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twenty-five years and one million words

Torono, 1998.03.07

Thanks to a friend, I now own a copy of this video. I first saw it in high school with a gang that went downtown (no way was this thing showing in suburban Calgary in the '80s), and it's got a special place in my heart (the place for off-the-wall cult flicks). The entire insanity of a movie made to lovingly send up '50s sci-fi and the indulgent '60s and '70s. Perfect!

There are actually two movies here; the movie the crew and cast made, and the movie they intended to be experienced, with maybe 20% of the lines supplied by a raucous audience. It's got great music, a superb cast, fourth-wall breaks, the odd murder to set the tone, and an inevitability despite the crowd warning one character, "You'd better make it good, you got shot the last time I watched this." I mean it all comes off without being too self-referential, somehow.

Underlying it all is a pretty straightforward message that is explicitly stated: "don't dream it, be it". The villain in the story lived that motto to excess of course, and he certainly dragged his um crewmates into that excess as well. But in showing the repressed Brad and Janet who they are, he puts them on a path to "being it" that they never would have found on their own. I envy them, and salute him.

Don't dream it, be-e-e it
How do you do

So, here's to everyone that ever danced the Time Warp solo on the deck of a ship. Hmm; it might be time for another tattoo.

A favorite. Strongly recommended. Tim Curry is a genius.

rand()m quote

In the wake of 9/11, we [in America] have made the decision as a society that we can never again create something in which we can take pride, for fear that someone will destroy it. Moreover, we must suppress any trace of individualism, lest someone have the desire to rise above the bland sameness that protects us. I have, alas, no idea how to recapture our courage.

—Anonymous post to, 2009