meaning "drink, take"
onyomi イン, オン
kunyomi の.む, -の.み
の・むto drink
いんしゅdrinking alcohol
飲みのみものa beverage
飲むのむto drink (u-v)
飲みゆのみteacup (n)
つ飲みかつのみかつうたうto drink and sing at the same time, to drink as well as sing
せいりょういんりょうすいsoft drink
じきょういんりょうtonic drink
飲ませるのませるto make somebody drink, to give someone a drink
飲みのみやbar, saloon
飲みのみみずdrinking water
飲みのみくいfood and drink, eating and drinking
いんりょう(a) drink
いんしょくfood and drink, eating and drinking
げいいんdrinking hard, drinking like a fish
げいいんばしょくdrinking like a fish and eat like a horse, eating mountains of food and drink oceans of liquor
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