and cold, we've got a pretty good tobaggen track in our backyard right now, with a nice jump and two exciting curves.
new thinking on a watch
2014.03.02, Toronto
Mari and I have decided to get a different "JDM" watch for me in Japan while she's in Japan with the kids over my birthday.
the forty-two-year-old adult boy
2014.02.23, Toronto
The Boy and I went to see the Lego movie for a second time* with a coworker of mine.
latest watch crush
2014.02.22, Toronto
I've discovered a website where you can order "Japan Domestic Market" Seiko watches, and found this lovely item.
are risk registers obsolete
2014.02.21, Toronto
I founded the risk management function at PortfolioAid—a provider of technical solutions to the financial industry—just as the firm was entering a period of aggressive growth.
public action
2014.02.18, Toronto
I took The Boy to a public meeting held by the city to look into whether they're going to build the cycle lanes we've been working for.
trying to be funny
2014.02.15, Toronto
I made some Dilbert comics based on the "mashup" tool on the dilbert.
thinking of watches
2014.02.15, Toronto
I've been thinking of replacing the watch that died on me a couple of years ago – the bare spot on my wrist has been bugging me.
privacy petition
2014.02.11, Toronto
Today I signed a petition about online privacy.
writing dissertation surveys
2014.02.11, Toronto
The next phases of my dissertation is to start polling people.
more blogging
2014.02.09, Toronto
The editor of the blog for which I submitted the article has now asked me to write something for him every month.
camera porn from Fuji
2014.02.08, Toronto
Ah, man, the things you see when you have neither the cash nor the time.
gung hay fat choy MacKenzie clan!
2014.02.06, Toronto
At a Chinese New Year's party this past weekend I met someone who, like my mother's family, has connections to the MacKenzies of "Middle River" in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
crickey another storm
2014.02.05, Toronto
Great, another snow storm.
more blogging (ISACA)
2014.02.04, Toronto
A contact at ISACA has agreed to look at what would be a second blog post for their regular feature, "ISACA Now".
business planning
2014.02.04, Toronto
Getting a business plan down on paper is one of those substantial, cathartic affairs.
a guest blog post
2014.02.02, Toronto
Say, my guest blog post on risk & opportunity went live on the 19th.
ken's birthday party - ninja training school
2014.02.01, Toronto
Mari planned a superb party for Ken.
progress on my dissertation
2014.01.31, Toronto
I've nearly completed the first draft of my literature review.
a bloody snowman
2014.01.30, Toronto
A friend in Tokyo sent me a funny image and story about a raccoon-eating snowman in the US.
buh-bye cafergot
2014.01.29, Toronto
Some great news today: the medication I take for my migraines has been discontinued.
a letter and a bottle
2014.01.28, Toronto
Our downstairs neighbour has to live with every bump and shout and scrape that we produce.
got an old charge reversed
2014.01.27, Toronto
It's been one of those months, where every time I turn around something's gone sideways.
tales to crummy - must be the TTC
2014.01.25, Toronto
I took Ken to a birthday party for a boy who's a day younger than he, today.
five minutes or forty, TTC
2014.01.24, Toronto
The TTC is under the delusion that street cars come to my stop in the Beaches on a roughly five minute schedule.
PrimeCables won't accept returns on audio-visual electronics
2014.01.23, Toronto
I bought some A/V equipment from a Canadian retailer called PrimeCables.
rush passport!
2014.01.22, Toronto
Just once in my life I'd like to do a passport application without it being a borderline panic.
reading at natural speed
2014.01.21, Toronto
The Toronto school system has a reading system where the kids follow graded levels, A, B, C, etc.
debit card fraud (or is it FUD)
2014.01.20, Toronto
Today I attended a seminar on securing personal data, presented by someone with experience in the credit card world at the highest levels.
TV time, again
2014.01.17, Toronto
So, I have a TV for the first time in 9 1/2 years.
credit card number compromised
2014.01.14, Toronto
Three years ago, someone stole my driver's license details and I had to go through months of getting the resulting fraudulent activity unwound.
still no TV
2014.01.14, Toronto
Having a TV mounting bracket on the wall, but no TV to hang there is a strange situation but that's where we stand.
checks lost in space
2014.01.13, Toronto
Some time back, Mari and I took our son into the branch of our local bank to open an account for him.
risk, opportunity, and the service organization
2014.01.12, Toronto
Specialist information technology services organizations play a substantial role in regulated industries such as finance.
ice and slipping
2014.01.12, Toronto
Two of my coworkers have slipped recently and injured themselves.
hanging a TV and a concrete hammer drill
2014.01.05, Toronto
We're still waiting for our TV to arrive, but we have the mounting bracket so I put that up.
comments, I get comments
2014.01.05, Toronto
I've been getting some good comments on my website recently, including my tale of being crapped on by birds and my guide to .
a woman lying in the street, not able to breath
2014.01.04, Toronto
About a month ago, I was arriving at my street at the end of my nightly cycle commute when I noticed a woman lying in the street.
a fight on the subway
2014.01.03, Toronto
I may have stopped a fist-fight on the subway, tonight.
some resolutions
2014.01.01, Toronto
I've decided to renew my decade-lost habit of making new year's resolutions.
a concussion and a new phone
2013.12.30, Toronto
I recently switched to a new mobile provider and at the time turned down the phone they wanted to send me; now I've changed my mind.
home again
2013.12.29, Toronto
We're home, and it's turned bitterly cold.
no snow at all
2013.12.27, St. Catharines
We all brought our parkas and boots and even a sled, but the snow's all melted and it's even moderately sunny - I'm not complaining, but I am overdressed.
Doctor Who has become a mess
2013.12.26, St. Catharines
Doctor Who has become a shadow of the unique and shining thing that it once was.
all is quiet on Christmas Day
2013.12.25, St. Catharines
We're in St Catharines, blown here by driving snow and children asking are we there yet.
the work year grinds to a halt on a good note
2013.12.24, Toronto
On this, the last business day of the year, we got some very good news on a project I've been working on since February: a whopping refund from the Canadian Revenue Agency.
second secret bonus level of fatherhood
2013.12.21, Toronto
Today I made Ken laugh milk through his nose.
owing everything to your forebears
2013.12.17, Toronto
At a staff Christmas party today, the conversation turned to philosophical questions around having kids.
Rod Ramirez, RIP
2013.12.16, Toronto
Good bye, old friend.
dissertation's first part complete
2013.12.13, Toronto
I've submitted the proposal and research methodologies portion of my dissertation.
rationalizing our mobile phone services
2013.12.12, Toronto
The bill for our mobile phone services somehow piled up to $85 this month.
the secret bonus level of fatherhood
2013.12.03, Toronto
When Emma was new born and colicky, I spent hours and hours singing every song I could think of to try to pacify her.
political activism
2013.12.02, Toronto
This weekend Ken and I had fun stuffing information pamphlets into mailboxes on a short one-way street in our neighbourhood this weekend.
who knew that imperial measurements could be so fun
2013.12.01, Toronto
Remember, it's three steps to a pace.
on selecting a professional designation
2013.11.28, Toronto
Here's some interesting guidance I found, from a financial regulator on the concept of professional designations.
an arrest on my street
2013.11.27, Toronto
As I was taking Ken to school this morning I noticed two police officers leading a man in handcuffs to their patrol car.
back on my bike
2013.11.27, Toronto
I was sick on Monday of last week, and wound up missing a whole week of cycling as I rode the TTC.
this year's photo book
2013.11.26, Toronto
We're working on "volume six" of the ongoing photo documentary for our kids.
getting together with friends
2013.11.24, Toronto
We had the happy change of pace today in that we were invited to the home of some friends for dinner.
Ken's grasp of the Internet
2013.11.22, Toronto
Ken told me this evening that he wanted me to make him an origami spinning top.
way to go, Toronto
2013.11.22, Toronto
Which of the following are now gone or going: a) Honest Ed's (to make way for condos) b) World's Biggest Bookstore (to make way for condos) c) Sam the Record Man (becoming part of Ryerson) d) Royal Alexandra Theater (to make way for condos) e) Princess of Wales Theater (to make way for condos) f) all of the above! That's right, it's 'f'.
an "oldie"
2013.11.17, Toronto
I was in a store this week when an old song came on.
the boy is smarter than we are
2013.11.16, Toronto
Tonight as we were setting up to do our recent-usual Saturday night shadow puppetry, Ken announced that he wanted to "Show us something.
a telco does something kind
2013.11.15, Toronto
Today a telephone/communications company did something decent for perhaps the first time in history.
the new MEC logo
2013.11.14, Toronto
a flabby logo for a flabby clientele I work right next to Toronto's "MEC" store, which used to be called "Mountain Equipment Co-op".
my new bike seat
2013.11.13, Toronto
I'm now cycling with a seat without a 'horn'.
what ISACA needs
2013.11.12, Toronto
I belong to an IT governance, audit, and security organization called ISACA.
bouncing on Dundas
2013.11.11, Toronto
Well, it's Monday, following the classic definition; "A sunny day that follows two days of cloud and rain.
more identity theft factors
2013.11.09, Toronto
I didn't leave the house today, choosing instead to divide my time between my dissertation and the data breach / identity theft nonsense.
a new name
2013.11.08, Toronto
Due to my identity records being stolen from the website of a clueless Trust Company, I sought the advice of a lawyer.
saving the day, one latte at a time
2013.11.07, Toronto
When we sat down for breakfast, we realized that we'd both failed to make coffee.
advice on my dissertation
2013.11.06, Toronto
I've heard back from my supervisor.
new seat for sore back
2013.11.05, Toronto
I spoke with a fellow this morning on my ride to work about the unusual seat on his bike.
-5° this morning
2013.11.04, Toronto
What a day to leave the house without a toque or a scarf.
data breach at a Canadian trust company
2013.11.03, Toronto
I was seriously hoping to get some studying done this weekend.
happy November, drivers
2013.11.01, Toronto
Today someone with a mobile device in his lap decided he'd had enough of waiting at the red light and made an abrupt left turn through the intersection, despite the fact that three lanes of one-way traffic were closing in from the right.
scanning in color
2013.10.30, Toronto
I've finally figured something out with my scanner and the software I'm using.
me and "Cycle Toronto"
2013.10.29, Toronto
I've signed up with an organization called "Cycle Toronto", formerly known as the Toronto Cyclist's Union.
a giant relief
2013.10.28, Toronto
We went to see a paediatric neurologist today about an early diagnoses from the paediatric emergency doctors that Emma has a serious, progressive disorder.
happy birthday, history
2013.10.26, Toronto
Happy 301st birthday, steam engine.
bad environmental news, good environmental news
2013.10.25, Toronto
First, the not so good news.
back is getting better
2013.10.24, Toronto
My back's on the mend for the first time in roughly fifteen months.
the day I came to work without pants
2013.10.23, Toronto
Today I had to face the fact that I might have a bit too much on my mind.
writing a dissertation proposal
2013.10.22, Toronto
I'm writing my first-ever dissertation proposal at the moment.
special kind of tired
2013.10.21, Toronto
I walked about 1.
back to the hospital .. twice
2013.10.20, Toronto
Poor little Emma's not well again.
fifteen years online
2013.10.18, Toronto
Fifteen years and eleven days ago, I registered my first personal Internet domain: etherlabs.
another year's audit in the bag
2013.10.17, Toronto
I'm getting to the point that the auditors spend only four hours on-site to do our SOC-2 audits.
two kids sick
2013.10.16, Toronto
Emma's obviously dealing with a cold.
new handlebars just fine
2013.10.15, Toronto
I can't be sure, but I believe that my new handlebars are already helping my back.
Ken likes raking
2013.10.14, Victoria Harbour, Ontar
Ken likes raking, which is good because we wound up packing away over fifty of those large yard & garden bags of the things at the cottage this weekend.
Emma speaks Owlish
2013.10.12, Toronto
We've been trying to encourage Emma to speak using actual words.
adopting north road handlebars
2013.10.11, Toronto
I'm in physiotherapy for lower back pain that's been plaguing me for over a year.
professionalizing IT security
2013.10.10, Toronto
Nearly a year ago, I came across a well-written piece on the state of the IT security field, and what's wrong with it.
new photos unearthed
2013.10.10, Toronto
It turns out that I scanned two rolls of film back in February and then did not add them to the website.
another event, another speaker
2013.10.09, Toronto
This time it was a mutual fund industry event, and the speaker was the Ontario minister of finance.
so it's muscular
2013.10.08, Toronto
Today I learned from my physiotherapist that a long-standing discomfort I've been putting up with is not a side effect of a surgery I had six months ago, but of a lifetime of slothful lazy about in front of computers.
(very) sleepless in Toronto
2013.10.06, Toronto
Oh gods, Emma; sleep!.
laid up with a migraine
2013.10.05, Toronto
I had the worts migraine of the year today.
a speaker at an industry event
2013.10.04, Toronto
Today I manned a booth at an industry event for Canadian investment brokerages.
seven year itch
2013.10.02, Toronto
Mari and I have been married for nearly seven years.
how long can a rebranding go
2013.10.01, Toronto
We put the finishing touches on a rebranding effort at work, today.
fist-fighting commuters
2013.09.30, Toronto
Recently on the way home from work work I saw two fights erupt on a short stretch of my route.
so the west is getting dumber
2013.09.27, Toronto
Apparently, the population of the west has seen a steady erosion of IQ test results since Victorian times (the late 19th century).
terry fox run
2013.09.26, Toronto
Ken's doing the Terry Fox Run again this year.
goodbye Monarch butterflies
2013.09.25, Toronto
On a recent trip with Opa, Ken was enthusiastic about seeing some Monarch butterfly caterpillars crawling on some milkweed plants.
pen-test successful
2013.09.24, Toronto
We had our annual penetration test last week.
times have changed (school hardening edition)
2013.09.24, Toronto
They've installed upgraded door locks at Ken's school along with buzzer systems and security cameras.
smartphone hell
2013.09.23, Toronto
This video says it all.
tough week (two days in the office edition)
2013.09.19, Toronto
Well I only worked in the office two days this week but it felt long enough.
2013.09.17, Toronto
After nineteen years and change, I'm a university student again.
to the science center!
2013.09.16, Toronto
Today Oma, Opa, and I took Ken to the science center.
petroglyphs park
2013.09.16, Toronto
Today, Ken, his Opa, and I went to Petroglyphs Provincial Park.
and now, 12º again?
2013.09.14, Toronto
Two days.
first day of physiotherapy
2013.09.13, Toronto
I've started working with a physiotherapist due to the lingering pain in my back and pelvis.
volunteering for what
2013.09.12, Toronto
Because I have so little with which to occupy my time, I'm looking at volunteering for some of the professional associations I belong to.
and now, 30° plus again?
2013.09.11, Toronto
The weather has gone completely nuts.
$60 brake fix?
2013.09.10, Toronto
And that's enough of paying for bike repairs I should be able to do myself.
accepted to the master's program
2013.09.09, Toronto
I got into the graduate school program in the UK.
fixing the brakes
2013.09.09, Toronto
I didn't get around to fixing my brakes on the weekend, so I switched around the damaged brake arm from the front with one at the rear of the bike (leaving the pads backwards) and set off.
ken gets stung
2013.09.08, Toronto
It's the season for yellowjacket hornets, and even though we all know not to swat the damn things (this causes the hit insect to release fight pheromones, which attracts angry allies), I accidentally knocked one of the things while trying to wave it away.
opa's vengeance is complete
2013.09.07, Toronto
Opa and Oma presented the kids with some gifts last night.
dad's in town
2013.09.06, Toronto
My father and step-mother are in town.
brakes broke
2013.09.06, Toronto
I came out of the office tonight to discover that a component of the front brakes on my bike has broken.
michael werneburg, pmp, cia
2013.09.05, Toronto
Well I passed my CIA exam.
ken's first day of "senior" kindergarten
2013.09.04, Toronto
The name "senior" kindergarten seems mildly ludicrous when you think about it, but Ken's first day was a success.
fifteen kids, one car
2013.09.04, Toronto
A car alarm sounded across the street this evening, something I haven't heard in the 21/2 years we've been here.
two days left, possibly one head cold
2013.09.03, Toronto
I feel like I've got a fever coming on.
two fishermen, five fish
2013.09.02, Victoria Harbour, Ontar
Knowing that we were heading out mid-day, I woke Ken early and we headed out on the water by 06:30.
two fishermen, no fish
2013.09.01, Victoria Harbour, Ontar
For some reason I got the old row-boat down to the water, put The Boy into it, and dragged him half-way across Sturgeon Bay, rowing into a steady headwind the whole way.
two fishermen, three fish
2013.08.31, Victoria Harbour, Ontar
Ken and I caught some fish this evening.
seven kids, six parents
2013.08.30, Toronto
We were outnumbered at a get-together this evening with Elias's family and Manami's family ('round here we identify families by the first name of the first born, for whatever reason—I suppose it was probably a protocol invented by our own first born).
"don't get fatter!"
2013.08.29, Toronto
As I was heading out the door today, my five year old son warned me, "don't get fatter!" He pointed at my thighs and told me they were getting too big.
going back to school
2013.08.28, Toronto
The results on the daily practice tests I've been doing for the CIA final exam are getting steadily better.
soaking of the year
2013.08.27, Toronto
In each of the two years since I've been back, I've fallen from my bike once and been caught in torrential rain at least once.
a girl needs her Joan Jett
2013.08.27, Toronto
Little Emma, now sixteen months old, appreciates her rock 'n roll.
