movie review - Scream

Toronto, 1997.01.01

This is a slasher pic, a spoof. The spoof part is amusing, and it was fun watching the audience jump. But it's beyond silly in the way the characters are constantly talking about what's going on in semi-detached Hollywood in-joke language. This shtick gets boring quickly, but it doesn't let up. So while it is good mindless fun for a hangover, perhaps, I didn't like the tone and found the gore a little much.

Not recommended.

P.S. I went to see it at the Canada Square cinema with Jon, Charlie, and Erano. We were hungover and it's a new year, so I thought, I'll write reviews of all these movies we're seeing, and publish them somewhere. And that's what this is.

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It’s weird, man. People can watch a movie where thousands of people die in a war and not a tear. Yet one collie dies…and the entire nation collapses with grief.

—Dr. Johnny Fever