carving Buddha

2010.05.01 (updated : 2023.09.10)

statue of Buddha for some friends
This is the final product

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after the saw work
hands taking shape
for scale
some detail

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When I first saw the name, Neil MacKenzie, I became excited as that was my ggrandfathers name. I have been researching my family history to no avail. He was born in Scotland in 1816, emigrated to CB about 1828. He Married Margaret Morrison who was from Loch Lomond,CB. I know both died at Fourchu. I would appreciate any information that viewers may have.

Thank you in advance.

Malcolm Neil MacKenzie

New Hampshire

Mac MacKenzie
2010.12.04 00:00:00

Let's hope so, Malcolm. A lot of this stuff is available in For a fee, mind you.


Mac from New Hampshire,

Although I don't have any info for you on Neil, I believe he's also my ancestor.

I tried your email on capebretongenweb, but it doesn't work anymore.

2010.12.18 00:00:00

Looks like the fellow has descendants all over this end of the continent! And one little boy born in Tokyo.


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