dungeons and dragons monster: yellow tongue


No. Enc.	1d4 (1d8)
Alignment	Sinister agenda
Movement	0
Armor class	4
Hit dice	4
Attacks		1
Damage		1d6, special
Save		F4
Morale		6
Hoard class	None
XP		200

A yellow tongue is a bipedal humanoid horror, possibly of other-world origin. They're quickly becoming a nuisance in the sewers of larger human cities across Sppang. The sickly waxen sheen of the yellow tongue's translucent skin perfectly matches the visible blood pooling in the extremities and maw. Four glassy button button eyes are set high on a long powerful skull that runs from a bumpy carapace over the shoulders forward to countless crooked teeth. A long, sticky tongue, a vestigial tail, and webbed feet complete the impression of a curdled tadpole left over from a dark god's first draft.

They are relentless pursuers of human prey, firing their oversized tongues out to great lengths (9m). If they score a hit, the muscles of the tongue are powerful enough to shake the victim into dropping its weapons or other belongings. It can also constrict a victim into unconsciousness. Any victim dragged back to the yellow tongue is dragged away to undergo some unfathomable process. In 50% of these cases, the victim returns to his/her normal life after 2d4 days, seemingly unharmed aside from some cuts and bruises. However, the victim has sworn an oath to Sylx the Enslaver, and will do that fell deity’s bidding until death.

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