I started writing two-line movie reviews on New Year's day of '97, and carried on for a decade or so.  But in 2011 I scotched them because there were only so many ways of saying, "Oh gods, that was a waste of time." Also, with two kids who has time for movies. It's just as well; A.I. sent me on a huge rant, I can only imagine what I'd have written about Prometheus. (All that promise....)

Which leaves my book reviews, of which I have not so many but I think the quality is better and they're certainly more relevant and timeless.

Curiously, the page requests keep coming for my collection of humble reviews of modest watches and out-dated camera equipment, so I've left those here as well. But first, an important public service announcement on watch collecting that I equally applies to camera gear.

quietly despairing with Seiko's SARB033

Seiko's SARB line of watches exist to give "aspirational" Grand Seiko owners something with which to pretend it's all right.

my fishing watch - the Casio MDV-106

I bought a beater Casio that turned out to be a fine watch–with a few warts.

review: Minolta X-700 camera

A short review of the Minolta X-700, the SLR with which I learned a lot about photography. It's a well-built, well-designed model—don't let the plastic exterior fool you.

review: Olympus 35DC

My review of the Olympus 35DC, an excellent little rangefinder that produces great work (and now costs a song!).

review: Minolta XD - XD-11

The Minolta XD was perhaps Minolta's finest hour as a manufacturer. This is a camera that is a joy to use, and yields remarkable results.

review: Pentax *istDS

A review of the Pentax *istDS digital SLR camera. A sturdy workhorse that mixes good image quality and standard features.

review: Olympus OMD EM5 Mk II

I've been using this as my main camera for more than five years. I know it well, and because I've just decided to commit to the micro-four-third platform as long as it exists I thought I'd share some thoughts on the model.

my CASIO weighs a ton

Some thoughts on my Casio G-Shock MT-G B-2000 - which OK doesn't really weigh a ton.

don't buy a St. Moritz made-in-Canada watch

My tale of woe regarding a "Canadian made" wrist watch.

review: Alba solar watch (AQGD403)

A review of a modest Alba solar watch - the AQGD403.

review: Kodak EasyShare Z612

For nearly a decade, we used an aging Kodak Easyshare Z612. Here are my thoughts on this little bridge camera that could. Plus; a photo gallery.

modifying a Guanqin watch

I bought a Guanqin watch and replaced the hands.

review: Asus 'TUF Gaming' FX504G

The Asus "TUF Gaming" FX504G laptop is a disaster and you should avoid Asus laptops.

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—Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov