published : 2010.01.17

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Thanks for posting that! I played with this set when I was 3-4, in 1986... Damn, so strange to see it again. i remember those great elements like yellow door :) one of the best sets ever.

2010.07.07 10:39:32

Glad you enjoyed it, Maciek!


Awesome! Thanks for posting this. Our directions were water damaged and the pages dried together. My son is now playing with the legos I had as a kid so he wanted to build the semi truck. Thanks again!

2010.08.31 21:42:49

Glad I could help! Nice to hear from a girl LEGO user, too. 8^)



2011.03.29 02:07:55

Yeah, it's a simple set but a versatile one!


Thanks for posting and taking the time to scan in these instructions. I dug out my old set and had no instructions. My son and I bult the semi, it was just as fun as it was 30 years ago.

Matt O.
2012.12.29 17:57:20

Great to hear! Thanks for writing, that made my day.


Great posting on these LEGO sets...I had this one when I was a kid, 722 is one of the best sets ever! Never knew what happened to it. I'm trying to find one for my kids; if you're interested in selling it please let me know.

Shane M.
2013.01.21 16:50:28

Glad you enjoyed the find, Shane. But you'll get my LEGO from my son and me when you pry it from our cold dead hands. ;^) It wasn't for nothing that I got the space lego emblem tattoo'd on my arm!

Good luck with your hunt.


I have an old set but don't have the electronic parts show in the windmill and snow plow instructions- they don't seem to have come with the set. Any ideas about where/how to find them? Thanks!

2014.03.05 15:20:12

A lot of pieces for older sets just aren't made any more, unfortunately. But you can always try ebay or one of these:


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