a toy for my boy

2009.03.06 (updated : 2012.05.11)

Once upon a time, I found a toy in a store. It's appeal was immediate: a well-made pull-toy for small children that had an interesting action. But it was expensive for its limited "difficulty", and I was sure I could make one myself.

I was right. But boy, I sure couldn't make it for the same expense.

the original

This is the original. The wheels to either side of the "worm" have an off-centre axel that causes the body of the worm to rise and fall as the wheels turn. The body itself is articulated in three places, hinged on small axels.

the original toy

pieces drying

I hung up the pieces as they dried.

hanging pieces

painting the wheels

That's right, I shot it in black and white!

final paint work

the assembled piece

Clearly, Mari and Kenny weren't home at that time.

major assembly

the final product

Here's a (surprisingly twitchy) video of the boy pulling the thing. I don't know what Youtube has done with the video, I apologize for that.

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928 instructions

Hi .... Now I am 29 with a little boy of my own, I have dragged out my old lego ...... I am sure I still have all the parts for the 928 space ship, though sadly the lunar landscape piece and more importantly, the instructions, are now gone. :( Do you know where I might download these and perhaps other manuals for the Lego Space sets of the same vintage?

Matt Close
2003.08.18 00:00:00

That's a good question, Matt. I'll have a look around and see what I can find on the 'net (meanwhile, here's a countryman of yours with a bit of time and cash to dedicate to the LEGO....


I have a flat-bed scanner somewhere. I'll see if I can find the old manuals and maybe scan that one for you....


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