wood carvings

2000 (updated : 2008.03.25)

I've been fiddling about with wood carving for several years and small woodworking projects. I've only ever made a couple of decent pieces, but I enjoy it as a hobby.

I've got a set of photos that can speak better to my carved items than any text. It features the small figurines and slightly larger projects I've been hacking at over the years.

Below are some other projects.

a toy for my boy

For X'mas of 2008, I made a wooden toy for my son. Here is the blow-by-blow.

a custom wooden toy

I modified a toy "Thomas and Friends" train from my son's collection. I'm pleased with the results.

carving Buddha

I carved a Buddha for some friends as a wedding gift.

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Hi ! I just picked up XD-7 (had been procured in UK by original owner). Its really amazing to use this beauty. Really love it. ciao

narayana sharma
2010.03.05 10:20:19

Yeah, I love mine too. By comparison I find using a DSLR quite a lot like using a photocopier.

I hope you have fun and enjoy the results!


Hello...I have a Minolta XD-11 In Original Case w/ several Lenses and accesories including flash. I would appreciate it if you could advise me how and where to sell it. Guy Sullivan

Guy Sulliovan
2011.07.26 18:59:09

Hi, Gary. Thanks for writing. It likely depends on where you live, but I suspect that ebay.com might be about as good as you\'ll do. Prices there aren\'t encouraging for a seller ($100 per lens, as a rule).

Which flash unit do you have? Which lenses? Some of them are still worth a fair bit of money, but there are only a few.


"When in shutter-priority mode, the film speed appears in a box in the lower-right corner of the viewfinder..." Not the films speed but shutter speed.

2011.12.05 19:26:04

Thank you for catching and reporting that mistake, Mat. I take it you\'re a fellow XD enthusiast?

Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!


Hello enjoyed reading about your lovely cameras I came across the XD7 in about 1986 and thought about buying a used one but had already bought an X-700.I now own 2 X-700's and an X-500 but still would buy a XD7 although I cannot make up my mind between black or chrome! It's interesting to hear the PX flashguns work with your XD7 which means I will be able to keep using my 132PX when I get one. Thanks Karl.

2016.02.26 21:16:07

Thanks for your comment. The PX strobes are good, if you can find one that's still got some life to it. The XD/XD-11 is hands-down the most fun I've ever had with a camera. It's tragic that we left behind such craftsmanship and simplicity. You hear the same from the turntable/vinyl music crowd and a number of other groups of adherents to certain technologies, and they all seem to date to around the same time period – the late 70's.

Sadly, I gave up my A-mount bodies for good this past summer. Both of my XD/XD-11 bodies had insurmountable, constant electronics problems that survived expensive trips to the repair shops. And my two X-700 bodies had problems with the cloth shutter that would become too expensive to repair. It's taken fifteen years, but I find that the experience of using the modern digital cameras has finally gotten roughly close enough to that of the old manual gear, and I've made the switch.

I went with a new Olympus OMD E10 MkII and a single prime lens. It's covered in buttons, literally covered, and I find myself missing the Minolta bodies on a regular basis. But I also miss the films that are now gone, the ease of development (even here in Toronto, with a population of 6m+ in the greater city, options are limited), and the time to scan film.

Good luck with your magnificent gear!


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