creating things

1998.09 (updated : 2008.03.25)

This is a collection of my creations in the media of words, images, wood, or whatever was lying around.

wood carvings

I've been fiddling about with wood carving for several years. I've only ever made a couple of decent pieces, but I enjoy it as a hobby.

how to photograph diamond jewelry

I've learned a fair bit about producing photos of diamond jewelry in the past year. This is the result.

re-building an old PC for photo editing

I rebuilt an old PC to save money. I didn't count on the noise!

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I'am glad that i have found this site I'am getting a tattoo for my 17th birthday (September 27th) i was supposed to get one for my 16th but i chickned out LoL but then as i read on about how you said it didnt hurt that much i also realized that i can talk alot of pain i do know that it will hurt a bit but now that i read this site i relized it isnt as abd as i figured it would be i know alot of ppl wit tattoos and they always tell me it didnt hurt that much thanx alot for the help lol


2002.08.24 00:00:00

I personally believe that 17 is too young, but then as Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson) said, (see the comment below) "drink and be merry for tommorrow you may contract a horrible skin disease".


Great site....... you sound like a very interesting person—thanks for making me laugh!

2002.09.18 00:00:00

Ah, anonymous praise. Doesn't get much better than that, I guess.



Hello there it is always a pleasure to see a new Canada based marketing company like Seems to be an interesting portfolio there.

John Mitchell
2002.10.14 00:00:00

Wow. Polluting my feedback area with your own spam. How proud you must be!


Hi - is the Mussolini quote on fascism/corporatism from a longer comment? Thanks. RL.

Rick London
2003.03.21 00:00:00

Possibly. You can google it for best results. I found this interesting collection of related quotes.



That is so incredible (what you say about luck) I have been the recipient of the most amazing luck all my life (good and bad it has to be said) I also have a dragon tattoo (really!) and birds crap on me too!! (No really, they do!) Freaky...

2004.06.09 00:00:00

Hooray for you, my anonymous Internet brother/sister/whatever you are. Man I wish people would leave their email addresses.


Quite possibly the most fabulous website ever!

Started with the tattoo designs, but ended up being completely entertained by your autobiography. My roomates and I are working on a book comprised of similar anecdotes and useful/useless information (it all depends on how u take it) anyway needless to say you were inspiring and brightened my day. Thanks :)

2003.01.06 00:00:00

> Quite possibly the most fabulous website ever!

Possibly... Glad it helped. Lemme know when the book is done.


Rock on!

Hey you!

I was thinking about getting a tattoo, at my tender young age of 38 (you see, I am making a short trek to a neighboring county to take my 17 y/o daughter to get her eyebrow pierced and the thought of ME getting a tat entered my mind) so I decided to surf the great mystical magical internet for some design ideas and stumbled onto your site. And I must say, that I do believe I have found a soul who has weirder ramblings than my own! Hence, the title of this quaint lil ol e-mail: Rock on!

So there you have it, my quips for the moment. Enjoy your day or evening—whichever it is where you are. I only have 1 question for you, not 20: Have you dined at Dantes in TO?



(from the other OZ—Kansas)

2003.03.31 00:00:00

I have not had dinner at Dantes, no. Though I spoze I'll have to have a go, once I have an income again. Thanks for the comments, Lynne.



Great Web Site. I don't think tatoos are very original these days, but that's just my little 'ol opinion. It is right trendy to get one. Don't you want to be an individualist? I don't follow trends, so i don't have any. But to each his own.

But your website is really really interesting. You have great taste in music, but you forgot to list Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline and Hank Williams Sr. and Mario Lanza. I'm sure you just forgot. Three's Company is the best show ever and so is Mr. Ed and Mamma's Family.

Good luck with things, Sir.

Musically Yours,

Meade Skelton.

Meade Skelton
2003.05.02 00:00:00

Thanks for the comments.

It's been argued many times that nothing is original any more. I don't really mind - I wanted tattoos for my own reasons that had nothing to do with trends (or for that matter, individualism).

P.S. I do like the odd Johnny Cash or Patsy Cline song (I had a girlfriend once who loved to listen to Cline while driving). But it's a bit hard to take in regular doses. Like the Beatles. ;)




this is the first site i've come across that i've bothered to spend time on aside from my sisters.

good travel tips.

got a question. did you see any heavily tattooed women in fiji?(locals or travellers)

my man and i are going in december to get married and i'm wondering how much if at all i should keep my full sleeves and back piece covered, will it offend people?

l8r,majing boo

majing boo
2003.05.10 00:00:00

Hey, congratulations! Fiji would be an outstanding spot to get married. Actually, when I was there I met a couple who'd married on the beach down there. She in her white gown, he in sandals, shorts, and decent shirt. They loved it.

Yes, I saw some people with tattoos. I was one (not a woman, though, which I spoze is your point). The thing is to keep covered when entering any populated area (just as well, cos the sunshine comes down like a hammer), especially a village.

The Polynesian cultures were some of the most tattooed peoples on Earth, and Fiji was (part) Polynesian. But the introduction of Christianity has turned the society into one that is generally very conservative.

That said, Fijians still use a form of tattooing as a means of curing things like broken bones. A couple of individuals down there told me that they did it to remove 'bad things' from the injuries. So you'll see individuals with squiggly bits of tattooes on their knuckles, for instance.

Anyway, approach it with some common sense, and you'll be fine. And do go out to the smaller islands, that's what Fiji is all about.



I was wondering if you could design a tattoo for me. I'm looking to put it on the outside of my right foot. I want a cresent moon in the center and have red roses either twined around it or extending right and left on the sides of it. This is my first tattoo so i want something that won't disappoint me. If you have any questions, please email me at

2002.11.07 00:00:00

jenn - I don't really have the means for designing tattoos for people. I do my humble designs when I get the chance, but each one of my (awkward and somewhat geometric) designs takes days. I think you'd be better served by looking at some flash


your design

hiya michael im having one of your designs as a tattoo on friday its a gorgeous design and i hope it looks good as a tattoo i'll try and take a pic and put it somewhere for u to see. Its the double lined triskele so if u give me your e-mail address i'll try and send a pic of it done wen i can get a pic

2004.01.10 00:00:00

Cool! Let me know how it goes.


had it done

it looks really good i'm still working on gettin a digital camera to take a pic but it turned out really well and looks excellent

2004.01.19 00:00:00

Cool! I'd love to see a pic.



I really like your Designs, very unique. I was just wondering if you could do personal designs? If so im looking for a small design in the middle of my lower back. Write Back! and thanks alot.xoxo bye

2004.02.06 00:00:00

Thanks for the comments, Gillian. I'm afriad I don't have the tools for tattoo designing right now, and have never really done on-design work. I wish I were better able to help.... I hope you find something!


i can't draw

I have the perfect picture in my head for my next tattoo, which I would like to place just below my neck. The only problem is, I have absolutely no artistic ability. I want a three leaf clover with celtic knotwork in each leaf (something like the triangular design you have on your page). I would greatly appreciate any assistance you might be willing to give me.


2004.06.19 00:00:00

I find it frustrating when people say they have no artistic ability. I think that they're confusing 'artistic' with those nutjobs who go around living the "artist's lifestyle" and irritating the hell out the rest of us. We all have artistic ability - art is in many things we take for granted, such as speech. Go for it and good luck.


Hey I used a design of urs!!

hey i used one of ur designs and it looks really good!!

who cares??
2004.01.27 00:00:00

I'd love to see a pic, lpchick090.



Cool man. Thanks for the pics.

Word from Detroit. Peace and chaos forever! BE COOL.

2002.06.20 00:00:00

Indeed. You're welcome and I will.


i hate you.... think of something a little better than these. Get a life or a real job there chico

2003.04.14 00:00:00

Wow, my first hate feedback. You even gave me a pet name! I'll always cherish your skillful words, Jesse.


Outta Germany

Thanks for these wondeful pics. Really appreciate the dragons and the art. Keep the cool vibe !

The Pradster - Way out from German-Land

2003.05.07 00:00:00

Hey, thanks. Er, Vielen Danke.


gr8 tattooz

heyz i'm joelle from lebanon thx for the designs they really helped me a lot keep up the good work

peace kissesxxx


2003.08.01 00:00:00

Glad you like them. Are you considering getting one? I think you're my first correspondent from Lebanon.



Hi Michael,

I don't mean to be a bitch cause I think it's cool that you're into designing tattoos, but I do think you can do better. They're a bit too simple, by 'too simple' I mean they are the kind of thing everyone is capable of drawing. You've got a few that are heading in the right direction though... keep it up.

2003.08.31 00:00:00

You're right, I can always do better. Looking at my designs, I'm not terribly impressed. And yes, everyone is capable of drawing, which makes me wonder why some folks get so hostile when they read that I'm reluctant to design tattoos for peo


coolness. I like the idea. wish you would do some libra ones though...

keep up the coolness

2003.09.18 00:00:00

Me, too. I wish I had the software....


these tattoo designs are shittiest things i have ever seen, u beed to come up with better designs

Sean Valette
2003.09.18 00:00:00

'i beed'? You work on the typing, I'll work on the designs, Sean. Eventually. ;)



Could you design a tattoo for me? :)

I want a lizard crawling up my belly.

your designs are really cool

Contact me on my email address:




2003.10.06 00:00:00

Thanks for your interest in my stuff, but at the moment I don't have any software with which to do any interesting work, I'm afraid.



this site kinda sucks. your drawings are all the same. it would be nice to see some more variety. lemme know when u get that up and running. Id like to see the improvements.

2003.11.11 00:00:00

What can I say.

Thanks for the feedback; have you got some designs online?


just to say Hi!!

hey Michael...very cool desings..i'm really interested in celtic tattoo's...maybe you can help me..B4cause i didnB4t find "the one"..but now.. i got some ideas..well if you have any suggestions just let me know....


a friend from Peru


2003.11.30 00:00:00

There are a number of books with celtic knots in them, if that's the sort of celtic design you're looking for. I have corresponded with a fellow named Aidan Meehan who has a number of his knot designs on web sites (maybe search for his name on You'll also find celtic animal (totems and illustrations from the old Christian books of Ireland) in most tattoo parlours.

Good luck!


want some cool ink!!!

sorry about those last two messages, i screwed up. hey do you think u could esign me a cool dragon tattoo. i already have one but i am lookin for a new one. ttyl man


2003.12.01 00:00:00

That's okay, I deleted the aborted messages. I've been having a frustrating time with these questions of late, but I have an idea in mind, and will retain your question and email address and get back to you!



hey mich,

nice page ... i like ur designs, ... unfortunately didnt find what i wanted, n by now i've must've searched half the web n all. you think you could design me a tattoo of an eagle with a snake hangin out of its mouth? ... i love snakes, eagles, black roses n all, ... they all have so much symbolic meaning to me. got a black rose with a tribal design on ma right upper arm. well, ... thx for now ... pls mail me sumtime ...

insane dreamer
2003.11.06 00:00:00

Did you get my email, insane dreamer?



hey mich,

nice page ... i like ur designs, ... unfortunately didnt find what i wanted, n by now i must've searched half the web n all. you think you could design me a tattoo of an eagle with a snake hangin out of its mouth? ... i love snakes, eagles, black roses n all, ... they all have so much symbolic meaning to me. got a black rose with a tribal design on ma right upper arm. well, ... thx for now ... pls mail me sumtime ...

Good luck with your search.

insane dreamer
2003.11.06 00:00:00

I don't actually design tattoos for people. I wish I could, actually, it sounds like it might be an interesting way of earning a dime.


Nice leaves!

Hey mon. Just searched the Web for Google images of the maple leaf, and your designs were on it! Nice work. I'm a bit of a hobby graphic artist & I like your stuff. Too bad about the software. Mine ain't nothin' to brag over either. NEways, wouldja mind if I used a couple of maple leaf designs off yer site for a project I'm doing? Lemme know.