2013.08.26, Toronto
There's a word in Japanese, "chimpunkanpun"「ちんぷんかんぷん」.
pedialyte and tequila
2013.08.25, Toronto
It must be a Sunday afternoon when you're down to mixing tequila with expired children's electrolyte drink.
more blonde in the gene pool
2013.08.23, Toronto
My mum, our family's chief genealogist, has been contacted by someone through ancestry.
stuff getting cheaper (not everything)
2013.08.22, Toronto
In the midst of perpetually increasing costs of living, I've noticed that some things seem to be getting cheaper.
bird shit .. again
2013.08.21, Toronto
For the thirteenth wonderful time in my life, I've been shit on by a bird.
cycling in the morning
2013.08.20, Toronto
I left home before 07:00 this morning, cycling under a red dawn on streets I expected to find a good deal quieter than they in fact turned out to be.
a friend is moving to town
2013.08.19, Toronto
One of my few remaining friends in Japan has decided to leave .
aBBQ in Lelieville
2013.08.18, Toronto
An old friend (and former boss) had us over for a BBQ today so that our wives and kids could meet.
a five year old's taste in music
2013.08.16, Toronto
So my son likes AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie".
studies .. work .. studies .. work
2013.08.15, Toronto
I've taken up the routine of leaving for the office at around 7 every morning and studying until office hours start.
keep calm shirts
2013.08.14, Toronto
It's funny how these "keep calm.
just call me Wmeburg
2013.08.13, Toronto
Ah, fer cryin' out loud.
back at TEGH
2013.08.12, Toronto
Today we met at lunch time to take little Emma in to see a specialist.
cycling again
2013.08.11, Toronto
This weekend we got Ken out on his little green bike for the first time in quite a while.
meeting an entrepreneur
2013.08.09, Toronto
Today after work I met with a whip-smart fellow who's uncovered a business opportunity and is designing a technology solution.
rescheduled my exam
2013.08.08, Toronto
My practice quiz results still aren't where I need them to be.
goodbye, visitors
2013.08.07, Toronto
We've been spending time with a succession of visitors from overseas since the middle of June.
a day off .. to study
2013.08.06, Toronto
We've got friends in town and I took the day off so that Mari, the kids, and I could get together with them.
more Plectostomus
2013.08.05, Toronto
The recent heat wave killed the dwarf plecostomus in my larger aquarium 2-3 weeks ago.
cheery new cherries
2013.08.04, Toronto
Ken and I went to the local pet store today and bought some tiny cherry barbs for the small aquarium.
again with the rain
2013.08.02, Toronto
Toronto I love you, but your weather is bringing me down.
riding with a stool sample
2013.08.01, Toronto
Emma still has some lingering effects from her illness, so I found myself riding through the city with a baby's stool sample to deliver.
fooled by the weather network
2013.07.31, Toronto
For the first time in months, I took the TTC to work today.
we're supposed to be in Algonquin
2013.07.30, Toronto
We were scheduled to be camping in Algonquin tonight.
4 out of 5 ain't bad
2013.07.29, Toronto
I reckon I've got some four out of five of the skills outlined as "essential" in the line of work I'm moving into.
in the summer sky
2013.07.28, Toronto
I think Emma is back to normal.
CIA #3 is the hardest
2013.07.27, Toronto
I take back what I said about CIA #2 being difficult.
home from the hospital
2013.07.26, Toronto
And thus ends two and a half days that I'd sooner forget.
balancing work and kids
2013.07.25, Toronto
It's funny, I'm in the midst of studying things like accountability and efficiency, and dropped two and half days of work right in the midst of several projects & initiatives because one of my kids got sick.
sick children and junkies
2013.07.24, Toronto
For the record, I would like to recommend to our medical system that there's a difference between adults with broken legs and children undergoing life-threatening mystery diseases on the one side, and pill-seeking scheming regulars.
Emma in the hospital
2013.07.23, Toronto
Today we were woken with a medical emergency with little Emma at 00:30.
from 1983 to 1997
2013.07.22, Toronto
Ken and I have been playing an emulated version of the ~1983 Commodore 64 release of the original "Mario Brothers", the platform game.
and the weather has broken
2013.07.19, Toronto
For once I got really lucky with the weather.
36º water cooked my fish
2013.07.18, Toronto
I came home to the news tonight that my beloved zebra loach had died.
two more quizzes
2013.07.17, Toronto
Well, not sure what happened today, but I averaged only 63% on my two quizzes.
practice quizzes and nothing but
2013.07.16, Toronto
So I started my day with a practice quiz before work, and ended it with another after work: average score, 90%.
CIA: the final countdown
2013.07.15, Toronto
This time next month, I will have written and passed the final of my exams for the CIA designation.
now it's my turn .. been promoted
2013.07.15, Toronto
I'm the world's newest "Director, Business Risk & Opportunity".
LED for the aquarium
2013.07.14, Toronto
The light over my larger aquarium is now so feeble that it's allowing brown algae to grow.
another cousin is wed
2013.07.13, Toronto
I'm quite a bit older than most of my seven cousins, who range in age from about 20 to 28.
on the debilitating smart phones
2013.07.12, Toronto
I think the smart phone is crippling us.
so long, managerial accounting
2013.07.11, Toronto
It's taken a few weeks, but I think I've rounded the corner on the managerial accounting portion of my CIA studies.
migraine with aura
2013.07.10, Toronto
One of my colleagues had laser eye surgery recently.
record rainfall
2013.07.09, Toronto
So we had a bit of a rainfall last night.
wiped out by a migraine
2013.07.08, Toronto
Had an awful day today.
how to avoid being C-3PO
2013.07.07, Toronto
I recently came across a bullet list of the three principle jobs of the risk manager.
my son caught a fish
2013.07.07, Victoria Harbour, Ontar
The Boy caught a fish following instruction from his grand-father, and using a fishing rod purchased by his Opa for his uncle Ken 25 years previously.
Emma's first walkabout
2013.07.06, Victoria Harbour, Ontar
Emma took a brief walk across the cottage floor today.
Emma wants in, whatever it is
2013.07.05, Victoria Harbour, Ontar
Today as we drove a rental van north to the Georgian Bay area, Mari moved a bag of crackers as she looked for something.
audit in the summertime
2013.07.04, Toronto
It's funny undergoing a rigorous external audit just as silly season kicks in.
my brother's been promoted, too
2013.07.03, Toronto
Congratulations, baby brother.
a friend gets promoted
2013.07.02, Toronto
A lawyer friend has taken a gig that he summed up by saying, "The exposure includes things like potentially testifying to congress.
heya, Canada, happy 145th!
2013.07.01, Toronto
We spent a good deal of the day wandering along the lakeshore park.
2013 Toronto pride parade
2013.06.30, Toronto
Today we went to the pride parade on Yonge Street.
reading in the park
2013.06.28, Toronto
Recently, I've had the good fortune to be able to do my CIA reading in the park, next to the lake.
when I buy bicycle chain oil, it shall not rain
2013.06.27, Toronto
My bike's been left in the rain so much when locked up at work that the smaller steel nuts and bolts are all orange with rust.
screaming on the street
2013.06.26, Toronto
I had an unexpected experience today that saw me screaming at strangers on the street.
lost a good raincoat today
2013.06.25, Toronto
Through a tale too dull and stupid to tell, I managed to lose a good rain poncho today.
my younger brother is 40 years old
2013.06.24, Toronto
Well, time flies (who knew?).
"bird of prey"
2013.06.23, Toronto
One of the odder first words that our fourteen-month-old daughter uttered, today, was "bird of prey".
northern watersnake
2013.06.22, Toronto
We took in some sights around the Niagara region today.
the falls!
2013.06.21, st. catharines
We took Mari's parents to see the Falls today.
dining without children
2013.06.20, Toronto
On several occasions since Ken's birth, we've eaten nice meals (cough cough, "without kids") because Ken was fairly good with sleeping through the late afternoon-evening if we got lucky.
why did it have to be a summer cold
2013.06.19, Toronto
Sinuses throbbing, nagging cough, and sore throat.
the girl with the TARDIS tattoo
2013.06.18, Toronto
I saw a woman at the office today with a tattoo of the TARDIS from Doctor Who.
managerial accounting, here I come
2013.06.17, Toronto
This CIA study is taking me to some interesting places as a more organized version of the here-and-there studies of business concepts that I've been engaged in over the past few years.
rainy father's day
2013.06.16, Toronto
We're heading to Oakville for the traditional family BBQ there for Father's Day.
depressingly good writing
2013.06.14, Toronto
The other day, we saw a display of photography at the museum that was so good I found it depressing: I'm just not progressing in that field at all.
a PMI event, once a season whether I need it or not
2013.06.13, Toronto
Much to my amazement, I noticed that the PMI event I attended tonight was the first I'd been to in three months.
cramped quarters, lots of love
2013.06.12, Toronto
Mari's parents are in town.
bike fixed – off to meet "Kazu/Jiji"
2013.06.11, Toronto
So it turns out that something like 40cm of that cord that got caught in my rear gear assembly last night in the rain storm was still inside the mechanism, trapped between the gears and the wheel.
free car rental insurance
2013.06.11, Toronto
So it turns out that the new cash-back credit card gives us the car rental insurance waiver benefit without an annual fee.
that was a lot of rain
2013.06.11, Toronto
The weather forecast (when theweathernetwork.
filed a police complaint
2013.06.10, Toronto
Someone heading west-bound on Dundas this morning decided to use the cycle lane to try to overtake other drivers this morning.
Oracle SQL query not like %
2013.06.10, Toronto
I learned something from one of our more clever developers today.
depressingly good photography
2013.06.09, Toronto
Today we went to the ROM to see a photography exhibit.
apple gets it right
2013.06.07, Toronto
The other day I wrote about my dissatisfaction with Apple's support for our PC's and other equipment.
funny little thing called linux mint
2013.06.06, Toronto
We have a laptop that's perfect for our five year old to watch DVD's and downloaded stuff.
apple support fails to impress, as usual
2013.06.05, Toronto
We have a Macbook Air.
dodged a $5 bullet
2013.06.04, Toronto
Our son destroyed a brand new library book by tossing it into his backpack with a thermos bottle with the lid still unsealed.
thirty traffic signals, twenty of them red
2013.06.03, Toronto
This morning I had one of those days.
cycling 20k to a child's party
2013.06.02, Toronto
Ken and I put in another 20km round trip today, getting back up to Don Mills.
megafauna, a meteorite, and a doomed civilization
2013.05.31, Toronto
So it turns out that it's possible that a meteorite impact occurred here in North America 13,000 years ago, when the place was still largely covered in ice.
on cash-back credit cards
2013.05.30, Toronto
I was given the advice that a cash-back credit card can save hundreds of dollars on routine purchases.
back to jewelry photography
2013.05.29, Toronto
Once upon a time, I published a guide to photographing jewelry.
it's a small (webinar) world
2013.05.28, Toronto
Today I attended a webinar, as I frequently do.
Wordpress and nginx
2013.05.27, Toronto
So it turns out that the good folks that produce WordPress have done some naughty hard-coding of $_SERVER variables in their product.
another fine day at the science center (with our Weehoo)
2013.05.26, Toronto
It was a beautiful day.
scandal, scandal, everywhere
2013.05.24, Toronto
Now we've got scandal at the federal level—senators charging the taxpayer outrageously, then interfering with investigations, and getting the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff to pick up the bill.
ball chair no more
2013.05.23, Toronto
Today my ball chair burst.
CIA #3 is going to be difficult
2013.05.22, Toronto
I think I said this about the previous two CIA exams as well, but this third one is going to be a killer.
back in the saddle
2013.05.21, Toronto
After two weeks of TTC due to recovering from a procedure, I am very, very happy to be back on the bike.
if I were 23 again
2013.05.20, Toronto
On an Internet forum, someone asked what advice I'd give my 23-year-old self if I could.
turkey vulture in the Beach(es)
2013.05.20, Toronto
I saw a turkey vulture drifting above the Beaches today.
weehoo and eastern kingbird
2013.05.19, Toronto
Ken and I took to the cycle paths today, heading to Leslie Spit, then up the Don Valley as far as Riverdale Park, then across to home.
thirteen knuckles
2013.05.18, Toronto
So it seems that "13" tattoos are a thing now.
and yet I did nothing
2013.05.17, Toronto
On a stretch of Queen Street East I saw some unhappy things this morning.
snow, sleet, hail, and "rain, i think"
2013.05.12, Toronto
Today it snowed.
Permian redux
2013.05.12, Toronto
Ken and I watched an interesting video on the great extinction event that brought the Permian (and the entire paleozoic, life's first run on Earth) to an end.
just reading about .. monster trucks
2013.05.03, Toronto
Ken brought home a book from the school library that was about monster trucks.
today, I ate outdoors
2013.05.02, Toronto
Spring comes so slowly to Canadian cities! Today was the first day that was warm enough to eat outside.
it's good to be alive
2013.05.01, Toronto
Our little Emma cries all day, all night.
the Lockwood secret
2013.04.30, Toronto
Over the past two years, I've noticed west-bound morning commuter cyclists on Queen Street deke off of Queen at Lockwood Road, which is only a block long.
accounting is more interesting than I would have guessed
2013.04.29, Toronto
In preparation for the final exam in my quest for the CIA designation, I'm reading a book on Accounting.
the Boy can play (baseball)
2013.04.27, Toronto
I took Ken to the park with the new trailer bike.
three flat tires in no time
2013.04.26, Toronto
On the way home from a PMI event last night one of my bike tires ran flat.
the center of the Earth is aglow
2013.04.25, Toronto
Apparently the center of the Earth is a super-dense ball of solid iron at six thousand degrees.
my love – hate releationship with
2013.04.25, Toronto
Every day I go to a website for lies.
website getting smaller
2013.04.24, Toronto
I've taken all of my family and personal photos offline, leaving only stuff that's more suitable for the general public on this site.
a tale of two countries (or WTF, Amazon!)
2013.04.23, Toronto
I've been looking for a replacement plug for a Thera-band ball chair that I've got.
leveraging a CIA into an MSc
2013.04.22, Toronto
I've found a couple of master degree programs that I can do online in a year using my expected CIA certification to get a waiver on the first two years work in the degree.
bikes, bikes, bikes
2013.04.21, Toronto
After the cold weather had long since settled in this past Autumn, my boss told me that his family had a spare bike (a loaner long forgotten by a now-defunct bike shop) and that I could have it.
crapped on by a bird again (that's twelve)
2013.04.20, Toronto
I pulled out the suede coat that my mother resurrected for me recently with some repairs, and lo and behold, there was a spatter of white birdshit that must have hit me when I was cycling this week, from the looks of things.
April 20th and it's snowing
2013.04.20, Toronto
One could be forgiven for thinking this was Calgary.
PMP for a year
2013.04.19, Toronto
Wow, it's been a year since I wrote the bizarre and tricksy PMP exam.
my bike has brakes again
2013.04.18, Toronto
I've paid someone to reinstall the rear brake on my bike.
muddy cycling again
2013.04.16, Toronto
Cycling in cold, wet weather tends to keep the fairweather cyclists out of the way, but you sure get muddy.
the fourth turning
2013.04.10, Toronto
It took me nearly a year, but I've finished this book at last.
CIA exam #2 complete
2013.04.09, Toronto
I passed another CIA exam.
young, lonely doctors
2013.04.05, Toronto
It's been one of those weeks.
it is not a race
2013.04.04, Toronto
Now I know I'm getting old.
sadle sore but riding
2013.04.03, Toronto
I have never been this saddle sore.
back on my bike
2013.04.01, Toronto
I rode my bike to work today.
Lego fails us again
2013.03.31, Toronto
After our visit to Legoland, Ken was very keen on Lego and spent quite a bit of time building models from the small kit we bought him at the site.
Toronto's legoland is not worth it
2013.03.29, Toronto
We went to Legoland today.
Toronto produces some stupid politicians
2013.03.27, Toronto
Today wasn't a day of big accomplishments for Toronto-area politicians.
I did a COBIT 5 panel today
2013.03.27, Toronto
Today I participated in a panel on implementing COBIT 5.
pigeon trapped in a window
2013.03.21, Toronto
You know how a fly will get in through an open window and be unable to get out again? I witnessed that today with a pigeon.
CIA exam #2 is a lotta work
2013.03.19, Toronto
I've postponed my second CIA exam by 2 1/2 weeks.
my home town and the underground railway
2013.03.10, Toronto
It turns out that my home town was the northern end of the "underground railway", something that my mum has mentioned several times over the years.
a good day, today
2013.03.07, Toronto
Three good things that happened today: We verified that a technical solution costing us only $12 a month will allow us to cut out the vast majority of the sources of security hack attempts against our web services, today.
lordy, lordy, look who's forty-two
2013.03.04, Toronto
Say, I've turned forty-two.
my gods, I finished a book
2013.03.03, Toronto
Much to my amazement, I've finished reading a book only two months after knocking off two other volumes from my embarrasingly long backlog.
something must going well
2013.03.03, Toronto
I've now been at my current employer longer than I've worked anywhere else.
whispers in the night
2013.02.27, Toronto
Very early this morning, I was woken by something.
To COBIT 5 or not to COBIT 5, that is the question
2013.02.22, Toronto
I have some good news about the adoption of COBIT 5: it has many improvements to the actual implementation of its contents.
code of conduct
2013.02.20, Toronto
Today I wrote my employer's "code of conduct" in a nine-hour stretch.
so much going on...
2013.02.19, Toronto
I've been burning the candle at both ends again for quite a while.
russian meteorite
2013.02.18, Toronto
I just find this footage fascinating.
ball chairs
2013.02.15, Toronto
We used to have ball chairs in the apartment in Tokyo (in fact we had only two chairs, and one was a highchair for then-little Kenny.
on tesla cars
2013.02.14, Toronto
My boss drives a Tesla Model S electric (luxury) car, and gave me a lift last week.
never trust a photocopier
2013.02.12, Toronto
Here's an interesting video on why you should never trust the all-in-one photocopier/printer in your office.
birthdate all primes
2013.02.10, Toronto
I've just noticed that my birthday is made of primes, taken at the two-digit level.
100 pennies, no problem
2013.02.09, Toronto
Ken had an assignment this weekend that was timed to mark the demise of the Canadian penny: that was, to bring in 100 pennies for a charity.
30cm of snow and getting to work
2013.02.08, Toronto
This morning I had a follow-up dentist appointment at 08:30.
business books by the pound
2013.02.06, Toronto
Recently I've bought a couple of business books and found them to be much lighter & shorter fare than I'd expected.
choosing project management software
2013.02.04, Toronto
I am amazed at the variety of lousy project management software and software-as-a-service that exists today.
larger photos on
2013.02.02, Toronto
In recognition that the 'net has moved to a 960px standard width for websites, I've adopted that as the new long-side size of the images on emuu.
some photos of Miyazaki
2013.02.02, Toronto
I've finally got some photos scanned from our trip to Miyazaki at the end of 2012.
