new monsters for dungeons and dragons

m. werneburg, 2014.12.22

Inventing monsters for Dungeons and Dragons takes some care. Many of the good ones are already there—the "ecosystem" is already pretty crowded with dangerous, interesting, or colorful creations. Also, it's not hard to screw up and make something dull or unbalanced.

One of my guiding ideas was to make a stable ecosystem after a fashion. With heavyweights like dragons seemingly behind every hill and cloud, this can be hard.

I've also collapsed a number of similar creatures, such as goblin/orc/bugbear in favor of single entry with variable hit dice. I've also repurposed some creatures such as the ankheg and owlbear so they make some kind of sense and add some color.

I've added some creatures from sci-fi, mostly because my medieval stasis world is also a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world. This includes demons, which are no longer "chaotic evil devils" because a) that's dumb and b) I don't have traditionally alignments. I've also injected a number of interesting ideas that I've found on the net.

And finally I've also dialed back the instant kill monsters (rot grubs, beholders) and eliminated petrification. Because I'm playing with kids and don't see the point.

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dungeons and dragons monster: greenie


The greenie is a bizarre creature roughly similar in size to a large dog or small pony. They are warm-blooded, quadrupedal reptiles that dwell in dark, deep places below the ground.

dungeons and dragons monster: cavern glider


Cavern gliders are small monkey-like creatures with webbed flaps of skin connecting their arms and legs with which they can glide from an elevated place. They stand about 2' tall, with a preh

dungeons and dragons monster: rathtar


My seven-year-old son wanted the rathtar - the hungry, hungry aliens from Star Wars: The Force Awakens - in our D&D adventure. Bless him!

dungeons and dragons monster: xenomorph pudding


The xenomorph pudding is a slithering nightmare of acidic goo that consumes all animals and plants in its path. Except the green type, which is worse.

dungeons and dragons monster: fire salamander


The fire salamander is a trickster species that will deceive, defraud, and derange an adventurer party for laughs.

dungeons and dragons monster: yellow tongue


In our D&D game setting, carnivorous yellow mold drops acidic tendrils on you from above.

dungeons and dragons monster: xuuc


In our D&D game setting, carnivorous yellow mold drops acidic tendrils on you from above.

dungeons and dragons monster: zosk thaumaphage


These appalling aberrations float above the battlefields, cities, and wizard’s towers of Sppang, consuming sources of magic such as magical items.

dungeons and dragons monster: hollowghast


Invisible to non-magical creatures, these nightmare creatures are five meters tall, but stalk along on four distended limbs.

dungeons and dragons monster: owlbear


Forget what you’ve heard. The home-world of the owlbear is Sppang, where they occur naturally.

dungeons and dragons monster: nalek


War will drive desperate people to do unforgivable things. According to the elves, the creation of the nalek was one such act of desperation.

dungeons and dragons monster: ravinax


The ravinax is an aggressive predator that inhabits the poles of Sppang, swimming endlessly beneath the ice.

dungeons and dragons monster: sarlacc


The sarlacc is a semi-sentient fungal creature that feeds on meat. It grows through runners that pass for many kilometers underground. They can grow to gargantuan size.

dungeons and dragons monster: ankheg


Something has taken ahold of the ankheg of Sppang. Acting in concert in swarms and attacking in rushes, they pose a new threat.

dungeons and dragons monster: giant wasp


In the jungles of Sppang lurks a monster looking to lay eggs.

dungeons and dragons monster: manticore


A guide to Japan, for residents. Written by someone who's done it.