Spin B.
2004.03.03 00:00:00

Go for it, SB. Your email address was no good, so I hope you see this.



hi... jst trying to find an ida for a new tattoo these were sweet. mills xx

2004.04.07 00:00:00

Thanks for the comments, squishy.


Seize the Day...


Having been tattooed 4 times now and each of those designs being 'off the wall', I appreciate your initiative in being able to create and allow that creativeness to be used by others. Keep up the good work...

Del (Kalgoorlie, Western Australia).

Delmar Evans
2004.04.17 00:00:00

And thanks to you for the feedback, Delmar. Does this mean you're looking into one of my tattoo designs?


hey I was just on google searching for some simple tattoo ideas and I found yours!

I love drawing on people, so your site gave me some amazing design ideas I've been looking for:) awesome work!

2004.04.28 00:00:00

Thanks, Anya. Good luck with your designs.



where can i get a spunge bob square pants tatoo for my friend

david marshall
2004.05.27 00:00:00

..I dunno. But:

a) Why!

b) That's not yer email address!



Could use your help. I'm looking for a way to design a spiral galaxy tattoo, but I'm not sure how to capture the light at the center. Your designs (gorgeous) lead me to believe that you might have some ideas. Any suggestions?



2004.06.23 00:00:00

Hmm. I guess you'd have to draw around the 'bright' bit rather than drawing the thing itself. Negative space and all that. Maybe an indistinct outline of darker rays eminating from an undrawn central bit?


dude, is that all u got for tattoo designs? those are pathetic!! what you need are kick ass dragons and skulls and shit like that.. not a friggen leaf

2004.06.23 00:00:00

Kick ass skulls? Go to any chain tattoo place, usa_army_soldier85 (unwanted mental image forming)...



Yea, sorry man, but I have to agree with... uh... whoever else left shitty feedback, I hate you, too. They are way too simple for what seems like a decent artist. And what the fuck is up with all of the maple leaves? I personally, was a little disappointed in your collection. You should work on that, 'cause they suck.


2004.06.28 00:00:00

I hope you find what you're looking for. Good luck (note that dispensing 'hate' probably won't help).



Hi Michael,

lauren's the name. have quite mixed feelings about your site while exploring. I have only four tattoos of my own, none taken off the wall. however my partner is a tattoo artist and has been now for ten years. His body work is amazing. While looking at your designs i realised instantly that they're not all actually your designs. you have many alterations and similar original celtic designs in your folio...the triskelion...the druidic threefold, and the triquetra to list a few. Probably unintentional? but while designing symbols so simply, it is expected. Anyway, your own tattoos i like. I think all these other dickheads saying the site is shit should fuck off....who the fuck are you?? I'm sure yours are so much better...bullshit.

Keep up the good work...and the designs, there's nothing better than the feeling of satisfaction after completing a design. Thanx for the site.


2004.07.03 00:00:00

Thanks for your comments, Lauren. Do you mean that the designs aren't original? Because I created them. Of course, I started with the triskel work I saw on rock carvings in Ireland and went from there.



Myself along with my 2 best friends have decided to get the same tattoos showing our respect for eachother, the three of us are so close we are like brothers...we want to choose a design that symbolizes our friendship. we are also all three on a summer long road trip in toronto from vancouver...and are planning to get inked out here in the east...if u have any ideas for our tattoos it would be great to see them, and keep in mind the three of us are 20 yr old males... anyhow, would be greatly appreciated, thanks


2004.06.21 00:00:00

Wow. That's quite a commitment. Better at the end of the trek than before, eh? ;^P

I can't think of anything off the top of my head*, but I can recommend an artist in Toronto. His name is Shane Faulkner, and he's got his own place now (King of Fools), which is smack dab in the heart of "the village" (the gay neighbourhood). Here's their web page. I'm on page 5 of the gallery. (I'm the one with the dragon on my chest)

