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twenty-five years and one million words

Calgary, 2002.05.26

I headed out to see some more of the city today. It turns out there was a 'Lilac festival' in full swing in progress on 4th street. I milled about will the crowd for a while until I came across some dancers setting up for a demonstration of some classes they'd taken in the city. I set my camera on a long exposure (1/15th and 1/8th of a second), the aperture down at 1/22, and dropped the exposure two notches (not sure if that helps with the exposure and aparture already set, but I assume it does because there's a film speed setting on the camera that essentially does the same thing), and took a few snaps to try to capture the motion of the dancers. It worked! Now if only I had my film scanner, I could show you.

rand()m quote

I’d see the publicity guy come on the set and I’d go hide in the rafters. The crew would be like, ‘I haven’t seen him.’ And then they’d leave and I’d go back to work. Because that’s what’s fun: the doing, not the talking.

—Kurt Russell