meaning "neck, counter for songs and poems"
onyomi シュ
kunyomi くび
げんしゅhead of state
てくびa wrist
しゅとthe capital (city)
もとしゅしょうthe former Prime Minister
くびthe neck, the head
首になるくびになるto be fired (from a job)
しゅしょうthe Prime Minister
ぶしゅradical (of a kanji character) (n)
いっしゅtanka, poem
とうしゅparty leader
いくびbull neck
こうしゅけいdeath by hanging
り首しばりくび(death by) hanging
しゅいfirst place, head position, leading position
しゅびissue, course of events, beginning and end
しゅせきhead, chief; chairman, governor, president; top student, head of the class; top seat, first desk (in orchestra)
しゅはんhead, leader, Prime Minister
しゅこうassent, consent
うなずくto nod, to bow one''s head in assent
しゅのうhead, brains, leading spirit
しゅのうぶexecutives, top management, governing body
しゅぼうplanning, plotting, ringleader
しゅとけんthe capital city (often Tokyo) area (typically within 50 km of city''s centre) (center)
しゅちょうhead (of organization, organisation), chief
しゅかいforerunner, ringleader
きゅうしゅgoing into a huddle
かくしゅlooking forward to
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