I also recommend something on the upper arm or upper chest or upper back or perhaps the calf but suggest you steer clear of the stomach, fore-arm, neck, lower back or belly. You guys are young yet - go for places you'll be able to conceal if you choose to later in life, and avoid areas where you'll put on weight. Also, keep it to the size of your palm at most for your first go. You don't want something too big for your first one. I've never regretted that dragon (which I think is still my largest) but it's far larger than my first.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Make damn sure you're really comfortable with whatever it is. I'm still in touch with two of close buddies from way back at the age you're at now, but I'm a very *very* different person. F'r instance, I'm rather glad I never went the route of Motorhead's "snaggletooth" or a little tie fighter. Hmmm, maybe a little tie fighter tattoo on the inside of my fore-arm.... no


hey dontk now you, dont want nothing, but i just looked at your site, and reading your comments just wanted to call you a sad cunt... i mean ur designs are shit and u refuse to help people who want decent tattoos... u suck ok? now go pimp that ass

2004.07.08 00:00:00

Thanks for your comments, Dean. What can I say.

My designs are for my use, I share them for the hell of it. I don't refuse to help people - I've never claimed to be a tattoo artist or offered my services for a fee. If people like what they find on the 'net for free, great. Half a dozen people have used one or another so far.

Which is about 1 for every 2 emails such as yours, actually. I'm mildly surprised that some people have had my work done, but I'm more surprised at the constant drivel from people such as yourself with nothing to add. I mean what's the point? Are you people bitter cos you can't get a free tattoo design from some sucker? Or are you just twisted up about life in general. It's a mystery that'll keep me awake at night, all right,



I love your designs! Way cool with the Scorpion that totally creeped me out! Me and my best friend want to get matching star arm bands! If you have any ideas please contact me

love, Shanwa

By the way those Idiots that say bad stuff about you should just Shut UP

2004.07.15 00:00:00

Thanks, Shawna. Good luck with your search, I trust you received my email?


tattoo for me

hey... i've had a terrible time trying to find a picses design that would look good on the body. if you could help me design one that would be amazing!

thank you for your help!


2003.09.07 00:00:00

I don't currently have the software for it, Alexis. But I'll keep your request in mind.


Hi, my name is Anita. I am 15 years old, I love your tattoos! I haven't always really dug tattoos that much. But I am really startes to like them. In my opioun a tattoo can be sybmol, of who you are, or what you like doing. I have thought about it a lone time, and I really want a tattoo. But the only thing is my mom won't let me get one. I don't understand why though, she let me get my toung, belly button, and treges done. And it's not like I want a big tattoo or anything, you know just a little butterfly on my sholder or a really cool design on my lower back. Do you have any ideas for me to try to convince my mom.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


2003.04.01 00:00:00

Hi, Anita;

I saw your comments on my web site. I have to agree with your mom; wait before getting a tattoo.

For one thing, I was able to look at a lot of designs over the years, and to talk to a lot of people who'd had them. Another good thing was that I could take the time to find a good tattoo parlour - a good artist makes a world of difference! And as it happens, there were big advances in the inks that they used during the years I was poking around. This meant that when I finally got mine done, the inks that went into them would hold their colour and shape much longer. The same might happen for you (who knows).

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to tattoos is that your body shape will continue to change as you age. It would probably be a better idea to wait a few more years until your body is closer to its adult shape before getting a tattoo. I realize that you probably don't want to hear this from some stranger, but I've been very pleased with my tattoos, and am very glad that I waited (I was fascinated with tattoos from about your age, myself, but didn't get my first one until I was 26!).

It's good fun, getting and having tattoos, but there are some things to keep in mind, right?

In the end, I'm just a guy with a web site. If you want an expert's opinion, take your mom to a tattoo place and ask them what they say.

Good luck!



hi i just wanted to know if you know of a website or software that you can design your own tattoo? Thanks.

2003.04.21 00:00:00

No. But that sounds like a really good idea.



