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I'm Michael, I've got something to say

Since 1998 I've made this website the home of my writing and photos and experiments. I've posted some of my short stories. I've written about launching a business that failed and I've published a Japanese kanji-study tool I made for my kids. I've written to remember the dead and about being the crap-spattered target of birds. And I've written about creating a custom version of Dungeons and Dragons to play with my kids.

This site runs on a content management system that I wrote. I'm just that. much. of. a. nerd. To paraphrase the immortal Van Halen, "I'm not like this because I have a website, I have a website because I'm like this." I decided on a new domain name in 2019 to amalgamate my personal and professional sites.

Nowadays I find myself writing about my projects and hobbies. Oh, and work—but I don't do that here.

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The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well.

—Joe Ancis