My experiments in photography.
vancouver experimentsvancouver experiments
While in Vancouver I found myself exploring a few photographic odds and ends.
experimental—oil slick photographyexperimental—oil slick photography
I've always loved oil slicks on pavement. One day, noticing some meltwater in a shopping mall parking lot, I decided to start taking some photos.
experiments—macro photographyexperiments—macro photography
During 2002, I learned of the trick of reverse-mounting a lens for macro photography. It's an interesting technique.
scavenger huntsscavenger hunts
This is a photography challenge in which each contestant shoots photos for the same set of themes. Each theme is expressed in a single word. There are 26 words, one for each letter of the alphabet.
experiments—moon photographyexperiments—moon photography
Photographing the moon is a bit tricky. It's deceptively bright, and requires much less exposure than you'd imagine.
experiments—basketball photographyexperiments—basketball photography
I picked up a used SMC 135mm lens for my Pentax DSLR for about ¥7000. I decided that it's equivalent 200mm focal length would be great for sports photography. And because I belonged to a casual basketball group, I decided that my friends and colleagues would become my guinea pigs. The results were pleasing.
experiments—camera gearexperiments—camera gear
Experiments and demonstrations with camera equipment.
experiments—highway speedexperiments—highway speed
A simple experiment to see whether I could use a long exposure to capture the speed and motion of a trip on the highway.
experiments—photographing blowing treesexperiments—photographing blowing trees
An experiment to see if I could capture the motion of trees blowing in the wind with a long exposure (and a bunch of neutral density filters.
experiments—digital black and whiteexperiments—digital black and white
This is a test of different techniques for getting black and white images from my DSLR. All done in Lightroom.
experiments—off-camera strobeexperiments—off-camera strobe
Tinkering with a strobe held off-camera. Not rocket science, but an interesting new frontier for me.
experiments—ghosts of Shinagawaexperiments—ghosts of Shinagawa
I made some long-exposure images in Shinagawa station, capturing the passers by anonymously.