TTC trifecta
2013.01.30, Toronto
Three wins for the TTC in their efforts to make me late for work today: As so frequently happens, there were no street cars in sight on Queen Street, which diverted me onto the bus up to the subway line, which led to another subway line and then back onto the street car downtown: an inefficient route plagued with connection delays and other problems.
la la land
2013.01.29, Toronto
Ken spent the day "singing" his version of the lyrics to the song below.
snowfall in the city
2013.01.28, Toronto
You'd think that Toronto would be ready in the event of snow, but this morning eveything was chaos.
Ken is five!
2013.01.27, Toronto
We celebrated Ken's fifth birthday today, bringing together the Niagara contingent of the family who piled him high with books that he'll love.
so this is Saturday
2013.01.26, Toronto
We had a damn busy day, today.
seeing what we're eating
2013.01.25, Toronto
Today I finally managed to replace the too-dim 25W bulbs on the ceiling fan we installed over our dining table.
take the colleagues bowling
2013.01.24, Toronto
Today we had our Christmas party.
mystery symmetrical anglefish white bumps
2013.01.23, Toronto
For the second time in the past two years, our anglefish developed odd white bumps on the side of its head.
sure sign of the apocalypse—a four year old asks for vegetables
2013.01.22, Toronto
The Boy asked for vegetables with his dinner tonight.
first practice quiz of CIA exam no 2
2013.01.21, Toronto
I've read through the first two chapters of the prep book and have taken the first chapter's test.
too cold for skating
2013.01.20, Toronto
We went skating today at the rink down on the waterfront.
stories of career set-backs
2013.01.19, Toronto
At the conference today the keynote speaker was making a point about learning from failure.
"Career Day" at PMI-SOC
2013.01.19, Toronto
This is how I spent my day today.
another new web design
2013.01.18, Toronto
I read a good e-book called "Bootstrapping Design" that made me realize a thing or two about the design of this website and how I might approve it.
frost in my beard
2013.01.17, Toronto
It's now cold enough that cycling to work I get a frosty beard and moustache by the time I'm at the office.
Japanese airlines grounding their 787's
2013.01.16, Toronto
Great, just great: the planes we were flying on in Japan last month have just been grounded due to safety concerns.
armed and dangerous
2013.01.15, Toronto
Cry, the beloved country.
bike brake failed me for the last time
2013.01.15, Toronto
The other night as I was cycling home in cold but dry conditions I hit the one patch of my route that's always a little different.
take it from me, life's a grand ol' time
2013.01.14, Toronto
One of my coworkers came stomping into the office today just as I'd returned to my desk with a wry smile on my face—it looks like we'll be undergoing a new round of struggles with our building management in getting our kitchen sink onclogged yet again.
X'mas in January
2013.01.12, St. Catharines, Ontario
We're in St.
2,500 journal entries
2013.01.11, Toronto
Wow, this journal is getting on.
weather report
2013.01.10, Toronto
On Sunday conditions were perfect for snowmen, we made a bunch of big ones, rolling up the ever-so-slightly wet snow so easily that it left bare patches of green grass.
Oh, Nikola Tesla, will you ever win
2013.01.10, Toronto
Once upon a time, in a job interview, I was asked to describe my hero, and why he was my hero.
website content management systems
2013.01.09, Toronto
So it's decided: out of ten content management systems that I've looked at, WordPress turned out to be the one that best met our needs.
jet lag with kids
2013.01.08, Toronto
Ugh, ten hours of jet lag with two small children.
the snowmen
2013.01.06, Toronto
Wow, just like that* we're back in Toronto.
farewell, "calamity year"
2013.01.04, Nichinan, Kyushu
Yesterday we went to a sea-side shrine to observe the new year with prayer and the throwing of small clay balls.
I drank what
2013.01.04, Nichinan, Kyushu
Today we ate at a local restaurant for lunch, a small treat from Mari's mum in honour of our departure.
we almost ate what
2013.01.03, Nichinan, Kyushu
So it turns out that when we were in Takachiho last week, we might well have been served "Japanese giant hornet" (as food that is, not as a means of assassination).
climbed a hill
2013.01.02, Nichinan, Kyushu
The family took a trip out to a place in the sticks that had outdoor tennis courts, to let the boys (aged 4-13) run off some energy.
I wonder where film cameras might have been by now
2013.01.02, Nichinan, Miyazaki
Given all of the technology that's available now, I wonder where film SLR cameras might have gone if there were still a market.
a new favourite place in the neighbourhood
2013.01.02, Nichinan, Miyazaki
There was a deep frost last night, which kept the sleeping room damn cold last night.
new year's political message
2013.01.01, Nichinan, Kyushu
There is a grass-roots movement building among Canada's first nations people that is purposefully excluding the aboriginal communities' own political leadership as a matter of strategy in order to focus on achieving results, and to take matters into their own hands.
sunrise over the new year
2013.01.01, Nichinan, Kyushu
In the pre-dawn gloom this morning, we all piled into the cars to travel to the coast to observe the first sun rise of the new year.
15k on the year's final day
2012.12.31, Nichinan, Miyazaki
I took my old bike out for a spin this morning, covering about fifteen kilometers from Mari's parents place to the sea then back inland, through a tunnel that cuts through a big rock in the middle of the valley, and then traipsing my way back.
the sea of clouds
2012.12.29, Miyakonojo, Kyushu
This morning I was picked up by my father-in-law at 06:45 for a trip up a mountain-side to see an effect for which the Japanese use the word 'unkai', meaning a 'sea of clouds'.
simpsons is getting confusing
2012.12.29, Miyakonojo, Kyushu
Increasingly, I find myself having to "pre-watch" new episodes of the Simpsons before watching them with Kenny.
facebook account deactivated (again)
2012.12.28, Miyakonojo, Kyushu
I've decided to deactivate my account on Facebook again.
teaching a photographer
2012.12.27, Miyakonojo, Miyazaki
I love explaining photography stuff to people just getting into the game.
sakura-jima is erupting
2012.12.26, Miyazaki, Kyushu
We returned to Miyakonojo today to the sight of Sakura-jima, Japan's most active volcano, erupting across the sky.
best-ever sushi
2012.12.26, Hyuga, Kyushu
I'm getting like my mother, telling people about a fantastic meal I once had while travelling.
Takachiho gorge
2012.12.25, Takachiho, Kyushu
Today we travelled with Mari's parents to Takachiho gorge in the north-west corner of Kyushu.
what's this - warm nigiri?
2012.12.24, Miyakonojo, Kyushu
What's going on, Japan? I'm gone for two years and return to find that your convencience stores have started nuking the staple "o-nigiri" rice balls? Call me a relic, call me what you will, but I believe that rice balls are a dish best served cold.
climbing a hill to nowhere
2012.12.23, Nichinan, Miyazaki
Every year-end that I've visited Mari's parents' place in Nichinan, I've climbed a steep paved road up the side of the western wall of the valley in which the property is situated.
is there a bike shop around here
2012.12.23, Nichinan, Kyushu
Today I went around the town looking for someone to help me get some air in my tires.
made a mistake in this year's photo book
2012.12.21, Nichinan, Miyazaki
Every year, the Christmas gift that Mari and I give our parents is a photo book of the kids that recaps the year gone by.
so .. that was the apocalypse
2012.12.21, Nichinan, Miyazaki
My flight went well, and then upon arrival in Japan things went somewhat less smoothly.
here comes the apocalypse!
2012.12.19, Toronto
Doesn't it just figure that the Mayan apocalypse lands on a Friday! I'll be in the air when the Great Age of Men ends.
I'm still thinking about "War Horse"
2012.12.18, Toronto
This time last week I saw the play "War Horse".
coding today
2012.12.17, Toronto
It is amazing what you can do with the web development software libraries that are just sitting around today; in about two literal minutes, I added a "WYSIWYG" editor to the tools that I use to make this website.
Toronto's school board responds to the shooting
2012.12.17, Toronto
The shooting in Connecticut prompted the Toronto District School Board to put around an advisory to parents about advising children during this time.
photography hobby on hiatus
2012.12.16, Toronto
I'm looking at buy another used Minolta film camera body.
comments, I get comments
2012.12.16, Toronto
I'm getting more comments to my website these days; it's become a daily thing.
cycling in sleet
2012.12.15, Toronto
One of the hidden benefits of having lived on a foreign coast of the Pacific for five years: I'd forgotten how much freezing rain stings when you're cycling in it.
shooting in the US
2012.12.14, Toronto
Another shooting in the US.
cycling in the dark
2012.12.13, Toronto
First it was sweater-vests in the office, now this.
-2° and back on my bike
2012.12.12, Toronto
With the exam behind me I'm free of the need for study time on the TTC.
CIA exam 1 complete
2012.12.11, Toronto
I passed.
NHL fans unite!
2012.12.11, Toronto
Some NHL fans are taking matters into their own hands with a counter-strike of their own.
a final quiz
2012.12.10, Toronto
I've taken a final 40-question practice quiz ahead of tomorrow's CIA exam #1.
killed by a prank
2012.12.08, Toronto
When I was younger I was routinely enraged by the things in the news.
no quiet like the absence of children
2012.12.07, Toronto
The apartment was so quiet overnight that I could hear, from my bed, the sound of the aquarium lights coming on in the living room.
the family is on a plane
2012.12.06, Toronto
I put my family on a plane today, they'll be gone to Miyazaki for the next month.
alive again!
2012.12.05, Toronto
I've just been through a really bad three-day patch of fever, nausea, sore everything, and exhaustion.
a meal between Thanksgiving and X'mas
2012.12.02, Toronto
We'd failed to attend family functions both at Thanksgiving and Christmas, so today we split the difference and dropped in to see Scott & Sue, who hosted both of the missed events.
quiz results all over the place—not confident
2012.12.01, St. Catharines
It's been a busy twenty-four hours.
Toronto's politics are disturbingly amateur
2012.11.30, Toronto
So this week we lost our Mayor because it seems he doesn't know how to use of his position in an appropriate way.
don't look now, but I did some coding
2012.11.30, Toronto
Quite some time ago, I did a fair bit of coding.
an AGM and some stretching exercises
2012.11.29, Toronto
Today I voted at an annual general meeting.
progress with my CIA exam
2012.11.28, Toronto
I'm making some fair progress with my CIA exam studies, getting reasonably good marks even in my lowest-scoring sections.
never get off the goddamn streetcar
2012.11.28, Toronto
Today I knew I was in for trouble when I didn't see a streetcar pass the end of my street in the Beaches.
back to school .. with Kenny!
2012.11.27, Toronto
Mari and I had the opportunity to see observe Kenny's class at the kindergarten today.
everyone is sick
2012.11.26, Toronto
All four of us have a cold.
back to the museum
2012.11.25, Toronto
I took Kenny down to the Royal Ontario Museum today.
Saturday is for studying
2012.11.24, Toronto
Mari, Kenny, and Emma spent the morning at Kenny's Japanese school, where Mari can see her Japanese friends.
so it's come to sweater-vests
2012.11.23, Toronto
There was no !(*#&$* streetcar until 08:50 this morning.
Apple, quit nagging me about iTunes...
2012.11.21, Toronto
I like many things about my Mac Mini, but iTunes sure ain't one of them.
tweaked my bike
2012.11.19, Toronto
I'm not riding my bike on a daily basis these days, having traded fun and liberty for reading on countless slow-lurching public transit vehicles.
a perfect day for a parade
2012.11.18, Toronto
I took Kenny to see the Santa Claus parade today.
CIA is harder than PMP
2012.11.17, Toronto
I've taken two practice quizzes today for the first CIA exam, from the Gleim resources I bought.
happiness is a clean audit
2012.11.16, Toronto
I've been with my current employer for two years, as of today.
new lenses
2012.11.15, Toronto
I picked up some new lenses for my glasses today.
falling glass cripples city
2012.11.14, Toronto
Tonight I stepped out of the office building to discover that downtown was once again in complete gridlock.
the apartment next to ours
2012.11.13, Toronto
I saw the woman who lives in the apartment in the building next to ours.
Fuji XE-1 envy
2012.11.13, Toronto
I walked to the camera store where I normally develop my film, to drop off a roll.
four streetcars to get home
2012.11.12, Toronto
Due to a combination of short-turns, I used a total of four streetcars to get home tonight.
remembrance day
2012.11.12, Toronto
Ken's school had a remembrance day event today.
what, no linkedin profile
2012.11.12, Toronto
This morning I wanted to look up a fellow who'd made a presentation at an event last week.
burned out vacuum cleaner
2012.11.11, Toronto
Since Electrolux won't support our vacuum cleaner (we brought a Japanese-bought model to Canada), I've decided to take it apart and see what I could do.
thanks for the taxi ride, TTC
2012.11.08, Toronto
At the end of a long day, I missed my streetcar by about ten seconds.
500 months old
2012.11.06, Toronto
I've been back in Canada for two years as of next week, minus the time I ducked back to Japan for a month to get my family (our official arrival date was eventually January 4 or so of 2011).
end your television
2012.11.05, Toronto
We don't have a TV at home.
day of the dead
2012.11.04, Toronto
Today we went down to the Harbourfront center (ignoring the unseasonable cold) and enjoyed an introduction to the Mexican "day of the dead".
swimming in water
2012.11.03, Toronto
We've been taking the kids to "swimming lessons" recently.
lots of pedestrian injuries
2012.11.02, Toronto
My renewed streetcar ridership is paying off in that I'm getting plenty of time to study.
on the TTC again
2012.11.01, Toronto
I've relinquished the bicycle in favour of the TTC.
oh, Sandy
2012.10.31, Toronto
Now it's just getting tiring.
I feel safe in .. well, the Beaches
2012.10.29, Toronto
Say what you will about the Beaches, it's one of the safest areas in the city - according to this interactive map anyway.
mixed messages
2012.10.28, Toronto
Kenny just told his mum, "まだhungryじゃない.
two good presentations
2012.10.25, Toronto
Today I was slated to attend three presentations.
$15 bicycle theft insurance for three years
2012.10.24, Toronto
Today I came across a brilliant means of bicycle insurance.
"you're wasting my time"
2012.10.23, Toronto
Kenny and I were horsing around this morning, neither of us seeming to be terribly motivated to get to work/school.
"where is the dalek's body?"
2012.10.22, Toronto
There is an episode of the Simpsons in which Bart announces, "Working for other people is for chumps.
a fine day to "study" in a cafe
2012.10.22, Toronto
I stopped on the way home to attempt to study for my CIA exam.
long walk in the neighbourhood
2012.10.21, Toronto
We went for a long walk in the neighbourhood today.
another new website design
2012.10.20, Toronto
In keeping with my usual habit, I've once again redesigned the website.
back on Dundas street
2012.10.19, Toronto
I've given up cycling on Queen street in the mornings.
audit dry run
2012.10.18, Toronto
The audit dry run is done for the year.
anyone need a nanny?
2012.10.18, Toronto
Mari was approached at Kenny's school by someone looking for a job for her nanny after her nanny's employment was to end next year.
kenny on the phone
2012.10.17, Toronto
I called home this evening (hooray, another disruption of our home line service is over, after only five days) and Kenny answered.
another year, another spill on my bike
2012.10.17, Toronto
As I did on September 2 last year, I had a spill today while crossing wet streetcar tracks.
Louis CK on being a dad
2012.10.16, Toronto
Once again, the man is right on the mark.
dear diamond taxi of Toronto
2012.10.16, Toronto
As I was cycling to work today I passed one of your taxis, which was stopped at the curb in the right lane on Queen Street east in the Leslieville area.
so the cursing has come to this
2012.10.14, Toronto
I've made a pact with Kenny; no more saying, "what the hell".
where is the "certification" for CEO
2012.10.12, Toronto
There are so many certifications on the market today, but none are for a senior manager in a large IT department.
audit crunch time
2012.10.11, Toronto
The auditors are due for their dry run on Monday.
CIA exam #1 here I come
2012.10.10, Toronto
I've signed up for the first of my CIA exams.
slow, TTC kinda day
2012.10.09, Toronto
Having returned the car before work, I took the subway to the office.
so I said to the tattoo'd bodybuilder...
2012.10.09, Toronto
I dropped off a rental car and subsequently found myself on the subway this morning.
upgraded an aquarium
2012.10.08, Toronto
I've upgraded our little 10 gallon aquarium to a 16 gallon affair that sits in the same footprint but is 60% again taller.
2012.10.07, St. Catharines
Today we went for a stroll in the small forest of Woodend conservation area, just outside St.
thanksgiving in Niagara
2012.10.06, St. Catharines
We picked up a car today and did some errands.
hey, remember the NHL
2012.10.05, Toronto
Looks like the NHL is having some sort of strike or lockout or who gives a crap.
CIA exam 1 prep
2012.10.04, Toronto
OK fine, maybe I'll dabble in an MBA
2012.10.03, Toronto
I've decided that once I'm done with this CIA program I'll knock of the certifications do the MBA program with Heriot-Watt in the UK (distance learning).
my sister-in-law, the artist (take II)
2012.10.02, Toronto
A week ago my sister-in-law sold a painting.
think your Monday morning sucked?
2012.10.01, Toronto
My Monday morning started with the sight of someone being arrested in the parking lot of a convenience store.
$1600 in TTC fares not spent
2012.09.29, Toronto
My records indicate that I've saved $1600 in TTC fares since late March of 2011 by cycling to work on many days.
one CIA exam down, three to go
2012.09.28, Toronto
I've had confirmation that I'm exempted from the fourth exam in the CIA certification process.
Mari's grandmother has passed
2012.09.28, Toronto
My darling wife's grandmother has died.
construction outpays technology
2012.09.28, Toronto
Well it's official, the construction industry out-pays the technology field.
my sister-in-law, the artist
2012.09.27, Toronto
My sister-in-law has sold another piece to a visitor to the gallery where she's currently showing.
nazi buddhist relic is a meteorite
2012.09.27, Toronto
I think this story is the reason that the Internet was created.
the new pleco
2012.09.26, Toronto
The new pleco I got for the small aquarium has vanished.
long nights, short days
2012.09.25, Toronto
I'm putting in some long hours at the office today.
incorporating in Canada
2012.09.24, Toronto
I found some amusing guidance on who can serve as a director for federally-incorporated corporations in Canada.
autumn means long johns
2012.09.24, Toronto
Hello Autumn, let's celebrate your return—and the return of 6º weather—with cycling to work in long johns.
