meaning "eat, food"
onyomi ショク, ジキ
kunyomi く.う, く.らう, た.べる, は.む
た・べる、く・う、く・らうfood, to eat
ゆうしょくsupper, dinner
食べるたべるto eat
しょうくじa meal
やしょくa midnight meal
しょくどうdining hall, canteen
しょくりょうひんfoodstuff, groceries (n)
いしょくじゅうnecessities of life (food, clothing, etc.) (n)
食うくう(male) (vulg) to eat (v5u)
しょくひんcommodity, foodstuff (n)
しょくもつfood, foodstuff (n)
しょくよくappetite (for food) (n)
しょくりょうfood (n)
しょくりょうprovisions, rations (n)
を食ごはんをたべるto have one''s meal
さんしょくまかないつきwith three meals served
ばんしょくさいしょうan incompetent cabinet minister, a figurehead minister
ゆうしょくassisting at dinner, dining with a superior
しんしょくencroachment, erosion, corrosion
けんこうしょくひんhealth foods
きょしょくrefusing food
せっしょくfeeding, feed
を食いはをくいしばるto bear up in tragedy, to stand pain well, to hold one''s temper
を食うあわをくうto be flurried, to be confused, to lose one''s head
しんしょくerosion, corrosion
かいきにっしょくtotal solar eclipse
かいきしょくtotal eclipse (of sun by moon), totality
こくしょくcereal diet, grain-eating
きゅうしょくschool lunch, providing a meal
ばいしょくdining with one''s superior(s)
食いくいちがいdiscrepancy, different or conflicting opinions
しょくちゅうどくfood poisoning
しょくたくdining table
しょくひんてんかぶつfood additive
しょくえんtable salt
しょくもつせんいdietary fiber, dietary fibre
しょくせいかつeating habits
しょっかんほうlaw governing food quality
しょくりょうふそく, しょくりょうぶそくfood shortage
しょくりょうちょうfood agency
しょくりょうえんじょfood assistance
しょくりょうはいきゅうfood distribution
しょくにくmeat (for consumption)
食蟻ありくい, アリクイanteater
み食いのみくいfood and drink, eating and drinking
いんしょくfood and drink, eating and drinking
ほうしょくgluttony, satiation, engorgement
げいいんばしょくdrinking like a fish and eat like a horse, eating mountains of food and drink oceans of liquor
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