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the journal of Michael Werneburg

twenty-seven years and one million words

Toronto, 2002.08.31

Back in T/O. And it's hot, hazy, and smoggy. Who'd have guessed. No matter, I hear there are jobs here. Actually, I hear the situation's the worst it's been in 20+ years, but that it's still better than in Vancouver. One unexpected beneficial side-effect of my time in Australia; I can now do a 5 hour flight in relative comfort. Once you've crossed the Pacific a few times, any intra-continental flight seems like fun. Well, not fun per se, but immensely more tolerable.

rand()m quote

A civilization is a heritage of beliefs, customs, and knowledge slowly accumulated in the course of centuries, elements difficult at times to justify by logic, but justifying themselves as paths when they lead somewhere, since they open up for man his inner distance.

—Antoine de Saint-Exupery