2000.03 (updated : 2008.03.26)

I'm easily amused, which is good because just after I turned thirty it became clear–by way of two jets slamming into some tall towers in New York–that history had plans for us. Ever since, things have become progressively less stable, comprehensible, and .. well, fun! I've spent most of the intervening years either run off my feet with hectic jobs or abruptly unemployed. Becoming a parent certainly didn't relieve any pressure, and entering middle age has only added to the sense that life is becoming a bit of a slog.

Amusements are my way of defusing. I try to be creative or at least productive about those amusements which is why my amusements might resemble work.

dungeons and dragons

An aging nerd's update to the classic dungeons and dragons game.

terrain evolution simulator

In my final year of University, I wrote a routine that models the evolution of a terrain due to water erosion. Here's the code. I'm so old that this was written for DOS!

keeping an aquarium

I've been keeping aquariums since I was a kid. Here are some notes for a friend.

civilization III add-ons

Here's where I got really over the top. I made my own rules for the game, modify its behaviour and adding a number of new resources. Hey, the designers forgot salt and copper!

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rand()m quote

You can sometimes fool the fans, but you can never fool the players.

—Jack Stack