meaning'drive, run, gallop, advance, inspire, impel'
ミサイル駆ミサイルくちくかん(guided) missile destroyer
せんくforerunner; herald; outrider, pilot car
駆けさきがけcharging ahead of others, the first to charge, pioneer, forerunner, harbinger
駆けるさきがけるto be the first
駆けつけるかけつけるto run to, to come running, to rush (someplace), to hasten
駆けかけつけさんばいthree cups of sake which latecomers to a party are made to drink
駆けかけひきbargaining, haggling; tactics, strategy
駆け込みかけこみlast-minute rush, stampede
使くしorder around, use freely
くどうdriving force
くちくextermination, expulsion, destruction
くじょextermination, expulsion, destruction
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