My attempts at expression through atypical photography.
infra-red black and whiteinfra-red black and white
I enjoy working with infra-red black and white photography, and have used it in urban and rural settings from Japan to Melbourne to Ontario.
wabi sabiwabi sabi
Wabi sabi is a Japanese term for the concept of accidental beauty found in things decaying or reverting to nature. I use it as a blanket term for all of the run-down things I find so interesting. This includes abandoned buildings (haikyo).
toy camerastoy cameras
These are some artsy-fartsy experiments with toy cameras.
Images from cemeteries from around the world.
tree trunkstree trunks
I like photographing tree trunks, mostly in black and white. I find them an interesting source of contrasting shadows, textures, and shapes. (I hope this isn't a boring collection.)
Some of the random odds and ends I deemed worthy of publishing.
Photos featuring the sky.
at my feetat my feet
Things I've shot as I've found them at my feet.
Photos where shadows play a strong role in the composition.
walls & rockswalls & rocks
I like taking photos of walls from up close. What can I say.
In general, I like photographing small odds and ends, the corners and tucked-away things. This includes reflections.
I like photographing vehicles.
Verdance of all sorts.
Once in a while, I attempt portraiture. Nothing fancy or formal, just people.
the quick and the deadthe quick and the dead
Sometimes (or, I suppose you could say, every time) things die. Other things haven't got that far
I take a lot of photos of buildings. I find their endless variety fascinating, as well as the way they blend form and function.
snow and icesnow and ice
I come from the land of the ice and snow, don'tcha know.
Sharp focus is overrated. Amiright? Eh?
I like photographing different textures.
I've found a lot of abandoned places, structures and equipment over the years.
larger than lifelarger than life
Macro work, not my usual but I'm learning.
other people's artother people's art
Some people leave works of art sitting around where anyone can photograph them.
That amazing substance, color.
These things draw me, but I find them hard to shoot.