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now Kamil's off for Manitoba

the journal of Michael Werneburg

twenty-seven years and one million words

Toronto, 2001.07.23

Going back to St. Kitts today (wonder how often I'll be doing that, from now on). It's Kamil's send-off before he takes a position at a University in Manitoba. Hopefully there won't be propane tanks rolling around loose in the vehicle like there were last time I took a rental to Niagara. Looking back, we really shouldn't have brought the fuel when we took Oma's barbeque. Some of the scariest moments of my life, that day in June.

rand()m quote

I feel fortunate that I enjoyed the blandishments of modernity. I had hip replacement and root canal. I was able to travel on airplanes. I was able to take cheap food for granted. I went to the movies. I enjoyed rock 'n' roll. And now I'm ready to move on.

—James Howard Kunstler