Hello, my name is Mary. I'm out here looking for some answers. I hope you can help. I recently went to get my first tattoo. It was not a success. I went into full blown shock, had to be taken home, and wad exhausted the rest og the day. I am wondering why this happened to me. I'm very dissappointed. I went to a legit. buisnedd, the gentelan who was the owner, had been tattooing for 28 years. I just can't understand why this happened. Can you shed any light onthis? If so, please contact me at mare218@hotmailcom thanks. Mary :)

Mary Soffner
2003.05.25 00:00:00

I have no idea why this happened, though I have seen a friend go into a glassy-eyed sort of condition after getting tattooed. I myself have had the same exhaustion after a tattooing; I think it's from adrenalin, but it might have been any of a number of things.

Remember that the tattoo needle is actually invading your body, and that the body has reactions to things like that. The adrenalin is my bet, It might simply have been endorphins to dampen the pain, it may have been a mental thing (if this was your first, as you say), or it might have been something like a reaction to the metal of the needle (the ink is non-reactive, but I wouldn't be surprised if some small percentage of the population reacted to stainless steel).

That said, I am not in the tattooing business, let alone a medical professional. It's best to be safe, when your health is involved. See your doctor, if you haven't already. And talk to the staff about what happened; I bet they've seen it all.

Good luck; hopefully you'll come out of the disappointment.


i was just wondering anout a tattoo design of yours and if i could use it. I would appreciate you e-mailing me with an answer. thanks you!

2003.10.30 00:00:00

Go for it, Allison. I guess this is the flip side to not being able to design stuff to meet people's expectations. If anyone wants to use one of my designs, just let me know you're doing so, and send me a pic when it's done.


wrong turn web search

well i was searching for a tattoo design of a maple leaf and this popped up. If you could help me create a design say by Friday that'd be great.. if not I had fun procrastinating here. All the best

Good luck!

2004.01.18 00:00:00

I don't design tattoos for a living. You can generally find good tattoo designs in tattoo parlours, and the artists should be able to design you something you like.



hey I was wondering if you could draw me up a tattoo because I saw your work and they're awesome so just hit me back.. peace

2004.04.14 00:00:00

I don't do tattoos like that, Annie (though people keep asking). I should have some new designs for the Summer, though, so keep watching.


Can you design a tattoo for me please ?

hello i want to get the girls name RACHEL tattooed on my back in lower english font.. maybe about 10" x 3". Can you by any chance design this for me.. or know somebody who could do it for me

thanks for your time


john sullivan
2004.05.04 00:00:00

I don't do tattoo designs that way. I just come up with doodles and post them if I'm happy with them. I think you should take your request to some local shops and see what they say. Be sure to go through their book of jobs they've done to get a feel for their talents.


I just wanted to let you know that, while searching for ideas for the tattoo which I had finally plucked up the courage to get, I found your dragon on this website, and it grew on me to the point where I had it engraved on me too! I modified it a little bit, gave it back the extra claw which you had removed, and reduced it in size by 50 percent. This very morning I have had it done, and it didnt hurt all that much. She ( I like to think of the dragon as female, though you may have other ideas) now sits south east of my belly button, towards my right hip, and looks very cool! I am waiting to see what my man thinks of it, but I am sure he will approve.




Fiona de Rooij
2003.03.11 00:00:00

Cool. That's four people I've seen with that same tattoo. Hmm, and I'm the only male....


my first tatt

I got my first tattoo yesterday of a crab because it is my zodiac sign. I am satified with it but it looks sort of incomplete. Do have any suggestions on what i can get around it to make it come together?

2003.05.17 00:00:00

Stick with what you've got for the time being. Let it sink in a bit before you look at altering it. BTW, you have any pics?


does anyone u no have a good design of the mil

i want a design of smile now cry later i saw a good one the other day. the faces looked thuged out i really liked it but i do not no were to get a pic cause i am going to put a saying on the bottom can anybody please if u no were i can get a good design like that will u please e mail it to me or tell me were i can find it.

