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movie review - Stigmata

the journal of Michael Werneburg

twenty-five years and one million words

Toronto, 1999.09.17

This is a movie with Patricia Arquette, Gabriel Byrne and Jonathan Pryce about an atheist who starts exhibiting stigmata after she's possessed by the spirit of a holy man who stole and translated the Gospel According to Jesus from the Catholic Church (and the Cardinal in charge of such dox, as played by Jonathan Pryce). The moral of the story is don't be in a movie with Whatsit... Seriously, the moral is never buy a rosary unless you're Catholic. I guess. A fair bit of this movie was over my head, I have to admit. People, surrounded by flowers, noting that they smelled flowers. Rain drops launching from every surface. '23' year old who look like 35 year olds in a time when the supposed 23-year-old's lifestyle is lived by 35-year-olds.

I'll never guess why Byrne + Pryce did this one. Money? Whoops, that's not gonna happen.

Not recommended.

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—-Paula O'Keefe