111.6cm and growing
2012.09.22, Toronto
The boy now towers over his classmates in his weekend Japanese school.
buying and renting a home in Toronto
2012.09.21, Toronto
I've found an article linking to a calculator for a buy-vs-rent comparison in Toronto.
trade show
2012.09.20, Toronto
Today, despite massive exhaustion, I manned a booth at an financial industry annual event.
rushed to the hospital by an EMS under threat
2012.09.19, Toronto
Last night my son had an attack of croup and needed some swift help from my inhaler and (more importantly) the city's EMS to survive.
day in a daze
2012.09.19, Toronto
Being in the emergency ward until 02:30 with a small child that's just had a brush with death leaves you a mess the next day.
more camera porn
2012.09.18, Toronto
My camera-buying days are over for the time being.
they say comfort is the enemy of greatness...
2012.09.17, Toronto
They say comfort is the enemy of greatness.
advice from my father
2012.09.16, Toronto
My father sent some advice on the constant issue of re-training.
on the beach
2012.09.16, Toronto
Today we went to the beach, and someone I wound up working on a sand-castle pretty much solo for about two hours.
a day of study
2012.09.15, Toronto
I've now officially signed up for the CIA course, the die is cast, I'm paid up.
audit season is exhausting
2012.09.14, Toronto
I don't think I've been awake past 21:30 on a single night this week.
keeping warm with a ceiling fan
2012.09.13, Toronto
I hadn't realized that a ceiling fan could be so good for your electricity bill.
here comes Chika
2012.09.12, Toronto
In one of those weird juxtapositions, our friend Chika from Japan may be joining us, along with her husband, for Thanksgiving dinner in Niagara.
camera porn
2012.09.11, Toronto
Mmmmmm, new camera I can't possibly afford.
who me, MSc
2012.09.10, Toronto
I've stumbled into an interesting option to the MBA route I've been investigating: with my upcoming CIA designation I can do an MSc.
everyone's getting certified
2012.09.09, Toronto
Everywhere I look I see people "upgrading their skills".
a new start for a tiny pleco
2012.09.08, Toronto
After the great die-off in my larger aquarium last weekend, I'm going to take a month before buying any new fish.
awoke from falling asleep
2012.09.07, Toronto
Woke at two this morning with a headache and went to lie on the sofa with a stomach full of pills.
my CIA induction begins
2012.09.06, Toronto
I've started studying for the CIA designation.
on governance
2012.09.05, Toronto
In the past, in dealing with internal audit, I often wondered at the perceived value-add of the function.
going to Tokyo
2012.09.05, Toronto
Tonight I met with a young fellow who's planning his first dose of overseas living; in Tokyo.
The Boy's teacher
2012.09.04, Toronto
Mari and I took Kenny to his first "school" classroom in Canada.
aquarium holocaust and a new plan
2012.09.03, Toronto
I've just been through an aquarium holocaust.
To MBA or not to MBA...
2012.08.31, Toronto
Now I'm looking at online MBA and other (e.
photos from a wedding
2012.08.30, Toronto
I've finally managed to get a few pics together from the wedding of Kate and Ben some time ago.
a passport for a baby
2012.08.29, Toronto
So it's audit time again and I'm going nuts.
ridiculous rain
2012.08.28, Toronto
It rained so hard last night it sounded like a bunch of people were dancing on the roof.
creeping aquarium ownership
2012.08.27, Toronto
I'm considering replacing our small second aquarium with a substantially larger one.
lost our son, briefly
2012.08.26, Toronto
The boy now rides his bike so well that it seems he thinks he doesn't need our company while away from the home.
oh my god, that new camera
2012.08.25, Toronto
Hey sexy mama, where you been all my life? Mmmm, camera porn.
so long, MBA idea
2012.08.24, Toronto
Once again, I've looked at doing an MBA.
movies about a crisis
2012.08.23, Toronto
I've now watched two particularly good movies on the financial crisis: "Margin Call" and "Inside Job".
everybody just calm down
2012.08.22, Toronto
Today I had the pleasure of sharing the road with a driver who basically had to have the horn going wherever he went.
taller fish tank
2012.08.21, Toronto
I'm looking at upgrading our little 40 liter aquarium to a 60 liter "tall" variety that would allow us to retain the lid and lamp and filter.
weird bike problem
2012.08.20, Toronto
The problem with my bike seat post constantly sliding down isn't getting any better.
kenny and I had a cycle trip
2012.08.19, Toronto
Kenny and I took a cycle trip today, and reached the tip of Leslie Spit.
and this is why I shaved
2012.08.18, Toronto
I shaved off my entire mustache and beard because I'd gone halfway and everyone around me told me to finish the job.
little Gail
2012.08.17, Toronto
I should get some recent pics of Emma on the website; it's amazing how much she looks like my mum.
a beautiful night
2012.08.16, Toronto
We had a picnic in the back yard of some friends tonight, the weather was spot-on perfect.
apostrophes in email addresses
2012.08.15, Toronto
It turns out that you can put an apostrophe in an email address; I learned this today while corresponding with a client.
bicycle thieves
2012.08.14, Toronto
Yesterday I went to the bike shop to have a small bolt repaired.
kick Michael out of family
2012.08.13, Toronto
Today I was kicked out of my family.
java certificate issuer database "security"
2012.08.13, Toronto
It turns out that in addition to the other shortcomings of the Java environment, there's essentially no security at all on the way it controls certificate authorities.
emperor tetras play rough
2012.08.12, Toronto
One of the new emperor tetras is now swimming around with a great chunk missing from her stomach.
some new tank mates for our aquarium
2012.08.11, Toronto
I went out with Kenny to buy the lightbulbs for the new ceiling fan we had installed above the dining table.
...and rained (so I tinkered with a vacuum cleaner)
2012.08.10, Toronto
It rained hard for two hours this morning; if we weren't caught up to the yearly average by yesterday, we are today.
and then it rained
2012.08.09, Toronto
We've had something like 20% of the rain we expected in Ontario this summer; today morning we caught up with the average.
the garden hose
2012.08.08, St. Catharines
I spent a good part of the day chasing my son around the yard with a garden hose - a substantial part of the day indeed.
african lion safari
2012.08.07, St. Catharines
Today we had a fantastic time with the kids at an outdoor zoo that encourages you to drive through various game reserves.
laid up all day (again)
2012.08.06, St. Catharines
I had a migraine that kept me in bed until after five in the afternoon; for once, my mother had a migraine on the same day.
on vacation
2012.08.05, St. Catharines
We're on vacation; Kenny and I spent much of the afternoon chasing each other around Grandma's yard with a water hose.
farewell my german blue rams
2012.08.04, Toronto
My German blue rams have died, much to my dismay.
hot day to be moving
2012.08.04, Toronto
I just met our new downstairs neighbour; it's 33ºC and he's single-handedly moving his stuff into the apartment.
becoming a man again
2012.08.03, Toronto
Kenny noticed that my beard is coming in again; he told me, "You're becoming a man again!" Um, yes.
vacuum cleaner fun
2012.08.02, Toronto
The Electrolux vacuum cleaner we bought in Japan has stopped working; the local shop says repair is impossible.
delayed flights
2012.08.01, Toronto
We've had such bad weather that everyone heading West has had badly delayed flights.
oh my aching back
2012.07.31, Toronto
Between the new bike and new baby carriage, I'm dealing with a fair bit of back pain these days.
so I'm clean shaved
2012.07.30, Toronto
For the first time since perhaps 2004, I've shaved my beard off.
farewell to the family
2012.07.30, Toronto
After dinner, uncle Ken came for a visit to collect a forgotten pair of sunglasses.
LMT with friends and family
2012.07.29, Toronto
Today we went to see LMT perform at the Beaches Jazz Festival; it's been over 20 years since we started coming out for this band.
the whole family's around
2012.07.28, Toronto
Everyone's here, my brother, mother, and father.
at the museum with my son and my father
2012.07.28, Toronto
Today my father and I took Kenny to the museum to see the new exhibit on dinosaurs from the southern hemisphere.
crapped on by a bird, again
2012.07.28, Toronto
This makes the eleventh time I've been crapped on by a bird.
a wedding in Toronto
2012.07.27, Toronto
My cousin Kate got married today, on the tenth anniversary of their meeting in some high school related activity (in July?).
survived a weird cycling error
2012.07.26, Toronto
I cycled to work today in the rain because I have to be home at 16:30 and cannot rely on transit to make that happen.
tracking the TTC
2012.07.25, Toronto
For some reason, the TTC tracks the location of all of its streetcars, but left it to someone else to publish the information in real time.
beautiful picnic
2012.07.24, Toronto
Another perfect summer day, another perfect picnic.
Oma and Opa meet Emma
2012.07.23, Toronto
Today, Oma and Opa were finally able to meet little Emma.
center island picnic - and how to catch seagulls
2012.07.22, Toronto
We met Jon, Manami, Kii-chan, and The Chako at the ferry terminal just before noon, and spent the day at center island.
aborted jazz
2012.07.21, Toronto
Today we attempted to take in some jazz at the Beaches Jazz Festival, but Kenny had other plans.
kenny sleeps through another indian meal
2012.07.20, Toronto
We went to an Indian restaurant tonight; it's the third time we've been, and it was the third time Kenny slept through the whole thing.
solving the BYOD riddle
2012.07.19, Toronto
This article presents a policy that allows employees to bring their own mobile devices to work, while at the same time avoiding the security and support issues raised.
jon and manami and little kii
2012.07.19, Toronto
My long-time friend Jon and his family are in town; naturally, I ran into them on the street on the way to work.
comedy of errors - father's day gift indeed
2012.07.18, Toronto
I bought something online that was supposed to be a Father's Day gift - it still hasn't been delivered, a month later.
not so sweet hitch-hiker
2012.07.17, Toronto
As I rounded the final corner on my ride in, today, a young fellow on a bike appeared next to me and said, "Thanks for the ride, bro.
what do they do
2012.07.16, Toronto
On top of the building next to where I work, there is a large patio used by the condo-tenants to lounge around all day.
夏祭り in Toronto
2012.07.14, Toronto
Today we attended a "夏祭り", or summertime festival, at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center.
new fish
2012.07.14, Toronto
Today I took Ken out on an expedition to Parliament and Carlton to a pet store for some new fish.
the dusty beaches
2012.07.13, Toronto
I cycled through the humid city this afternoon to meet with friends on the beach for a picnic.
happiness is a new bike
2012.07.12, Toronto
What a difference it makes to ride a new bike; good-bye stiffness in the neck, hello new sore spots in the legs.
new article on bring-your-own-device at work
2012.07.11, Toronto
I've completed the article on the challenge of bringing mobile devices to work that I've been asked to write.
cupcakes and quizzes
2012.07.11, Toronto
I wanted to do some training today, so I used some quizzes and cupcakes.
two offers, today
2012.07.10, Toronto
Today I was offered two opportunities: to write for an ISACA blog; and to teach in Tunisia.
finally bought a bike
2012.07.09, Toronto
I bought a bike today for about half the price of bringing my "old" bike from Japan.
a long trip with Kenny - to the Indy!
2012.07.08, Toronto
I took Kenny on a cycle trip today, to the tip of the Leslie Street spit - from which we could hear the Indy cars screaming in the distance.
the fish kill
2012.07.07, Toronto
Just the other day, I was thinking to myself - wow, it may have been six months or more since the last fish death in our aquaria.
hot as the hinges of southern Ontario
2012.07.06, Toronto
We hit a record temperature of 36°C today, and it was humid.
narcissist test
2012.07.05, Toronto
I took a test today to see if I'm a narcissist; turns out I'm devoid of all ego, an empty ghost of a man.
hearing from an old friend
2012.07.05, Toronto
Once upon a time, I wrote something on this site about my early childhood; today I heard from a friend who found his name there.
an old SRT-101 handed down (again)
2012.07.04, Toronto
A Minolta SRT-101 camera that my mother bought for my father in the early 70's was handed down to me in the 90's and is now my son's.
rainy picnic
2012.07.03, Toronto
We had a picnic with Chinese and Korean food in the back yard of some friends, tonight - hiding from darkening rainclouds we did okay.
the boy's bike is a hit
2012.07.02, Toronto
This weekend I started teaching Kenny how to ride his first pedal-bike; by this evening he was riding unassisted.
an apartment on Craigslist - not so fast
2012.07.02, Toronto
It seems that Craigslist isn't just hookers and bogus sports tickets: scammer rings are now faking apartment ads.
"nothing is enough"
2012.07.01, Toronto
I saw a woman on Queen street with a shirt that read "nothing is enough".
cranky comments on my website
2012.06.29, Toronto
For some reason, I enjoy the odd cranky comment I get on my website - it lets me know that someone's reading.
buh-bye Captain Jack's
2012.06.28, Toronto
I never knew anyone to eat at Captain Jack's floating restaurant in Toronto and come away with a happy tale.
working together again
2012.06.27, Toronto
Today I had the odd experience of holding a business meeting with someone I worked with fifteen to seventeen years ago.
cycling with an old chair
2012.06.26, Toronto
Today I cycled several blocks with a 40-year-old chair on the back of my bike.
the green bike is ready
2012.06.26, Toronto
I've finished repainting the bike for Kenny and have re-assembled the thing - it looks pretty damn good I believe.
never enough green paint when you need it
2012.06.25, Toronto
I've nearly painted Kenny's bike, but have hit a snag - the spray can is empty! Not sure why I didn't foresee that one, I'd already used a fair bit of paint making a toy for him some years ago, and an old spray can of paint tends not to age well.
the half-green bike
2012.06.24, Toronto
Kenny's new bike is coming along nicely: the first coat of final paint is now half done, and I've replaced the white tires with black ones.
kenny's bike is primed
2012.06.23, Toronto
I finally finished stripping the paint off of the bike I'm rebuilding for Kenny, and have started painting the primer.
everybody be cool, this is a false flag
2012.06.22, Toronto
Man o man, now the Syrians have allegedly shot down a NATO jet.
PMP reunion lite
2012.06.21, Toronto
For an informal reunion of our sixty plus PMP exam prep class, all of four people turned out - not much has changed in Toronto I guess.
finally got my bike back
2012.06.20, Toronto
After $82 and five days, I'm finally on my bike again.
reworking a bike for Kenny
2012.06.17, Toronto
So I bought Kenny a $5 used bike that was pink, and decided to repaint it - not knowing that this was a big job.
dogfight at a family barbecue
2012.06.17, Toronto
We had a Father's Day barbecue today, and sadly a dog fight broke out.
bike wearing out
2012.06.15, Toronto
My faithful old bike is wearing out, after only 15 years.
photo of the day once more
2012.06.14, Toronto
I've just discovered that my "photo of the day" widget hasn't been updating in five months.
my new Minolta lens
2012.06.13, Toronto
Today I took the time to walk the alleys near my office with my faithful X-700 and my "new" 35mm lens - it's reinvigorating to create.
the paper cranes auxiliary force
2012.06.12, Toronto
Today, recognizing that my wife and I have plenty of time on our hands, I volunteered our help in making paper cranes for a wedding.
so this is the economy
2012.06.11, Toronto
Even if I didn't have a colicky newborn keeping the two of us up half the night the commotion in Europe would be keeping me up.
drums and sunshine
2012.06.10, Toronto
We went to a drumming festival in Woodbine park today; 'twas brillig.
new lens
2012.06.09, Toronto
Despite unhappy past experiences, I bought a used 35mm lens for my old Minolta gear on ebay - it's arrived and it's a winner.
I wanna look like mungo jerry
2012.06.08, Toronto
And here I didn't think that "In The Summertime" by Mungo Jerry couldn't get any better - and then I saw the video.
more passwords in jeopardy
2012.06.08, Toronto
On Wednesday, someone announced that they'd stolen millions of passwords from LinkedIn; today I had warnings from two more websites.
letting go
2012.06.07, Toronto
Here's the blurb I found on whether investing time in something makes sense.
no, 28 is 28
2012.06.05, Toronto
We didn't get the apartment we wanted, so my commute will stay what it is.
28 becomes 16
2012.06.04, Toronto
It took me 28 minutes to cycle to work today, the first time I've timed it in over a year.
pulled pork - it must be Summertime
2012.06.03, Toronto
Well it was only about 20ºC, certainly not summer; but we had summertime food - pulled pork, hot dogs, and beef-on-a-bun.
fun fair
2012.06.02, Toronto
We went to a fun fair at the school we're trying to get Kenny into; among the fundraising activities was a pro portrait photo session.
kamil is in town
2012.06.01, Toronto
Dr Zaniewski, a friend from half a lifetime ago, made it to our place despite my instructions.
no rain last night
2012.05.31, Toronto
We had a forecast for rain last night, but it simply didn't materialize - again.
everyone's busy, all the time
2012.05.28, Toronto
People are so busy these days that making plans is becoming a matter of "What about the third weekend in June?" Young and single, middle aged with kids, it doesn't seem to matter.
my good name
2012.05.27, Toronto
Wow, someone's asked me to be a reference in applying for a new venture affecting their livelihood.
professional development
2012.05.26, Toronto
Today I went to a "PMP" related "professional development day" - at $280 I think it might just have been worth the money.
2012.05.25, Toronto
I get a steady trickle of comments on this site; but for every real comment there are two anonymous 'bot spam dumps.
Canada's entry to keystone kops police state
2012.05.24, Toronto
Canada's following it's big brother's lead into an era of amateur police statism; it would be funny if .
my ancestors, the "children of peace"
2012.05.23, Toronto
I see from the historical records that a certain idiosyncrasy runs in the family, and I am pleased.
don't worry about the economy
2012.05.22, Toronto
Gee, these gloom and doom merchants never let up.
the Beaches was crazy today
2012.05.21, Toronto
We tried—and failed—to get together with some friends in Toronto's car-choked Beaches area today.
to the zoo!
2012.05.20, Toronto
We did our yearly trek to the zoo today as part of our "all about Kenny" weekend - our way of making up for all of the baby focus of late.
Japanese sports day
2012.05.19, Toronto
Sports day is a big event in the Japanese school year, and today we attended such an event in the Beaches.
so this is Mississauga
2012.05.18, Mississauga
Today, for the first time in years, I had reason to visit Mississauga - Toronto's strictly-for-drivers "other half".