2003.07.02 00:00:00

I see you got my email response.... Good luck with your search!


dragon tatto

found your dragon that you have on dragon images site,I cant say how pleased I was to find it, And I want you to know that an Engish showman has chosen the design to complete his sleeve tattoo, my whole left arm is tattooed light blue, with flames riseing from the dragons mouth I will have to make a few modifications, but the basic idea is yours,really thank you very much for the idea to complete what will be a brilliant piece of body art, if you are intrested in the final product let me know yours prof wood

english showman
2004.02.12 00:00:00

Wow, that's pretty cool. But it's not actually my design. I just found it on the 'net and modified it for my own use. I've since seen the same design used for a Jet Li movie....

Let me know how it comes out!


i want a tatoo

i've been wanting a tatoo for about 2 yrs now, but i cannot settle on anything that i would want to keep forever. i like lower back tatoos, and all kinds of writing tatoos. i would like a classy simple tatoo. i really want an RIP tatoo but no one i know will die! i am about ready to just run up there and get anything because i want one so bad. if you have any ideas or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. pls email me.

2004.03.21 00:00:00

Don't make a panic decision. I had a coworker once who woke up in New Orleans one morning with a brand new tree frog tattoo that he was too drunk to recall getting. And I've seen what happens when people try to have their tattoos removed (ick). Hunt around in the tattoo shops. If you go in and look at the designs they've got and ask the staff you get a good feel for the place. This will help you make a decision about not only the tattoo you want but it will help you find someone you trust to do the work. Good luck.


artistic impressions

I saw you recommended Artistic Impressions in St.Catherines and was looking for the web address...

I came across it...thought I'd share.



2003.04.17 00:00:00


P.S. It's "St. Catharines", with an 'a'.



you have stolen the dragon designs of don ed hardy they all are copywritten

-fun is over please remove.


2002.07.15 00:00:00

Hey, thanks for the lead. I've sent Don Hardy an email via his site. We'll see where this leads.



I was looking for a dragon tattoo to put on my right outer thigh.

I'm still thinking as to what I exactly want, but thanks to you, I have a few more great options.

dragons are beautiful...

2002.02.04 00:00:00

Good luck, Linda. Note that the dragon tattoos I have here came from someone else; I'm merely listing a bunch that I found somewhere. I'd love to get in touch with whoever created them. If anyone knows who this is/was, let me know!


Dragon Pictures....

Thank you for your images of the dragons - all I wanted were simple nicely drawn pictures - this is the only place that i've found them - keep up the good wrk! :)

Cricket Harley
2002.02.10 00:00:00

Heh heh, you mean the 'good piracy'... They weren't my designs....



Yah.... I'm thinking of using one of your dragon images for my 1st tatoo ever!! Wondering if this is ok with you... e-mail me to let me know.... :)

Cricket Harley
2002.02.10 00:00:00

Fine with me. They're not actually mine, though. 8(

Let me know how it went!


all you need is luck/crapping birds

RE: Updates on 2002/11/09, 2006/11/08, 2007/11/08

1. The sun is around 20 or 21 degrees Libra (Hindu/Vedic Sidereal Zodiac)

Note: Make that around 15 Scorpio, if you use the Western Tropical Zodiac.

Your Chinese American friend might be onto something when he connected the birdshitting with your dragon tattoo. Where you born in the Year of the Dragon? How 'bout the Year of the Snake?

Your natal sun's position depends on your birthday. (natal--> birth--> Duh!) Anyway, check to see if you natal sun opposes/conjoins/square/trines/(or whatever) your birdcrap sun.

Stephen Zirattu
2007.12.05 06:03:34

Jeez, I hadn't noticed that I'd got it at about the same date in 2002... kind adds up in a bizarre way! I'm year of the Pig. P.S. "he" was a "she" and Chinese Canadian. ;)


tattoo design

Would you be willing to design a tattoo for me? It's pretty complex, but ive had it in mind for a while now. Basically a black circle with celtic designs and the words "I am mine" inside the border, while within the circle are two black ravens.

Would you be able to do this?

2008.03.25 19:56:11

Thanks for your note. Unfortunately, I have neither the skill nor the tools for such a thing. When asked for such designs, I usually refer readers of my website to a professional designer. If you ask around in your home town you'll find a reputable tattoo designer who will work with you on your designs.

Good luck!


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