new alignments for dungeons & dragons

2016.01.27 (updated : 2017.03.03)

I've decided to replace the alignment listings in the game. First, I'm doing away with them for player-characters altogether. I've always treated them as descriptions of the character, not a guide for his behavior. But given that they're played by living, changing people and set in circumstances that are always shifting, why even keep a descriptor? Which leaves "monsters" (every else), which certainly need descriptors to tell you how the monster is meant to be played. Here are my ten "alignments".


If provoked, this critter will erupt in violence. And easily provoked.


The ravenous capacity of the wrathtar, the slimes and puddings, grey goo demons, and the worms.


Unstable, unpredictable, and seemingly unconcerned with society or self. Not many things are truly insane. Xlid and jabbering mouthers, however, are.

Master race

The schemes and death-dealing of the aboleth, illithid, lich, and dragon. The sinister agenda of the vampire ends when he's enslaved you. The master races wants to enslave your species.

Merry prankster

This is a complex one. Most delight in simply confusing, cheating, or endangering others through lies, pranks, and distortions. They might tell the truth often enough to keep you off balance. The more manipulative ones however will try to get you to deal with their problems: aha, a party of adventurers, maybe they can deal with that awful ogre. Others, like the yhcnurc frogs, aren't so much merry as miserable but they'll still distort and cheat and use fine words to appear what they're not.

Mindless destroyer

The driven urge to unmake, to smash. Embodied in the disrupter and grey goo demons.


Pursuing a mission greater than the creature’s own needs and desires. The griffon’s mission to fight evil. A metal dragon watching over the planet.


A vicious, cruel creature without redeeming qualities.

Sinister agenda

By the time you figure out their intent, it’s usually too late. The seduction and torture of the harpy or gorgon or vampire. The kidnapping of the yellow tongues, and well whatever the wights are up to.


Driven to exist in a pitiless world filled with opponents, and disinterested in anything more. Barter, flee, fight, or distract, these are the pech, kobolds, lizardfolk, and greenies.


No agenda, no desire, no plan. We do what we’re told.

Warrior creed

Once you've stripped away the niceties, you're left with the code of the warrior. Life is a struggle, the code will see you through. The militant, ordered societies of the gnolls, kricklers, and the zerg —I mean ankheg.

Will to power

The main driving force is achievement, ambition, and the striving to reach the highest possible position in life. Or so said a power-mad cripple.

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Thanks for posting that! I played with this set when I was 3-4, in 1986... Damn, so strange to see it again. i remember those great elements like yellow door :) one of the best sets ever.

2010.07.07 10:39:32

Glad you enjoyed it, Maciek!


Awesome! Thanks for posting this. Our directions were water damaged and the pages dried together. My son is now playing with the legos I had as a kid so he wanted to build the semi truck. Thanks again!

2010.08.31 21:42:49

Glad I could help! Nice to hear from a girl LEGO user, too. 8^)



2011.03.29 02:07:55

Yeah, it's a simple set but a versatile one!


Thanks for posting and taking the time to scan in these instructions. I dug out my old set and had no instructions. My son and I bult the semi, it was just as fun as it was 30 years ago.

Matt O.
2012.12.29 17:57:20

Great to hear! Thanks for writing, that made my day.


Great posting on these LEGO sets...I had this one when I was a kid, 722 is one of the best sets ever! Never knew what happened to it. I'm trying to find one for my kids; if you're interested in selling it please let me know.

Shane M.
2013.01.21 16:50:28

Glad you enjoyed the find, Shane. But you'll get my LEGO from my son and me when you pry it from our cold dead hands. ;^) It wasn't for nothing that I got the space lego emblem tattoo'd on my arm!

Good luck with your hunt.


I have an old set but don't have the electronic parts show in the windmill and snow plow instructions- they don't seem to have come with the set. Any ideas about where/how to find them? Thanks!

2014.03.05 15:20:12

A lot of pieces for older sets just aren't made any more, unfortunately. But you can always try ebay or one of these:


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