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movie review - The Haiku Tunnel

the journal of Michael Werneburg

twenty-five years and one million words

Vancouver, 2002.07.26

This is a movie about a temp named Josh who's a wannabe novelist and a bit of a fuckup. And the 17 letters that he tries, tries, and tries to get out the door. It's clear that the writer/star/director actually has served as a temp, because this feels just far too eerily true. It's got some hysterically funny moments and some cringingly painful stretches, and is definitely worth watching.


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You have to choose between trusting to the natural stability of gold and the natural stability of the honesty and intelligence of the members of the Government. And, with due respect for these gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the Capitalist system lasts, to vote for gold.

—George Bernard Shaw