"COB" day
2012.05.17, Toronto
Today our firm had what turned into a rather fun test day; everyone stayed home and attempted to work from there.
the fluoride in Toronto's water
2012.05.16, Toronto
I doubt this will surprise the people who know me, but I'm starting to side with the tinfoil hat wingnuts on the fluoridation of water.
Fiat 500
2012.05.15, Toronto
The car rental agency I deal with insists that there's nothing for me this Friday except a Fiat 500 - dang! I've never sat in one but I'm pretty sure I won't come close to getting my 6'5" frame into the thing.
toronto housing prices
2012.05.14, Toronto
I looked up some figures and have come to an unsurprising conclusion: Toronto's housing prices are unaffordable.
five old cameras
2012.05.13, St. Catharines
We've been helping the family move my step-grandmother out of her condo and into a seniors residence; I've inherited some cameras.
we've fled the city again
2012.05.11, St. Catharines
Hello, Niagara, always a pleasure - especially with Spring in full bloom and the weather beyond coat warm; ahhh.
found some old photos
2012.05.10, Toronto
From time to time I find a batch of photos that somehow didn't make it to my website; today was one of those days.
soaked on my bike again
2012.05.09, Toronto
Yesterday, they forecast 20mm of rain and we had none; today "isolated showers" meant five hours of heavy rain.
no Olympus OM-D for downtown Toronto
2012.05.08, Toronto
"Downtown Camera" in Toronto "will not be carrying" the Olympus OM-D, due to worries over the financial health of Olympus.
way to go, TTC
2012.05.05, Toronto
Today at the last minute I learned that my streetcar will be unavailable until October starting tomorrow.
May the Fourth be with you
2012.05.04, Toronto
Well today was Star Wars Day so of course Kenny and I watched Empire Strikes Back.
another sign of aging
2012.05.04, Toronto
Today I had another sign that I'm getting old—our doctor doesn't remember the cold war.
no cameras at our child's birth
2012.05.01, Toronto
I managed not to have any of my cameras at our daughter's birth.
welcome, Emma Anneliese
2012.05.01, Toronto
Welcome Emma-chan, our dear daughter.
cycling in the snow in late April
2012.04.27, Toronto
So we had 25°C in mid-March, and now we're having snow squalls in late April.
thoughts on the PMP exam (2012 edition)
2012.04.26, Toronto
I found the exam pretty tough; here are my thoughts on the experience and advice for exam takers.
pmp = headhunters
2012.04.25, Toronto
For the first time since I've been back in Canada, a headhunter called me.
child benefits in Canada (our government is crazy)
2012.04.25, Toronto
Applying for the child benefit program (a subsidy of $100/child under 6) in Canada is ridiculously difficult.
paying for PC support
2012.04.24, Toronto
It's come to this - I'm paying for someone to look into a wonky laptop.
what do you mean tax return
2012.04.23, Toronto
I've been so busy with the PMP exam that I've neglected the impending April 30 due date on my tax return.
if there must be trouble
2012.04.22, Toronto
Thomas Paine said, "If there must be trouble let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.
next up: hangliding
2012.04.20, Toronto
Now that that exam is out of the way, it's time to follow on a vow I made a decade ago: to try hangliding.
hello, twitter & facebook
2012.04.19, Toronto
Quite some time ago, my twitterfeed account ceased functioning (and then ceased to be).
michael werneburg, pmp
2012.04.19, Toronto
Well, it took four long hours, but I've written my PMP exam and passed.
PMP exam, here I come
2012.04.18, Toronto
I'm up to a 90% on the practice exams, and I've read as much as I physically could tolerate; I'm as ready as I'm going to be.
an embarrassing discovery
2012.04.17, Toronto
For quite some time we've been living with a great smear of bird crap on the outside of Kenny's bedroom.
onward and upward
2012.04.16, Toronto
I'm up to an average of 86% on my practice quizzes for the PMP exam; with the pass/fail at 61% I'm feeling cautiously optimistic.
stormtrooper smacks his head
2012.04.15, Toronto
Kenny demanded to see Star Wars again today (I've created a four year year old monster).
socializing again
2012.04.14, Toronto
It's been a while since we had a get-together with friends, but today we hosted a couple and their two boys.
PMP preparation
2012.04.13, Toronto
I managed a 74% on my first go-through of a 409-question sample test in preparation for my PMP exam on Thursday.
another ex-expat
2012.04.12, Toronto
Today by happy chance I met a fellow Canadian who's returned from Japan with a Japanese wife.
ghost uses the phone
2012.04.11, Toronto
I was woken in the wee hours by the sound of the phone being off the hook.
mmmm, maple syrup
2012.04.06, Woodbridge, Ontario
It's the very end of a particularly early maple syrup season in southern Ontario this weekend, so Grandma took us to see some being made.
not a real dinosaur
2012.04.10, Toronto
The Easter Bunny brought Kenny a dinosaur egg toy that hatches when the egg is submersed in water.
no wind like a side wind
2012.04.09, Toronto
Had a grueling trek to the office this morning, it took fully ten minutes longer—all due to some wind.
willing to share .. to an extent
2012.04.08, Toronto
When we got home from Niagara today, we learned from the seven-year-old downstairs that she hadn't been on an Easter egg hunt.
adding browser type to CSS
2012.04.05, Toronto
I'm working on a demo system that needs an interface overhaul, and I've found a very helpful trick.
this old bike
2012.04.04, Toronto
Despite having poured $400 into maintaining my old bike and outfitting myself with new panniers etc, I've now saved $500 by cycling.
burning at both ends
2012.04.03, Toronto
My PMP exam is set for the 19th; that's really soon.
sir spam-a-lot
2012.04.02, Toronto
I have a friend who calls me "Sir Spam-a-lot" because of the odd outburst of "spam" on Facebook I cause.
one month on the ttc
2012.04.01, Toronto
In order to study adequately for my PMP exam, I gave up my bike during (most of) March and "rode the rocket".
another generation with migraines
2012.03.30, Toronto
Throughout the afternoon yesterday, Kenny was complaining about a migraine.
paycheque and a reference
2012.03.29, Toronto
During a break at one of my final PMP classes, five of us were having a chat about the cycle of moving from job to job.
25ºC to -2ºC
2012.03.27, Toronto
The weather's abruptly changed, with the daily highs falling from 25ºC to the neighbourhood of 8ºC.
my Mac Mini gets a solid state hard drive
2012.03.26, Toronto
My wife's Macbook Air is basically the best computer I've ever seen; one of its strengths is its lightning fast hard drive.
connecting the dots on the environment - psha!
2012.03.25, Toronto
This video explains why it's best not to connect the dots when observing climate change in its many forms.
sad news on the last day of my PMP class
2012.03.24, Toronto
Today was the last day of my PMP class, and it ended with a bit of a sad note.
the sad state of police state photography
2012.03.22, Toronto
So it's come to this: photographers preparing for photo shoots by first checking in with the police.
more pics from last year
2012.03.20, Toronto
I've completed, at long last, the photo set from our vacation last summer.
tennis in a Canadian winter
2012.03.19, Toronto
So much for the Winter that wasn't: today I saw some people playing tennis.
an old short story, revisited
2012.03.18, Toronto
While debugging an issue on my website this morning, I discovered that the one short story I'd posted to the site was missing.
st. patricks day of the dead
2012.03.17, Toronto
Tonight as I made my way home through a curiously persistent mist, my route was dogged by small groups of stumbling, mumbling zombies.
new website in a week
2012.03.16, Toronto
Some things never change.
$1750 doesn't buy much rental living in Toronto
2012.03.14, Toronto
I'm still amazed at how much rents have climbed in Toronto since I left back in '05.
no class, kajiji folk
2012.03.13, Toronto
I dislike buying things through classified ads, and that did not change this week.
the fetus report
2012.03.12, Toronto
Mari's been to another check-up, and all looks well with the pregnancy.
Mmmm, gluten-free beer that's okay...
2012.03.06, Toronto
For my birthday, I treated myself to the "gourmet" burger place across the street, which turns out to have a gluten free beer.
words to live by
2012.03.02, Toronto
Two quotes caught my attention today: Illusions commend themselves to us because they save us pain and allow us to enjoy pleasure instead.
PR applications and babies
2012.02.27, Toronto
Recently, an immigrant mother with a Canadian citizen husband gave birth in a hotel because she had no medical insurance.
oh PMP, you odd duck
2012.02.25, Toronto
Today at my "project management professional" certification exam prep class, the instructor told us something that amazed me.
kenny, "inner-city" student
2012.02.24, Toronto
This morning we dodged the simultaneous snow-and-rain to take The Boy to see the school we hope to get him into this Autumn.
so this is sleet
2012.02.24, Toronto
I'd always taken 'sleet' to mean 'freezing rain' but it turns out there's a different kind, and that's what we have today.
toronto model rail society
2012.02.19, Toronto
We went to see a large permanent model train layout today in the "Liberty Village" area.
the traffic's back
2012.02.18, Toronto
Silly me, the traffic to my website hadn't budged—I'd just stopped recording most of the traffic, somehow.
moving is tough
2012.02.15, Toronto
It seems that the rental market in Toronto's gotten a lot tougher of late.
my father-in-law, the photographer
2012.02.14, Toronto
Back in 2006 or maybe 2007, I bought my father-in-law a small point and shoot 6MP camera.
parenting, Beaches style
2012.02.12, Toronto
Once in a while I worry that I don't always do or say the best thing while in parent mode; sometimes I'm reassured. traffic's collapsed
2012.02.10, Toronto
No doubt about it, traffic to emuu.
near death on the 501 Queen Street E streetcar
2012.02.07, Toronto
The Queen Street streetcar follows a very long route, a distance made worse by cutting right through the worst congestion in the city's centre.
socializing again - and planning to move
2012.02.05, Toronto
We met with some of our new friends and fellow parents-of-small-children in Leslieville/Riverside again today.
a birthday party
2012.02.04, Toronto
We attended a birthday party for Kenny's friend Nikolai.
chatting with strangers - in Toronto?
2012.02.04, Toronto
It's not often that I find myself approached by chatty strangers in this city, but tonight was an exception.
oh, USS Enterprise, say it ain't so
2012.02.03, Toronto
The Americans have just sailed the USS Enterprise into the Persian Gulf - this strikes me as odd.
someone dares question Monsanto
2012.01.29, Toronto
It looks like some farmers are taking Monsanto to court.
a small affair for a boy who's four
2012.01.28, Toronto
After my PMP study class today, I got home in time for the arrival of my mother and aunt for a small party for Kenny.
oh great, it's yakudoshi
2012.01.27, Toronto
I'm now carrying a Japanese good luck symbol around, because I'm soon to turn 41, and in Japan that's very bad news.
autumn in Ontario
2012.01.26, Toronto
Shooting film, it's not unusual for me to be editing photos from the season prior.
catching a streetcar
2012.01.25, Toronto
I've been meaning to record a strange event from about two weeks ago: I caught a streetcar by catching up to it on foot.
amazon's support is everything they say it is
2012.01.24, Toronto
The bottom of my Kindle developed a problem where the USB port wasn't seated properly; I called Amazon and they sent me a new one.
2012.01.22, Toronto
We went to the home of some friends to celebrate the Chinese new year this afternoon.
Linda Penwarden Jewellery
2012.01.21, Toronto
For Christmas, I bought my wife a pearl bracelet that she really loves.
PMP course progressing
2012.01.21, Toronto
I had my third class in the PMP course today.
what is our currency
2012.01.21, Toronto
Today I came across an interesting explanation of what our currency holdings really are.
Mari's health card is here!
2012.01.16, Toronto
After a year and two weeks in the country, Mari's health insurance card arrived today, and will be active on the 20th.
back to the museum
2012.01.15, Toronto
It was a sunny gorgeous day, today; naturally, I took Kenny to the museum.
socializing again .. where will this end!
2012.01.14, Toronto
My cousin Kate the actress and her fiancé invited us to a party to celebrate four things: 1) his birthday 2) her birthday 3) the new year 4) their engagement Amazing, Mari found a card suited the occasion.
...and even sicker
2012.01.12, Toronto
I went back to work yesterday thinking that all was better -- nope! Today was even worse: a higher fever joined by a strong lassitude.
ugh, sick and feverish
2012.01.10, Toronto
My first cold of the year, and I'm dizzy with fever.
skating with my family
2012.01.08, Toronto
Mari's pregnant and can't go out on the ice, and I never learned to skate*, but today we took Kenny skating.
what's this .. socializing?
2012.01.06, Toronto
Tonight we met for a potluck dinner with some friends, and friends of theirs.
back online
2012.01.03, Toronto
We've been without home Internet service since the morning of December 23.
new year starts off right
2012.01.02, Toronto
Last night we went to a great Indian restqurant in the Beaches called Delhi Cafe.
welcome 2012
2012.01.01, Toronto
I'm looking forward to 2012, and hopefully a break from the themes of tedium and toil that marked 2011.
must be back in Toronto
2011.12.28, Toronto
I can tell I'm back in the city of Toronto: I made a comment to a woman on an elevator and she completely ignored me.
Santa has been!
2011.12.25, St. Catharines
Kenny's not an early riser, and even the prospect of seeing Santa (or at least new presents) wasn't enough to get him up before nine! But after that, it was an orgy of gift opening.
X'mas eve in Niagara
2011.12.24, St. Catharines
We've spent the day in St Catharines at "Grandma's", where a lucky little boy opened some presents.
the fastest drive across the city .. ever
2011.12.23, St. Catharines
Somehow, today turned out to be the fastest drive I've ever made across the city.
taking care of my health
2011.12.22, Toronto
Turns out that I'm actually doing something right for my health.
teetering on the edge of a migraine
2011.12.21, Toronto
I woke up early with a migraine this morning and couldn't shake it - it was getting progressively worse when I tried a desperate cure.
the audit is in the bag
2011.12.21, Toronto
Our auditors just provided their favourable Section 5970 report on our hosted software solution.
flooded facebook again
2011.12.21, Toronto
I've hooked up my RSS feed to Facebook again, and managed to once again spam everyone there who knows me.
it's a girl
2011.12.20, Toronto
Mari's been to the ultrasound; the technician says it's 70% likely that our next child will be a girl.
hit by a car, today
2011.12.20, Toronto
If I'm ever going to be again struck by a minivan while cycling, then let it be today's type of low-speed impact.
last minute shopping for X'mas
2011.12.19, Toronto
What do you get for the loving wonderful wife who has everything, when you're X'mas shopping at the last minute? Something from the Internet.
X'mas at the distillery district
2011.12.16, Toronto
Tonight we met Geoff and Mariko-san at the distillery district to take in the X'mas do that they're hosting.
piece of shit, indeed
2011.12.15, Toronto
A pirate who sits in our parliament stirred some feathers when he mistook a dessicated Conservative fossil for faeces.
rss can be dang finicky
2011.12.13, Toronto
It looks like my website's updates aren't getting to Facebook or Twitter again.
one small step for a man, one giant leap for an audit
2011.12.12, Toronto
The denouement is now done - we've negotiated a final draft of the audit report.
finished my class, got an 86%
2011.12.10, Toronto
Since I graduated from University for the last time, back in 1994, I haven't been back until this year.
the boy loves snow
2011.12.09, Toronto
Kenny was literally out the door earlier than I was this morning.
what could go wrong, did go wrong
2011.12.08, Toronto
Four blocks from the office, the rear tire on my bike went flat.
goodbye, uncle Ken
2011.12.07, Toronto
Uncle Ken was in North York today, working with clients - a visit to the Beaches was the last thing on his mind.
so much studying, so little time
2011.12.06, Toronto
I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to go back to University at this stage in my life.
uncle Ken is at my house, my house
2011.12.05, Toronto
After work, I met with my brother Ken and headed to the Beaches for a dinner with the family.
rare family gathering
2011.12.04, St. Catharines
Today, as my mum pointed out, all of her surviving immediate family was seated at a table together.
perfecting LCD Soundsystem
2011.12.03, St. Catharines
It seems that simply knowing a single line from the song wasn't enough for the boy; he's now learned three or four lines.
the phantom lunch
2011.12.02, Toronto
An old friend missed a lunch today because his employer's email system badly delayed his inbound mail.
my first X'mas party in four years
2011.12.01, Toronto
I attended my first company X'mas party since 2007, tonight.
the boy likes LCD Soundsystem
2011.11.30, Toronto
My son likes LCD Soundsystem; I couldn't be prouder.
30 minute no-show? gotta be the TTC
2011.11.29, Toronto
It was raining pretty steadily this morning, so I decided to take the streetcar to work; stupid move.
entered a photo contest
2011.11.27, Toronto
It wasn't good enough for "1x dot com", but I've submitted a favourite pic to the "Exposure" photo contest by "Artists Wanted".
facebook gets japanese
2011.11.26, Toronto
When I lived in Japan, none of my Japanese friends and coworkers were using Facebook.
Acer, back from the dead
2011.11.25, Toronto
My beloved 2005 Acer laptop died this evening - the optical drive was making funny noises; when I popped it out and in, the system died.
cheated in love
2011.11.25, Toronto
Today Kenny wounded me grievously.
too dark, too soon
2011.11.24, Toronto
I'd forgotten what it's like, living in this city in the Winter - it gets dark so soon! The other day I had lunch with one of Toronto's millions of foreigners.
new photos for Kenny's website (at last)
2011.11.23, Toronto
The now private website on which we're documenting our son's life has finally been updated with some pics from this Summer and Autumn.
