dungeons and dragons monster: zombie mermaid

2022.03.28 (updated : 2008.09.17)

No. Enc. 2-5
Alignment Undead
Movement 15
Armor class 6
Hit dice 2
Attacks 1
Damage 1d6+2
Morale 12
XP 200

In the rivers and lakes of Sppang lies the ruin of a race: the merfolk. Wiped out in the Cataclysm before last, this tragic remnant comprises of the raised dead of that entire race. Having emerged from the oceans to plague freshwater bodies for reasons known only to them, these zombie-like mockeries of life hang on half-rotten, century after century.

No longer infectious, they are incapable of passing on their curse through their bite. But they're always ravenously hungry and their teeth are sharp as those of any predatory fish. They like to hunt in splashes*

Their attacks are cruel and incredibly fast for the undead. Swiftly driving at a party mid-way across a stream. They'll attack the legs of horse to pull both the beast and its rider in, then will set upon the rider with a killing drive for the throat. When in a lake they'll attempt to tip a smaller boat by leaping up to pull one side down, then set upon anyone that falls in. With larger craft they'll track the vessel until it puts out a landing boat.

*This is the collective noun for merfolk!

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