My favorite photos. They may not be too technically excellent but they mean something to me.
photos I lovephotos I love
This is a limited set of ten photos that I've come to love. I present them in this collection without captions, titles, or any information at all.
favorites – 2016favorites – 2016
Some pics I like from 2016.
favorites – 2015favorites – 2015
Mid way through this year, a new camera platform to last me another decade or two.
favorites – 2014favorites – 2014
My favourite year yet!
favorites – 2013favorites – 2013
My faves from '13.
favorites – 2012favorites – 2012
Another year of fun photos.
favorites – 2011favorites – 2011
Favourite pics from 2011.
favorites – 2010favorites – 2010
Some of my most treasured pics from 2010.
favorites – 2009favorites – 2009
Another year, another batch of favourites.
favorites – 2008favorites – 2008
My favourite pics from 2008. At the outset of the year, I knew that there would be a lot of photos of one certain young man, I just didn't know who he'd be.
favorites – 2007favorites – 2007
2007 was a good year for me, photo-wise as well as otherwise (my wife became pregnant with our son Kenny in April of that year).
favorites – 2004favorites – 2004
favorites – 2003favorites – 2003
Favourite photos from 2003. And interesting year for me, one marked by several changes in rapid succession. Another year in which I lived in two cities.
favorites – 2002favorites – 2002
Some favourites from 2002.
favorites – 2001favorites – 2001
Some favourite pics from 2001.
favorites – second millenniumfavorites – second millennium
Favourite photos from my early days in photography -- the 20th century.
favorites – travel (old cottage, ireland)favorites – travel (old cottage, ireland)