Acer Iconia 6886
2011.11.22, Toronto
In my Marketing class, we've been asked to evaluate a product from humble PC manufacturer Acer.
growing up to be Daddy
2011.11.21, Toronto
So it turns out that I, too, as a three year old, told my mother that I wanted to grow up to be like Daddy.
santa clause parade
2011.11.20, Toronto
Today a stranger threw something at me on the street; I picked up the small piece of plastic and put it in my mouth.
new pannier
2011.11.19, Toronto
I've finally replaced the panniers I bought in 2005; rather than get two of the slim ones as I've been using, I bought a single fat one.
cycling in the snow
2011.11.18, Toronto
It's gotten cold early this year, or anyway colder by far than it was last year at this time.
total debt by country - 2011
2011.11.17, Toronto
Now for a bit of good news about the world's largest economies; just kidding.
let the system burn, we need a new one
2011.11.17, Toronto
Our economy and civilization is clearly going through some kind of evolutionary period right now.
unexpected windfall for cycle commuters
2011.11.17, Toronto
I cycle to work, where I have a consulting contract with a client; it turns out that this allows me to discount my cycling costs.
week of TTC cancelled
2011.11.16, Toronto
I couldn't make it work - a week of transit was just too much for me.
week of TTC (day two)
2011.11.15, Toronto
Today's driver actually said, "This is my streetcar!" A fellow had entered the streetcar by the back door - a move that's acceptable by policy that is posted at every entrance to every street car on the Queen Street line.
week of TTC (day one)
2011.11.14, Toronto
My backlog of reading is so severe that I'm taking transit this week instead of riding my bike; today the driver was a "ringer".
ammonia spike
2011.11.13, Toronto
It seems that the last time I went about uprooting all the gravel in the tank I may have upset the aquarium's nitrogen cycle.
Kenny and me on TV
2011.11.13, Toronto
I've found the twenty-second clip of Kenny and me that appeared on the news on Saturday night.
toronto's new streetcars
2011.11.12, Toronto
We went to see the open house for Toronto's new streetcars.
remembrance day
2011.11.11, Toronto
I managed to remember a moment of silence, today, but that was as far as any observance went; I wish this was a national holiday.
perspective and the electricity bill
2011.11.10, Toronto
I was fretting that our electricity bill is rarely south of $50 for a month; then Mari reminded me that in Tokyo we paid $100 a month! Happily, it turns out that we can write off a portion of that bill, as we're using about 20% of our apartment for office space.
spread too thin
2011.11.09, Toronto
There's a chance that I've spread myself too thinly this Autumn; I'm passing out before Kenny does in the evening, then waking at 5.
now with advertisements
2011.11.08, Toronto
I've added some new advertisements to emuu.
okay, Reichmann, okay
2011.11.07, Toronto
Yeah yeah yeah, I'm not listening a blah blah blah, can't afford a camera now, not going to look (again).
it's tax time—more belt tightening
2011.11.06, Toronto
I'm an independent IT contractor, and I bill my current client through my incorporated business.
another book of photos
2011.11.05, Toronto
At each Christmas since Kenny was born, I've been making photo books to commemorate his year.
2011.11.04, Toronto
The boss fella spotted me on the way to work today; apparently I zipped by his car on my bike.
"thanks for the lift"
2011.11.03, Toronto
The elevators were on the blink today at the office, and the security guard was manually making them work with a key.
the new austerity program .. in our house
2011.11.02, Toronto
With a second child on the way and no health insurance for my wife, we're going to have some bills.
it's palindrome time!
2011.11.02, Toronto
I just realized that it's another palindrome date.
five year anniversary
2011.11.01, Toronto
It's been five years with my darling Mari-chan: today was the anniversary of the paperwork at the Minato city hall.
one year, already!
2011.10.31, Toronto
Tomorrow will be the anniversary of my return to Toronto from Canada; at the time I had no job or home, and was alone.
you can call me vegeburger
2011.10.30, Toronto
I got another funny wrong name today; my computer's spell check thinks my name should be "Vegeburger".
farewall middle class, we barely knew ye
2011.10.30, Toronto
Been watching some interesting vids of late, that talk about what's going on in our society and why.
didn't bomb the exam after all
2011.10.29, Toronto
So it turns out that I got the highest mark in the class on Thursday's exam.
Anonymous and Shakespeare
2011.10.28, Toronto
I met my friends Geoff and Mariko-san and two of their friends in seeing the movie "Anonymous" tonight.
the only Jew on Duncan street
2011.10.28, Toronto
Today, the "only Jew on Duncan street" came to our rescue.
bombed an exam
2011.10.27, Toronto
I never, ever know what to expect from exams when I've completed them, but being the first student to leave the room can't be good.
my first $1 US coin
2011.10.26, Toronto
Today I noticed a funny looking loony in my carry-around change; turns out it was a $1 coin from the US.
I saw a fox on my street, today
2011.10.25, Toronto
I had a special treat today; I saw a fox on our street, a beautiful thing with luscious fur and a calm bearing.
my year of bad luck
2011.10.24, Toronto
So it turns out that I'm in the middle of a two year run of "bad luck", according to Japanese lore.
kenny's first jack-o-lantern
2011.10.23, Toronto
When we lived in Tokyo, we never made a Jack O' Lantern for Kenny; who would, when pumpkins cost $50! But we've made one this year (woohoo, $3 Niagara pumpkins!), a smiling fellow with a single buck tooth and happy eyes.
manufacturer links to its retailers—at last!
2011.10.23, Toronto
You know, this is such a no-brainer that it really shouldn't have come as a (pleasant) surprise.
small town in a big city
2011.10.21, Toronto
Toronto has always had a certain anonymity to it, once you're away from certain niche populations.
mari is a permanent resident
2011.10.20, Toronto
Today we went to the border crossing at Niagara Falls and "flagpoled"; Mari is now a permanent resident of Canada.
free photo book for the iPad
2011.10.20, Toronto
You can now download my photo book for the iPad; and for a short time, it's free.
mari's passport is (almost) in hand
2011.10.19, Toronto
It turns out that we've been waiting for a passport that's been with the local post office for a week! We sent our passport back to the visa office in Tokyo on September 26.
why Acer should quit the PC business
2011.10.18, Toronto
An assignment in my Marketing course: advise Acer on whether to buy the Hewlett Packard PC division.
a big project, winding down
2011.10.17, Toronto
I spent the entire day today working on a single document for the audit; pushing paperwork is basically my entire job now.
one face, many ethnicities
2011.10.15, Toronto
The fellow who sold me my aquarium today guessed that I was of "East European" origin; specifically, he thought maybe Serbian or Czech.
the fish swap (and aquarium creep)
2011.10.15, Toronto
Today I took our thirteen-year-old clown loach to the pet store in exchange for some smaller fish.
iPads with keyboards
2011.10.12, Toronto
In the course I'm taking, I've been watching for signs of iPad use among the ~20 year old students that make up the majority.
the TTC strikes again
2011.10.11, Toronto
It was raining pretty heavily tonight after work, and rain seems to cause delays with the streetcar.
a bully no more
2011.10.11, Toronto
I've taken steps to remove a bully that's been plaguing our lives recently.
a heated holiday
2011.10.10, St. Catharines
We set off for Short Hills provincial park just after lunch today, but never made it.
and now for a feast
2011.10.09, Oakville
I can't recall having had too many feasts prepared by a lawyer-in-waiting, but that's what happened today.
"what a great day"
2011.10.08, St. Catharines
"Canada is a great country," my wife said, as we hiked through the changing autumn colours.
indian summer
2011.10.07, St. Catharines
It's well over 20ºC, where a week before it was 8ºC—this year's weather has been crazier than ever.
everyone hates charities on the street
2011.10.06, Toronto
So it turns out that I'm not alone in tiring of those people who pester you on the street in the name of charities.
an eight month audit comes to a close
2011.10.05, Toronto
We wrapped up the audit today, an eight month project that's now succeeded.
we're having a second child
2011.10.05, Toronto
Mari went to an ultrasound clinic today, and it seems that she's carrying a healthy and stable fetus.
touring the changing colours
2011.10.03, Toronto
We hopped into our rental car and drove to Bala today on a tour of the autumn colours.
a visitor from Japan
2011.10.02, Toronto
We're hosting our first visitor from Japan: "aunt" Yaguchi Miwako.
what kenny grows up, he wants to be...
2011.10.02, Toronto
When prompted with the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?", Kenny today answered, "Daddy.
a north wind
2011.10.02, Toronto
Our friend Yaguchi-san is visiting; sadly, her visit coincides with an extremely rare north wind and it's currently 10C.
are environmentalists working for the saudis
2011.10.01, Toronto
Today I saw an informal talk by a prominent Canadian author/broadcaster/journalist who made several interesting claims.
acer versus hewlett packard
2011.09.29, Toronto
In my marketing course we've been assigned a project to evaluate whether Acer should make a play for HP's PC unit.
the eternal audit
2011.09.28, Toronto
Another long day with the auditor, this time eleven hours of systems security, hiring processes, and managing key systems.
Kenny's website under lock and key
2011.09.27, Toronto
Kenny's website is now private, reflecting our realization that the boy will want some privacy as his independence grows.
learning to skate
2011.09.27, Toronto
Kenny's going for his introduction to ice skating tomorrow, and needs some equipment.
an ode to autumn
2011.09.24, Toronto
Day after day, the sky turns grey, and the leaves are crisp again.
the TTC is driving me crazy
2011.09.23, Toronto
Today the streetcar arrived after I'd been waiting for twenty-five minutes - the third such delay in a week.
my first bagel in fifteen years
2011.09.22, Toronto
This morning I ate my first bagel in fifteen years.
Kenny's lego years have begun
2011.09.21, Toronto
Last night I gave Kenny some Lego (not toddler's Duplo) to play with, and he hasn't stopped making planes and buses since.
32 kilometer doh!
2011.09.20, Toronto
I took Kenny to Fairview Mall to see the Lego store, but the store wasn't yet open—a 32 kilometer "D'oh!" Thanks a lot, Lego website, for listing the store as open among your paltry three stores in Canada.
canoeing to the outer harbour
2011.09.18, Toronto
I found myself in a canoe for the first time in years, today.
two hours to travel 15 kilometers
2011.09.17, Toronto
It took me two hours to travel about fifteen kilometers today.
chilly cycling
2011.09.16, Toronto
Summer's gone, that's for sure: already I'm cycling to work in my Autumn sweatpants, long since hopeless stained with chain oil.
my descent into evil
2011.09.15, Toronto
When I started my career, I often butted heads with Marketing types; now I'm training to become one.
$15 electrical engineer
2011.09.15, Toronto
Today on the way to class I spotted a sign posted by an out of work electrical engineer who would accept any work for $15 an hour.
a lost cat and a missing streetcar
2011.09.15, Toronto
As I was heading out the door this morning, I noticed that a cat had somehow gotten on our roof.
the boy and the train voyage
2011.09.12, Toronto
I'm particularly pleased with one of the images from our recent trip to the Agawa canyon train tour.
midlife crisis mobile blunder
2011.09.11, Toronto
Today I managed to wedge my foot well into my mouth.
car crush photos
2011.09.08, Toronto
Here are some pics of the car under the toppled half of the willow tree that came down during the storm last week.
blowing east and blowing west
2011.09.07, Toronto
I saw something last night I'd never seen before: a bank of low clouds blowing briskly west under a high deck that was hurtling east.
old entrance to the ROM
2011.09.06, Toronto
I have no idea why they decommissioned the old entrance to the Royal Ontario Museum - so much classier than the new one.
back-to-school special on tattoos
2011.09.06, Toronto
I passed a shop advertising "sizzling back-to-school deals!" It was a tattoo shop.
black and white butterflies everywhere
2011.09.05, Toronto
Butterflies can be maddeningly difficult to photograph - especially when you remember that you're shooting black and white film.
my toronto to pickering cycle trip
2011.09.05, Toronto
This summer I took a cycle trip to lovely PIckering, Ontario; now I have some photos to share.
pics from a play
2011.09.04, Toronto
A few weeks ago I attended a play in Hamilton with my (extended) family.
something's happening here, what it is...
2011.09.03, St. Catharines
We're visiting with grandma today, and the first thing I noticed on her street was the giant heap of household belongings.
visit to a childhood home
2011.09.03, Beamsville, Ontario
Today, on the way to the city of my birth, I visited the farm where I lived as a child.
took a spill on my bike
2011.09.02, Toronto
It's funny; I was involved in several collisions in Tokyo, but all of my bicycle mishaps in Canada have been solo.
a death in the community (aquarium)
2011.09.01, Toronto
Somehow, for the first time in my checkered aquarium keeper's career, I've lost a plecostomus.
cn tower, here I come again
2011.09.01, Toronto
Fifteen years ago, I climbed the CN Tower; not having learned my lesson, I'm climbing those stairs again.
"dream of bird shit on my head"
2011.08.31, Toronto
The #2 search that brought people to my website yesterday was "dream of bird shit on my head".
new photos from the streets of Toronto
2011.08.30, Toronto
In early July I encountered a street performance by a troupe of ladies performing atop long flexible poles.
a delightful dinner away from .. that sort
2011.08.29, Toronto
We had pricey pizzas for dinner tonight to celebrate my darling wife's "75th" birthday.
working the Japanese network in Toronto
2011.08.28, Toronto
I went into a card shop for a birthday card for my wife, and found just the thing - in the section for 75 year olds.
osx lion upgrade fails
2011.08.27, Toronto
Today I upgraded to OSX "Lion" -- then I downgraded again.
images of our summer in Ontario
2011.08.26, Toronto
At long last, I've managed to get some photos of Kenny from this summer on web site.
ice and the great lakes: the plot thickens
2011.08.25, Toronto
So it seems I'm not the only skeptic of the theory that glaciers created the Great Lakes of North America.
more fun news from fukushima
2011.08.24, Toronto
Oh no, the Fukushima incident is making me jaded and cynical! But then again, why not? Thanks to R1ck for the link.
fukushima is still not right
2011.08.22, Toronto
A friend in Tokyo passed on some interesting sites that are collecting news on the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster.
car crushed by a tree
2011.08.21, Toronto
As we returned Geoff's tent and other loaners and did some shopping, the clear skies and strong sun gave way to dark clouds.
driven by rain (to a genuine izakaya)
2011.08.20, Toronto
It rained all day at the cottage, so we decided by early afternoon to just head home.
freshwater ferry and an inexplicable hill
2011.08.19, Victoria Harbour, Ontar
Today Kenny and I spent the morning playing on the small private beach in front of the "lodge" while Mari packed.
the freshwater sea and the home of god
2011.08.18, Manitoulin
We're on Manitoulin island, the world's largest freshwater island and in myth the home of Manitou, the creator of the universe.
glimpses of Agawa
2011.08.17, Sault Ste Marie, Ontari
Today we took a train tour north of the Sault to the famous Agawa canyon, a scene of terrific beauty and dramatic vistas etc.
visiting with an old friend
2011.08.16, Sault Ste Marie, Ontari
I don't have many friends in Canada any more, and yet this year I've visited the homes of two friends I met nearly twenty years ago.
into the North
2011.08.15, Killarney
What a day! We left the cottage at 10:30 and headed up the highway through Parry Sound and into the vast northern portion of the province.
the failed colony among the Wendat
2011.08.14, Victoria Harbour, Ontar
We visited "Ste Marie among the Huron" today, a remake of the failed French colony that was built 1200 kilometers from Quebec City near the south shore of Lake Huron.
2011 vacation part two begins
2011.08.13, Victoria Harbour, Ontar
Tonight we're staying at my late grandfather's cottage in Victoria Harbour, Ontario and we'll be sleeping in a tent.
home again, home again
2011.08.12, Toronto
We got home this evening by train: I am so glad we didn't drive.
technology museum
2011.08.11, Ottawa
I've been told that there are some 46 museums in Ottawa, and I'm inclined to believe it.
the ottawa contingent
2011.08.10, Ottawa
Today we took the train to Ottawa to visit with my Aunt Maureen and Uncle Ulli.
stumbling round mount royal
2011.08.09, Montreal
Today we did a fair bit of walking - more even than we wanted.
alligators and surfers
2011.08.08, Montreal
Today we got an earlyish start and went to Montreal's "Biodome".
the old city of montreal
2011.08.07, Montreal
We spent the day in Montreal's old city, today.
so this is Montreal...
2011.08.06, Montreal
We've only been in Montreal for a few hours but it's already struck us as pretty cool; but then attending a lively wedding reception helps.
and now to relax...
2011.08.05, Kingston
We're in Kingston, Ontario.
the jetlagged family
2011.08.04, Toronto
It's kind of fun being the only one in the house not severely jet-lagged; it's like being the designated driver for some drunks.
2011.08.03, Toronto
Did I ever have a strange trip in to work this morning.
meanwhile, in fukushima
2011.08.02, Toronto
Another new record-high radioactivity reading at the stricken Fukushima power plant today, according to NHK.
camping in killarney
2011.08.01, Toronto
I spent most of the day preparing for our upcoming vacation.
"new" lens
2011.07.30, Toronto
An old incident has been resolved at last.
a new abscess
2011.07.29, Toronto
I've now got a new skin abscess on the go.
I am not a software engineer
2011.07.29, Toronto
Someone at work sent me an interesting article decrying the absence of software engineering.
thank god for electric six
2011.07.28, Toronto
My brother and his wife were passing through town on their way to Peru today.
e-bikes, cars, and bicycles
2011.07.27, Toronto
Electric bicycles have joined the traffic on Toronto's streets, and I'm not a fan.
one thing leads to another (how rain causes hunger)
2011.07.26, Toronto
It was raining pretty hard yesterday morning.
questions, I get questions
2011.07.25, Toronto
One interesting outcome of my attempt at launching a business in Japan is that I'm still getting queries on how it's all done.
sundays are for migraines
2011.07.24, Toronto
Staggered off the couch at around one with a left side headache that felt just like a day-long weather headache.
watching the clothes go 'round
2011.07.23, Toronto
Well it must be Saturday, I've accomplished little other than laundry.
jazz in the beaches
2011.07.22, Toronto
Came home pretty burned out from work, today.
cringing in the actor van
2011.07.21, Hamilton
Tonight I did some unusual things.
identity theft, episode I, chapter five
2011.07.20, Toronto
I'm off the hook for the charges and the credit check that came about from the identity theft.
who is that boy
2011.07.19, Toronto
As I was heading out the door this morning my wife called for the first time since they've been gone.
wrong again,
2011.07.18, Toronto
I don't know why I bother with Toronto weather reports.
six hour cycle trip - to Pickering!
2011.07.17, Toronto
Today I set off at nine o'clock with the vague notion of heading east.
being with Toronto but thinking of Montreal
2011.07.16, Toronto
We're planning a trip to Montreal next month, and tonight I went out for some books about that city.
fish rescue fails
2011.07.16, Toronto
One of the wee loaches has died after all.
