meaning "blue, green"
onyomi セイ, ショウ
kunyomi あお, あお-, あお.い
あおもりけんAomori prefecture
あおものgreens, vegetables
あおしんごうa green light
せいねんa young man, a youth, young people
あおぞらblue sky
青いあおいblue (adjective), green
せいしゅんyou, the best time of one''s life, one''s prime
っ青なまっさおなdeep blue, deathly pale, ashen
あおblue (noun), green
あおじろいpale, pallid (adj)
せいしょうねんyouth, young person (n)
っ青まっさおdeep blue, ghastly pale (adj-na,n)
となりのは青いとなりのしばふはあおいthe grass is always greener on the other side
燕青えんせいけんYangqingquan, Yangqing Fist
こんじょうnavy blue
あおじゃしんblueprint, plan
せいざんblue or green mountain; grave, burial place
あおあらし, せいらんwind blowing through verdure, mountain air
あおいきといきdeep distress
あおき, アオキJapanese laurel, spotted laurel, Aucuba japonica; live tree
せいかfruit(s) and vegetables
あおやぎ, あおやなぎgreen willow (i.e. one that has budded); meat of the trough shell (Mactra chinensis)
あおぎり, アオギリ, ごとうChinese parasol-tree (Firmiana simplex), Chinese-bottletree, Japanese varnishtree, phoenix-tree
あおうめunripe plum
しゃこ, シャコmantis shrimp (any marine crustacean of order Stomatopoda, esp. the species Oratosquilla oratoria)
あおだけgreen bamboo
あおぶくれdropsical (blue-green) swelling
あおばfresh leaves
せいどうきbronze ware
せいうんblue sky, high rank
たいせいblackish blue
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