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reader comments

Hello Michael, I am form Punjab India. I want to know about my spousal file proccesing time. My wife submitted my spouse file at Mississuaga in May 2017.We subitted all relevant document. I have done my medical test in month of June. Office of Mississuaga sent file to my home country in New Delhi in August. They have known to me by email. From New Delhi They told me about two documents which i alredy submitted and they also told me if you already submitted them then ignore it. I just want know could you tell how much time they will take . Your s sincersly S singh

S singh

Good day, sir, and thank you for your comment on my website. I can't honestly tell you how long your PR processing time will take, but the average across all regions seems to be about a year or only a little less. You're doing well, I'm afraid I can only counsel you to be patient.

As we were! My wife's PR was issued in 2011, and we've been living happily in Canada ever since.

Good luck to you and your wife.