I am not a cop
2011.07.15, Toronto
Today two fellows sharing a joint hid the thing from me as I approached on my bike -- taken for a policeman again! It happens every now and then.
guys night
2011.07.14, Toronto
I had dinner and drinks with my old boss from EDS, who's now at a firm that makes software that my employer sells.
all work and no play
2011.07.13, Toronto
With the family away, I have to fight the urge to just stay at the office all evening.
the new torchwood's here
2011.07.12, Toronto
What a crap day.
a strom has come to chicago
2011.07.11, Chicago
Mari and Kenny didn't make it to Tokyo, today.
living easy
2011.07.10, Toronto
We attempted to do as little as possible today.
swimming in water (for free)
2011.07.09, Toronto
Today we got out at the crack of noon and went to a swimming pool.
flower girls on tall stalks
2011.07.08, Toronto
Tonight by happy chance I came across a trio of performance artists swaying on tall stalks in long flower-shaped dresses.
cycling with the boy again (no fatalities)
2011.07.07, Toronto
We took the boy down to the beach with his new balance bike.
tonight I broke the neck of a sparrow
2011.07.06, Toronto
It started out so nicely.
fish rescue (not too late)
2011.07.05, Toronto
Both of the tiny skinny fishes are responding well to having been plucked from starvation.
fish rescue (maybe too late)
2011.07.04, Toronto
Two of the young clown loaches in our aquarium have been struggling.
2011.07.03, Niagara Falls
This morning we set out to do two things: visit a butterfly conservatory and buy my mother some furniture.
water balloons
2011.07.02, St. Catharines
The highlight of the day was the piña col^H^H^H^H playing with a water hose in the back yard.
the long journey
2011.07.01, St. Catharines
Today we celebrated the anniversary of our nation's creation by sitting in traffic for three and a half hours.
aquarium wars continue
2011.06.30, Toronto
I had a scare, recently, with the condition of the Pleco in our fish tank.
it's hard to ever trust again
2011.06.29, Toronto
I've overcome my recent bad experience and have dared to trust again.
comments on my photobook
2011.06.28, Toronto
It turns out that when you ask friends to have a look at something you've made they sometimes respond nicely.
twelve hour day, and what do you get
2011.06.27, Toronto
I've come to the conclusion that running an audit from start to finish strikes me as a difficult way of making a living.
dawn of the raccoon
2011.06.26, Toronto
This morning I ran into Kenny's room, seized him up and took him to the window to show him a mama raccoon and two kits.
photos from a celebration
2011.06.26, Toronto
Today's set of photos comes from a celebration that took place a mere three weeks ago.
photos from a fundraiser
2011.06.25, Toronto
I've assembled some photos from a fundraiser that we participated in.
feeling confident
2011.06.24, Toronto
A while ago I entered a photo book competition.
once more unto the breach, dear friends
2011.06.23, Toronto
Late this afternoon I got word from our auditor.
listen to your bicycle
2011.06.22, Toronto
As previously noted, I'm riding a fifteen year old, third-hand bicycle.
Fukushima and the US Pacific Northwest
2011.06.22, Toronto
All's well that ends with a refutation, and today it's the "35% increase in infant deaths" in the US North West.
MEC to the rescue
2011.06.22, Toronto
Last Thursday, my bike lock smashed into many pieces quite unexpectedly.
on occasion I do actually watch TV
2011.06.21, Toronto
Recently Mari and I watched a season of Doctor Who.
what's happening in Fukushima?
2011.06.20, Toronto
I was just passed a new (to me) article on Fukushima.
identity theft, episode I, chapter four
2011.06.20, Toronto
One of the member's of Toronto's 52 division's anti-fraud unit called to follow up on the mobile phone fraud incident from last month.
14 years and what do you get
2011.06.20, Toronto
Yahoo sent me a funny email on the weekend.
headhunters in Japan
2011.06.20, Toronto
For several years, it was possible for foreigners with sub-standard Japanese to make a living in Tokyo working in the financial field.
unsure of the benefit for using facebook
2011.06.18, Toronto
I found something interesting on the use of Facebook in Japan.
rental bikes in Toronto
2011.06.17, Toronto
This Spring, rental bikes appeared on the streets.
canada and japan under stress
2011.06.17, Toronto
A friend of mine pointed out a sad comparison between Canada and Japan.
another theft on the TTC
2011.06.16, Toronto
One of my coworkers bought herself a new smart phone yesterday.
the antics of google
2011.06.15, Toronto
A couple of days ago, Google abruptly cut off the service by which I've been hosting my emuu.
counting the dead in Japan
2011.06.15, Toronto
One of the things that's really struck me about the situation in Japan is the low death count.
free bicycle
2011.06.14, Toronto
It's "free bicycle" day in Toronto.
google screw me again
2011.06.14, Toronto
I had a message from Google this morning telling me that they wanted to transition the account I pay for, to some new infrastructure.
string of migraines
2011.06.13, Toronto
I've been enduring a real string of migraines of late.
spring time is for machetes
2011.06.12, Toronto
Today I hacked at several trees on our property with a machete.
chopsticks pick-pocket
2011.06.12, Toronto
Today we joined our downstairs neighbours in going to a Korean restaurant in the Christie Korea-town.
swim-meet, shoes, and failing to rain
2011.06.11, Toronto
Our downstairs neighbours invited us to the swim-meet that their daughters were participating in.
cycling in the city
2011.06.10, Toronto
Today the weather was just about perfect for cycling.
community bulletin board
2011.06.09, Toronto
In response to a couple of recent incidents, I'm putting together a forum for people in "The Beaches"; a place for communication, basically.
fixing the brakes
2011.06.09, Toronto
I've had some sloppy responses from the front brake on my bike of late.
record heat in toronto
2011.06.08, Toronto
A record day for temperature in Toronto and much of southern Ontario today.
who wears short shorts
2011.06.07, Toronto
The first thing I saw as I cycled away from home today was a teenage girl walking up our street.
the return of doctor who
2011.06.06, Toronto
Tonight I thought to check whether the next season of Doctor Who had started at long, long, last.
USA goes to the moon .. or not
2011.06.05, Toronto
I saw this yesterday on the recommendation of a friend.
photos of collingwood
2011.06.04, Toronto
I've added some images from our recent visit to the Collingwood area together.
lousy elevator ride
2011.06.03, Toronto
The elevators in our building are notorious for their poor behaviour; today I had my first real taste of their dysfunction.
doors open toronto, 2011
2011.06.02, Toronto
I've put together some photos from the "Doors Open Toronto" 2011 event.
I am getting old
2011.06.01, Toronto
Today I took advantage of the suddenly warm weather to do some reading on the balcony outside our 8th floor office.
mutilated child corpse in syria
2011.05.31, Toronto
Today some thugs in the employment of the Syrian government dumped the mutilated body of a thirteen year old at the home of his parents.
identity theft, episode I, chapter three
2011.05.30, Toronto
The identity theft incident is over.
toronto open house, part II
2011.05.29, Toronto
Today we took in another couple of sites in the Doors Open Toronto event.
toronto open house, part I
2011.05.28, Toronto
Today I joined some fellow photographers from pentaforums.
stupid dogs and what s-h-i-t-t-y spells
2011.05.27, Toronto
You overhear things all the time when you're in a city where people speak loudly (and you understand the language).
identity theft, episode I, chapter two
2011.05.27, Toronto
Virgin Mobile called me back today and confirmed the situation: someone has used my identity to open an account with them.
identity theft, episode I
2011.05.26, Toronto
I'm the victim of identity theft.
20km in the rain
2011.05.25, Toronto
I was at Yonge and Sheppard and had to get home at Queen and Woodbine.
wow, windows 7 isn't bad
2011.05.25, Toronto
I was using a "Windows Vista" laptop at work.
a good burger joingt in Toronto
2011.05.24, Toronto
Today I decided to try the burger joint across the street from the office for the first time.
water falls of Grey County
2011.05.22, Collingwood
Today we all packed into our rented Civic and toured the sights of the Collingwood area.
a reunion in Ontario
2011.05.21, Collingwood
We drove to Collingwood today to meet Dad and Renate today.
allergy season
2011.05.20, Toronto
One of the good things about the constant rain and fog is that it's been keeping the tree pollen in check.
photos of our first Canadian hanami
2011.05.19, Toronto
I've gotten the photos from our first Canadian hanami (flower blossom party) online at last.
Springtime lunch
2011.05.19, Toronto
I had lunch outdoors today.
living without plastic
2011.05.19, Toronto
A free weekly newspaper in Toronto known for its anxious tone ran one of those stories about the perils of plastic this week.
an orthodox christian speaks out
2011.05.18, Toronto
I was standing astride my bike today, waiting for the light.
snakes, fungi, frogs, and leeches
2011.05.17, Toronto
One of my coworkers in Japan has, like me, returned to his home country.
Toronto – Jamaica – Japan
2011.05.16, Toronto
Last night we had a chat with Mari's family on "MS Skype".
the foggy city
2011.05.15, Toronto
This is my eighth Spring in Toronto.
razor granny and digital photography
2011.05.13, Toronto
Today as I cycled up the hill on our street to start my forty-minute cycle commute, the first person I met was a granny on a "razor".
Darth Vader is following me on twitter
2011.05.13, Toronto
Today Twitter sent me this: "Darth Vader (@SithMyDadSays) is now following your tweets (@mwerneburg) on Twitter.
hanami in Toronto
2011.05.12, Toronto
Today I left work early and met my wife, son, and mother at High Park in the west end for hanami under cherry trees donated by Japan.
approved as a sponsor
2011.05.10, Toronto
I started the day with one or two things on my mind.
the X-700 is dead
2011.05.09, Toronto
I got my test roll of film back this afternoon.
"I love living in Toronto"
2011.05.08, Toronto
This is getting out of hand.
three fishes to calm the waters
2011.05.07, Toronto
Our new aquarium has been cursed by a problem: fin-eating.
buying a Mac laptop?
2011.05.07, Toronto
We're looking for a replacement for Mari's defunct Dell laptop.
old friend, broken
2011.05.06, Toronto
When I was nineteen, my father gave me a Minolta SRT-101 with two lenses and a malfunctioning electrical system.
"rear deflector" to the rescue
2011.05.05, Toronto
Yesterday I bought one of these.
photo-book contest
2011.05.05, Toronto
Today is "boy's day" in Japan, and Mari stayed up til 01:30 last night making cookies shaped like 'koinobori", the fish flags that fly today. to the rescue
2011.05.04, Toronto
I like to re-cover my old film cameras in new leather.
light rain my curvy yellow butt
2011.05.03, Toronto
I rode to work today, following a forecast that called for steady but light rain.
a new dawn in Canada
2011.05.02, Toronto
Looks like we've elected a new style of government in Canada.
a rainy day in Toronto
2011.05.01, Toronto
It was a rainy day today, but with a forecast that was accurate for once, we were prepared.
oh what a perfect day
2011.04.30, Toronto
It's been a difficult month.
what the world can learn from Japan
2011.04.29, Toronto
I found an interesting set of observations about what the world could learn from Japan.
slippage in our PR application
2011.04.28, Toronto
I've been watching a certain webpage on the CIC website that shows where my application for Mari's PR approval might sit.
all is well in Japan (almost)
2011.04.28, Toronto
The Canadian government has signalled the all-clear for Canadians in Japan.
leaving facebook
2011.04.27, Toronto
Facebook went nuts today, taking a bunch of old things from my website and spamming all of my connections with that.
dead netbook and being green
2011.04.26, Toronto
Our netbook packed it in yesterday.
camera returned!
2011.04.25, Toronto
I've got my camera back.
lost my camera
2011.04.24, Toronto
This weekend I rented a car from a sketchy agency that had to its credit only its proximity to my home.
another new home for my website
2011.04.21, Toronto
Once again, I've moved my website to a new hosting environment.
crack this password!
2011.04.19, Toronto
It turns out that the "strong" password I've been using for my email accounts was weaker than the one I use for "everyday" websites.
cold hands, warm heart
2011.04.18, Toronto
Somehow, the day has gotten much colder as it's gone on, and I'm now facing a chilly ride home indeed.
raising fund for relief in Japan
2011.04.17, Toronto
Today we joined a DIY fundraiser for Japan.
two events makes daddy something something
2011.04.16, Toronto
This morning we visited the house of some new friends to plan a fundraising affair in support of a school in quake-ravaged NE Japan.
go up to the lab and seeee whats on the slab
2011.04.15, Toronto
I've discovered something interesting about a show we've been showing Kenny.
today I did a bit of math....
2011.04.15, Toronto
It's occurred to me since I've been back that my salary is basically the same as it was in 1999.
return of the cold weather
2011.04.15, Toronto
Just when it was "Spring" and the cycle lane was clogged with traffic, the cool weather has returned.
cops are on the scene, do you know what it is that I am saying
2011.04.14, Toronto
On the way home today, the streets were packed with cyclists.
and now, a word on dai-ichi
2011.04.14, Toronto
The Canadian embassy put around another advisory today.
yes, my name is Michael Minolta
2011.04.13, Toronto
Today I picked up a beloved old Minolta X-700 from the repair shop.
what a way to remember
2011.04.12, Toronto
Sick all day with a migraine again.
aquarium established
2011.04.11, Toronto
We had a brief visit with the Seabrights out in "Poshawa" and came home with an aquarium.
what passes for excitement round here
2011.04.10, Toronto
Mari told me last night that she's getting excited about having an aquarium again.
new aquarium coming soon
2011.04.09, Toronto
This weekend I'll be drifting around the Golden Horseshoe in an, ulp, minivan.
four hours with the auditors
2011.04.08, Toronto
We've got an audit coming up, and today was the last of several warm-up meetings that are laying the groundwork.
how bikes pay for themselves
2011.04.07, Toronto
When I bought my bike in Tokyo, I spent more than I wanted to.
when does it stop raining in Vancouver
2011.04.07, Toronto
I lived in Vancouver for a year, so I can appreciate this joke.
sponsoring your spouse in Canada
2011.04.06, Toronto
This morning I filed our application for Mari's permanent residency under the "family class".
chicadees at our feeder
2011.04.05, Toronto
At last, our bird feeder saw some use today.
the hazards of raccoon crap
2011.04.02, Toronto
I cleaned up all of the raccoon clap today, lest the boy wind up getting into it.
three million page views
2011.04.02, Toronto
I've just noticed that this website's gone past the three million page views mark.
no april fool's joke
2011.04.01, Toronto
Sadly, this is not an April Fool's joke.
american money in circulation in Canada
2011.04.01, Toronto
I don't seem to be able to go a week without some American money winding up in my pocket.
farewell March, 2011 & ghost girls at twilight
2011.03.31, Toronto
So, March is over.
cycling below zero
2011.03.30, Toronto
I rode my bike to work today.
"freelove rider"
2011.03.29, Toronto
My mother wrote to share some strange news about our family tree this morning.
another new site design
2011.03.27, Toronto
The amazon experiment went as expected; I racked up one referral sale in the months since I added their ads to my site.
earth hour was fun
2011.03.26, Toronto
We observed Earth Hour today, killing all of the lights and computers.
tripadvisor leaked my contact details
2011.03.25, Toronto
I just received notification from TripAdvisor.
a good photo day
2011.03.24, Toronto
Yesterday was a fun day for photography.
our phone setup is getting downright weird
2011.03.23, Toronto
Things were so much more simple in the old days.
the bank loses our paperwork
2011.03.22, Toronto
You have to hand it to Japan's bureaucrats.
spring is for songbirds
2011.03.22, Toronto
One of the beauties of Toronto's late-starting Spring is the return of the song-birds.
cycling into a 5ºC headwind
2011.03.20, Toronto
Today I picked up an old bike from a friend.
our first visitor from Japan
2011.03.19, Toronto
Today we met with our first visitor from Japan; Miho-san from Mari's recent employer.
long photo triptych
2011.03.18, Toronto
I've made a photo journal of sorts for my morning commute down Queen Street to the city center.
the plume from Dai-ichi
2011.03.18, Toronto
Here's a map of the radioactive plume coming from the Dai-ichi plant in Japan.
an update from Canadian consular services in Japan
2011.03.17, Toronto
I've received another update from the Canadian consular services as follows.
bringing my wife to Canada
2011.03.17, Toronto
I am trying to sponsor my wife for permanent residence in Canada.
saw my first raccoon on the street
2011.03.16, Toronto
It seems so trivial with the things going on in our household and in the world, but I saw my first raccoon since being back.
fukushima power plant in meltdown
2011.03.16, Toronto
It looks like reactor 2 at fukushima must now be in meltdown.
stay away from fukushima
2011.03.12, Toronto
This evening (Toronto time) I've had another update from the Canadian embassy in Japan, as follows: "On March 12th, the Prime Minister of Japan declared a nuclear emergency following a problem with the cooling system power supply at nuclear reactors at the Fukushima plants.
terrible news from Fukushima
2011.03.12, Toronto
Mari's been watching the news from Japan all day in a live stream.
tried curling, today, for the first time
2011.03.11, Toronto
Having just reached the tender age of forty, I'm delighted to have just knocked off a long-standing to-do item: try curling.
bad earthquake in Japan
2011.03.11, Toronto
This morning I received a warning of a terrible earthquake in Japan, as follows: Dear Canadian citizen, As you may have heard on the news already, a powerful 8.
my mac mini's funniest moments
2011.03.09, Toronto
I use a Mac at home (and desperately wish I could use one at work).
kid's programs
2011.03.09, Toronto
Toronto has a comprehensive program for kid's activities, many of which are free for the parents.
new camera leather!
2011.03.08, Toronto
For my birthday, I gave myself a small gift of two new camera leather kits.
the furniture is (mostly) here
2011.03.08, Toronto
Mixed news today on our attempts at getting ourselves settled.
a phone, a clinic, a bank, and some screws
2011.03.05, Toronto
It was a rainy day spent on the streets of The Beaches doing errands.
money and chicken
2011.03.03, Toronto
Today I met with Mari and Kenny downtown.
the return of the film scanner
2011.03.01, Toronto
I could take no more.
whatta day
2011.02.28, Toronto
The Boy's got a skin infection similar to the ones I had this autumn.
the boy likes snow
2011.02.27, Toronto
There was *yet another* snowfall last night.
migraine and "race"
2011.02.26, Toronto
It looks like race* is a determining factor when it comes to migraine (in addition to gender).
new site design
2011.02.26, Toronto
Don't give me free time.
a nurse's pin and a room full of chairs
2011.02.25, Toronto
Tonight I found an RN's pin on my seat on the eastbound 504 streetcar tonight.
a raccoon in the apartment
2011.02.24, Toronto
Tonight when I got home I noticed the small cat-door that was built into the wall next to the door.
this place is cursed!
