dungeons and dragons monster: xuuc

2017.02.12 (updated : 2021.06.30)

No. Enc. 1
Alignment Insane
Movement 15
Armor class n/a
Hit dice 12
Attacks n/a
Damage n/a
Save F12
Morale 11
Hoard class None
XP 200

A mass of dark smoke moves against the breeze, shifting shape as it comes closer. Cloud-like, roiling, it develops into a creature with large bat wings, clawed tendrils, and a wizened body like a lion left to rot in the sun. Xuuc are mad things, visitors from a plane of smoke and wind.

Life on Sppang confuses the xuuc, but they seem drawn to its novelty. They like to observe in silence, attempting to make sense of what they see–an unnerving habit when you look like a dead winged lion. Their ability to wander in and out of Sppang's plane of existence at will means they can get into some places no one else sees. They also insist that they regularly speak with the dead of this world, and can occasionally relate things from those who have passed on. They are 25% of the time able to relate useful information in this way. 50% of the time they are able to relate true but useless information (such as the location of people the party isn’t concerned with, a seam of gold hundreds of meters deep in the rock, etc). 25% of the time they relate information that seems urgent or valuable but it turns out to be a misinterpretation of what they have in fact seen.

Xuuc cannot distinguish right from wrong, or what should or should not be. They have no concept of aiding or hindering others, and are incapable of negotiation or of making deals or alliances. They do not value money, have no need of food or water, and only seem interesting in accumulating raw data.

Smart players will realize that if a xuuc can relay information too the party, it can just as easily relay information of the party.

On a 25% basis, a xuuc meeting a party of adventurers will take a liking to one party member. It will thereafter begin to follow the party member and make a rambled running commentary about that party's fortunes. A xuuc can continue this kind of observation for days (2 + d8 days). If the xuuc is not somehow driven off, there is a 40% change that it will - perhaps in the dead of night, perhaps in the middle of a melee, simply whisk that character away to wherever plane the xuuc is from.

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im not as dumb as I look

I just had 2 email you again 2 say that im not the dumb-ass i may seem.Hopefully you didnt notice that I put Miss when you asked for title>>wwell you know now!! I also wanted 2 say 2 all of those evil people who just wanna say sum really horrible stuff, y don't you just get a life??

sarah wicks
2002.10.27 00:00:00

Actually, I did notice the title of 'Miss'. I thought it was very a stream-of-conscious answer!


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