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Vancouver, 2002.06.13

I went for a long wander round the city today because it was so damn warm and sunny. Yes, in Vancouver. Anyway, I came across a Chicadee pecking at the remains of a chocolate bar on the sidewalk. The bar was essentially a sticky puddle in the near-30-degree weather, but the bird pretty much ignored me as I stepped over it. It then dawned on me; if chocolate has a habit-forming effect on humans, what effect could it have on a bird that weighs a few grams? And what about the sugar? Do little birds get beak decay?

A couple of hours later, I was propositioned by a very young hustler. Now I know where to go for the company of young male streetwalkers. Oddly, I haven't even spotted the female variety. Which reminds me of Sydney. Near to the area where I first lived in that city, it wasn't unusual to see women patrolling their patches of sidewalk as late as dawn. I guess the Aussies party all night.

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Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.

—Roy L. Smith