2011.02.23, Toronto
On the way to the photo lab today, I noticed a woman coming toward me stoop to pick up something.
the long way to work
2011.02.23, Toronto
The Queen streetcar was diverted north a few blocks to Gerard St.
one miss, two hits
2011.02.20, Hamilton
Today we set out early to do some dreaded shopping.
traffic in a windy city
2011.02.18, Toronto
It took us two hours to get to my mum's place from our place, tonight.
elevator chat
2011.02.18, Toronto
One thing about being back in a land where you have basic fluency.
snow on the streetcar
2011.02.15, Toronto
Today a man got on the streetcar with a girl about eighteen months old.
migraine, bloody migraine
2011.02.14, Toronto
Laid up all day with a migraine today.
on the beach
We went to the shore today.
man with an umbrella (in his hair)
2011.02.10, Toronto
Today on the way home from furniture shopping we saw a young fellow with a cocktail umbrella in his hair.
Canada Customs is a mess
2011.02.09, Toronto
Here's a letter I wrote to my member of parliament about my recent experience with Canada Customs.
a taste of home
2011.02.07, Toronto
Tonight I tried--and failed--to do an organized errand run after work.
moving in is hard to do
2011.02.06, Toronto
We spent the morning at the Canadian Tire, rounding up a million little odds and ends for the new apartment.
2011.02.04, Toronto
It's done.
customs issue resolved
2011.02.03, Toronto
I had an odd message from our moving company today.
Samuel Washington, RIP
2011.02.02, Toronto
I've just learned that a former colleague died two years ago when I was in deepest, darkest Japan.
having trouble releasing our goods from Customs
2011.02.01, Toronto
Everything's gone pretty well with our move, until now.
on this, the 27th...
2011.01.27, Toronto
On this, the 27th, I went on a seven-collecting mission.
I don't understand the financial system
2011.01.26, Oakville
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't understand the financial system.
then I did something goofy
2011.01.25, Oakville
The train arrived on time this morning, but the doors refused to open.
metered Internet comes to Canada
2011.01.24, Toronto
Hooray for the government! Always there for the big telcos and their ilk.
degrees of evil
2011.01.23, Oakville
Rush Limbaugh, who I think is the American entertainer who gave Canada the nickname "Soviet Canuckistan" has finally come up with another keeper.
my brilliant old idea
2011.01.21, St. Catharines
For the past few months I've been carrying around a small bag that's suited for my netbook and a few A4 file folders.
at the japanese consulate
2011.01.19, Toronto
It looks like getting our Ontario driver's licenses will be easy.
snowball surprise
2011.01.18, Toronto
Whenever I get the chance, these days, I tend to drowse.
broken, cold sunrise
2011.01.17, Oakville
This morning there was a really amazing sunrise, just astonishing.
apartment hunting in Toronto
2011.01.16, Toronto
So far, I've seen some fourteen apartments in Toronto.
looking for a home
2011.01.15, Toronto
Today we spent the entire day looking at apartments in Toronto.
Alberta clipper
2011.01.14, St. Catharines
We've got a lot of driving to do this weekend.
77 of your contacts....
2011.01.13, Toronto
I had an email from linkedin.
a funeral in January
2011.01.12, St. Catharines
I attended a funeral in St.
coyote morning
2011.01.11, Oakville, Ontario
Today was a sunny day, but the morning was unusually dark and grey.
2011.01.10, Toronto
For quite some time, I've been reading this brilliant web comics called Wondermark.
an old friend on the train
2011.01.10, Toronto
On Friday I had a happy chance meeting with a friend on the train.
looking for a home
2011.01.09, St. Catharines
We spent a good part of the day looking at online listings, trying to find a place to live.
niagara weather (snowstorm)
2011.01.08, St. Catharines
Today we had quite a snowstorm.
japanese in niagara
2011.01.08, St. Catharines
When I got to St.
toronto weather (this ain't miyazaki)
2011.01.07, Toronto
This morning I was reminded of an incident last week in Miyakonojo Japan.
jetlag, nytol, and "wake-ups"
2011.01.06, Toronto
At this time of year, Tokyo and Toronto are some ten hours off-set.
welcome back, sorry about your train
2011.01.06, Toronto
Today was my first day commuting back into the city center.
hello, Vancouver
2011.01.01, Vancouver
We found Vancouver sunny for a second day.
fare well, Tokyo
2010.12.31, Vancouver
My time in Tokyo is over.
monkeys, too many monkeys
2010.12.30, Nichinan, Miyazaki
This morning I climbed the hill near my wife's parents' place.
my new car crush
2010.12.28, Miyakonojo, Miyazaki
There's a new car that I'm crushing on.
as seen on TV
2010.12.28, Miyazaki
Much to my surprise, I was stopped by a TV "news" crew on the streets on Miyazaki today.
predawn photography
2010.12.27, Nichinan, Miyazaki
Every year end, when visiting with Mari's family in Miyazaki, I've taken a pre-dawn excursion for photography.
SOB readiness
2010.12.26, Nichinan, Miyazaki
Caught a funny typo in a document I recently created for a client.
a new aquarium
2010.12.25, Nichinan, Miyazaki
We've got a new/old aquarium set up for my father in law just in time for his 70th birthday.
X'mas in Japan
2010.12.24, Miyakonojo, Miyazaki
It's our last X'mas in Japan.
the fish lives
2010.12.22, Nichinan, Miyazaki
So it's not so easy to ship fish via courier after all.
goodbye, home
2010.12.21, Tokyo
It's our last day in Tokyo.
smuggling live fish in japan
2010.12.19, Tokyo
The transport companies in Japan won't ship live fish.
I've forgotten how to be a dad
2010.12.11, Tokyo
I've forgotten the routines of being a dad, and I let my wife and son down tonight.
I've forgotten Japanese
2010.12.11, Tokyo
The timing of my return was intended to coincide with a performance at Kenny's day care.
first earthquake
2010.12.10, Tokyo
I'd only been back in Tokyo for about fifteen hours when I felt my first earthquake.
back in Japan
2010.12.10, Tokyo
So I'm back.
time to fly away
2010.12.09, Toronto
Woke up very ill today.
a presentation
2010.12.08, Toronto
I attended a presentation of my new employer's software for a prospect today.
cheeky Metrolinx
2010.12.06, Toronto
My train didn't show up this morning.
jobs in Tokyo
2010.12.02, Toronto
Naturally, now that I've left Tokyo (likely for good) I'm getting word of jobs opening up at Citi.
counting a month in Toronto
2010.12.02, Toronto
I've been back in the city for a month now, thought I'd take stock: I've been compared to Jeff Goldbloom twice (the latest in a long string of likenesses).
Prestocard "undercharge" & duplicate payments
2010.12.01, Toronto
My struggles with the transit system continue.
from Japan to Canada
2010.12.01, Toronto
Merry December, everyone! And with that, a fascinating look at the finances of "my two countries", Japan and Canada.
bay-adelaide at last!
2010.11.29, Toronto
On Friday I was stunned to see that the first part of the Bay-Adelaide centre has been built.
cycling photo contest
2010.11.28, Oakville
So, I didn't win the cycling-related photo contest I entered.
tronto's broken transit system
2010.11.28, St. Catharines
Getting down to St.
new ink
2010.11.27, St. Catharines
I got a new tattoo, today.
cold day for death
2010.11.27, Burlington
On my way down to St.
baby double decker
2010.11.27, Oakville
The other day as I headed for the bus stop I noticed something odd about the baby carriage that a woman was pushing down the street.
it's cold
2010.11.26, Toronto
Gloomy, this morning.
fights and tights
2010.11.26, Toronto
A superheroes league seems to be advertising in Toronto.
can't win for losing
2010.11.26, Toronto
Today I managed to save some money by doing some leg work.
toque and gloves and scarf
2010.11.24, Toronto
Windy today, and 1°C.
my dinner with Brian
2010.11.23, Toronto
I had dinner with a friend last night.
traffic, bloody traffic
2010.11.23, Toronto
I'm struggling with the train system in Toronto.
nice tie!
2010.11.22, Toronto
In contrast to the commentary I had the other day, today I got a compliment on my tie.
of electronics
2010.11.21, Toronto
Today I bought my son his first camera.
2010.11.22, St. Catharines
This weekend my mother and I went looking for the tombstones of our grandparents.
fort meyers, eh
2010.11.22, Toronto
On the Toronto subway system, you see ads for many things.
hick town driving
2010.11.20, St. Catharines
On my way out the door this morning I glanced into a neighbour's truck and saw a beer can in the cup holder.
streets of Toronto
2010.11.19, Toronto
Toronto's streets are so different from Tokyo's! Broken pavement, street cars*, large and brilliant graffiti, aggressive panhandlers, street hot dog vendors, and of course confrontation.
another startup
2010.11.15, Toronto
Today was hectic.
job search update
2010.11.13, St. Catharines
One job lead is dead, and one may lead to an offer on Monday.
gluten-free pizza in Canada
2010.11.11, Oakville
Tonight Scott and I went out for pizza.
apartment searching in Toronto
2010.11.10, Toronto
Here's a quick list of things that I like about searching for an apartment in Toronto as opposed to Tokyo.
a little modesty...
2010.11.09, Toronto
I went into a business today and was greeted by an attractive young woman with a very tight and low-cut top.
free Kindle and gross commericalism
2010.11.08, Toronto
I've added a banner from Amazon across the top of most of the emuu.
transit in Ontario
2010.11.07, Toronto
Nothing drives home the excellence of the Tokyo transit system like comparing it to that of a North American city.
job search progress
2010.11.06, Toronto
So far, so good.
what's that language?
2010.11.03, St. Catharines
Got to the bus stop this morning to catch the train to the city.
credit rating in Canada
2010.11.03, Toronto
Unlike Japan, Canada has a tax-number system.
home again, home again
2010.11.02, St. Catharines
I'm back in the city of my birth.
in Toronto
2010.11.01, Tokyo
I've touched down in Toronto, and immediately notice some differences with my adopted home of Tokyo.
photo challenge book
2010.10.29, Tokyo
I've edited and published a photo book containing the work of some fifteen pentax photographers.
why I ride
2010.10.21, Tokyo
waiting in Yokohama Riding for me was about corners taken too quickly, long skid marks, and gullies too steep for wheels.
China's cyberattacks of Japan
2010.10.18, Tokyo
During September, Japan's telcos came under a vast "cyberattack" involving a distributed denial of service attack.
flag of .. liberia
2010.10.16, Tokyo
Some friends graciously gave us a denim jacket for Kenny, a hand-me-down from the son.
an example of great customer service
2010.10.16, Tokyo
I have had a really pleasant example of customer service from a software firm.
a tale of two Werneburgs
2010.10.15, Tokyo
I've had occasion to have both myself and my son photographed for official purposes, recently.
tough times
2010.10.13, Tokyo
I had a conversation with someone who's seen his business's sales plummet 95% in the past two months.
nihongo jyouzu ni narimashita
2010.10.09, Tokyo
Today I ran into one of my formerJapanese teachers.
The world is getting worse
2010.10.04, Tokyo
I'm at the embassy getting my son's passport updated.
kicked square in the eye
2010.09.30, Tokyo
Anyone want a slightly used 2½ year old? Here I thought being kicked in the crotch was getting old.
charting a course through the IT industry
2010.09.19, Tokyo
For many years, the information technology field had major problems to solve.
another cycle trip
2010.09.17, Tokyo
I hopped on my bike again today, this time in the opposite direction.
20,000 frames
2010.09.16, Tokyo
Rolled my (DSLR) camera over the frame counter again, which means I've now taken more than 20,000 photos on it.
cycle trip to Yokohama
2010.09.15, Tokyo
I live in Shinagawa.
mari's singing coach
2010.09.12, Tokyo
Mari's jazz singing coach is, of course, a singer herself.
where on earth is hibarigaoka?
2010.09.11, Tokyo
Today we went out to the country and visited a knife-wielding .
green is a noun, sunny is a verb
2010.09.09, Tokyo
In the Japanese language, "green" is a noun.
and the weather finally broke
2010.09.08, Tokyo
For six or seven weeks this summer, it's been hot and humid.
dropped my iPhone
2010.09.08, Tokyo
Just not been a run of good luck for me, lately.
poor man's MBA
2010.09.07, Tokyo
Have had some really good advice of late from someone who's been through the business creation and capital-raising process.
an old photo set
2010.09.07, Tokyo
Once upon a time, in 2003 when the world was a simpler place, I took a trip to Manitoulin island with my mother.
ghosts of Shinagawa
2010.09.07, Tokyo
On my way to Japanese class today, I made some long-exposure shots of the crowd passing in Shinagawa station.
ami's dance troupe
2010.09.05, Tokyo
Today we went to see Ami's dance troupe perform.
my arm is healed
2010.09.02, Tokyo
It's great when you've recovered from an unexpected set back, especially a health matter.
she really, really likes it
2010.08.31, Tokyo
Mari came home late in the evening last night and found here belated gift of a photo book waiting for her.
Mari's birthday
2010.08.30, Tokyo
This weekend we celebrated Mari's birthday.
a useful trick in learning Japanese verbs
2010.08.30, Tokyo
Today my Japanese tutor showed me a surprisingly effective matrix trick for learning Japanese.
found some missing photos
2010.08.25, Tokyo
I've found some photos that got lost in the scanning shuffle not once but twice.
learning to crawl (with a strobe)
2010.08.23, Tokyo
Having had some success with product photography, I've decided to extend my ability with a strobe to personal photos.
Mari performs "The Gift"
2010.08.22, Tokyo
Mari had her fourth performance, in a Jazz club in Akasaka.
Amazon S3 clients for the Mac
2010.08.22, Tokyo
I've gone through all of the apps I could find for Amazon s3 and they've all let me down.
Pentax weekend
2010.08.21, Tokyo
We went to the aquarium down in Yokohama again, our second visit in two months.
the family arrives
2010.08.19, Tokyo
Mari's family has come for a visit.
today my wife saved my life (part three)
2010.08.18, Tokyo
My arm is coming along nicely.
mirror in the bathroom
2010.08.18, Tokyo
On the weekend, a forum I participate in had a "submit your photos" day.
hot weather
2010.08.17, Tokyo
I believe that today is the hottest day of the year to date, for Tokyo.
today my wife saved my life (part two)
2010.08.14, Tokyo
I went back to the hospital this morning as requested.
today my wife saved my life
2010.08.13, Tokyo
Today I learned that I have a dangerous infection.
another fish lost
2010.08.11, Tokyo
The constant temperature fluctuations are too much for our little 58L tank.
in the death tank
2010.08.08, Tokyo
Time to come clean.
managing "open with" on the Mac
2010.08.08, Tokyo
It's crazy, but in the Mac's OSX there's no way of reliably managing file associations with the applications that open those files.
search engine optimization
2010.08.06, Tokyo
We launched our business website with fairly basic SEO readiness.
NikkoCiti X'mas photos
2010.08.04, Tokyo
In 2007, I attended my one and only Japanese 'bounenkai' (year end party).
turning your (webserver's) frowns into smiles
2010.07.31, Tokyo
Here's a trick I found suggested in a comment on a site explaining the configuration of some web server software.
our first hacker
2010.07.30, Tokyo
Our website was taken offline by a hacker for about three hours this morning.
a break from the heat
2010.07.30, Tokyo
Finally we've had a break from the heat.
f'n weather
2010.07.24, Tokyo
Canadians like to complain about the weather.
2010.07.21, Tokyo
First came the realization that I could no longer drink like I once could.
sleeping in the living room
2010.07.21, Tokyo
Our bedroom has no air conditioner.
hot little fish
2010.07.20, Tokyo
The weather's been uncomfortably hot lately, and one unforeseen problem is that our aquarium is overheating.
five years in Tokyo
2010.07.18, Tokyo
Today marks the fifth anniversary of my original arrival in Tokyo.
man ray
2010.07.17, Tokyo
Today, Joon and I went to the Man Ray exhibit at the National Art Centre.
an interesting development
2010.07.16, Tokyo
In reaction to my putting my photo book up on this site, I've been asked to help out with a video shoot about the streets of Tokyo.
2010.07.16, Tokyo
Last night I went to the premiere screening of the movie Edonism.
selling ethical diamonds in Japan
2010.07.15, Tokyo
As our intern Koki put it, "It seems that usual Japanese do not really know or care about diamond issues.
the photo book is shipping
2010.07.15, Tokyo
Yay, a copy of my photo book has shipped.
petition for change in the Kimberley Process
2010.07.14, Tokyo
I've come across a petition for change in the Kimberley Process.
ethical fashion
2010.07.13, Tokyo
As indicated in the small series of articles I've posted on the subject, I've found "ethical fashion" a tough nut to crack.
ethics in the diamond jewelry business (part three)
2010.07.13, Tokyo
I've finished the trio of articles on ethics in the diamond jewelry business.
get your Japanese idiom and slang....
2010.07.12, Tokyo
The website I use for translations isn't downright insane but it sure is given to certain quirks.
Sundays is for voting
2010.07.10, Tokyo
Like some European countries, Japan confines voting in its federal elections to Sundays.
advertising on them Internets there
2010.07.10, Tokyo
Internet advertising.
happy Tanabata
2010.07.07, Tokyo
Today is the Japanese star festival, tanabata.
photos from Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
2010.07.06, Tokyo
A couple of weeks ago, some free tickets from Jon and Manami-san got us into the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium down in/near Yokohama.
the next step -- investors!
2010.07.05, Tokyo
Been doing some interesting work this week.
the day starts with death
2010.07.05, Tokyo
Kenny and I stopped to feed the fish on the way to the day care this morning.
jewelry retail and the iPad (or Apple, what have you done)
2010.07.02, Tokyo
I came to some conclusions about the iPad via an odd source.
another bike collision
2010.07.01, Tokyo
Today I was in a bike accident, again.
turning Anglophone I really think so
2010.07.01, Tokyo
Today I read that Japan's Fast Retailing is switching their internal business language to English.
location based services
2010.06.27, Nichinan, Miyazaki