meaning "hawk"
onyomi ヨウ、オウ
兀鷹はげたか, ハゲタカvulture
よたか, ぶんぼちょうgrey nightjar (Caprimulgus indicus); nightjar (any bird of family Caprimulgidae), goatsucker; streetwalker; soba vendors who walk around at night, soba sold by these vendors
禿鷹はげたか, ハゲタカvulture
ある鷹は爪をのうあるたかはつめをかくすa wise man keeps some of his talents in reserve, one shouldn''t show off, the person who knows most often says least
鳶が鷹をとんびがたかをうむ, とびがたかをうむEven plain parents can produce a genius child, A great person may be born of perfectly ordinary parents
たかfalcon (Falconidae family), hawk
たかじょうfalconer, hawker
おうよう, おおようlargehearted, generous
たかはhawk or hardline faction
ようしゅんhawk and falcon
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