meaning "deposit"
を預けるげたをあずけるto leave everything to (someone)
ていきよきんterm deposit, (fixed) time deposit
ふつうよきんordinary bank account
預かりあずかりunder custody, under supervision; undecided match, draw, tie
預かりあずかりしょうclaim check, baggage check, luggage check, deposit receipt
預かるあずかるto look after, to take care of, to keep, to hold on to, to keep in custody; to take charge of, to be entrusted with, to receive on deposit; to reserve (judgment), to leave undecided
預けるあずけるto give into custody, to leave (a child) in the care of, to entrust, to deposit; to lean on, to put one''s weight on
預けれるあずけいれるto make a deposit
よちょきんdeposits and savings, bank account
よきんdeposit, bank account
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