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2004.11.17 (updated : 2008.07.06)

It can be dangerous, publishing game rules. People might have a bad time with it. But I'm publishing this in late 2004, quite some years after the game was released. I've been playing with this ruleset and these changes for more than two years, and I'm satisfied that they work.

I've created my own modifications to Civilization III. The main differences are:

  1. more strategic resources, and better icons for some existing icons
  2. more luxuries
  3. far more dependencies on resources for units
  4. more 'culture' for city improvements
  5. cheaper libraries
  6. boats move further

These are explained, to some extent, below. Note that both the 'strategic resources' and 'luxuries' additions require the resources.pcx and resources_shadows.pcx files below.

Civ III resources file screenshot

strategic resources

Above is a .GIF copy of my strategic resources image file. You'll notice that I replaced some of the icons, such as the awful green lump of 'uranium' and the simply weird 'furs' icon. I also added the word 'moo' to the cow icon, because it was months of game play before I realized what the thing was supposed to be (I was looking at it backwards the whole time, and thought it was a sketchy chicken!).

I've added some more resources, with the following reasoning:



the files

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