meaning "gather, meet, congregate, swarm, flock"
onyomi シュウ
kunyomi あつ.まる, あつ.める, つど.う
集めるあつめるto collect, to assemble, to gather
しゅうかいa meeting, a gathering, an assembly
集うつどうto gather, to meet together
しゅうごう(a) gathering, (a) meeting, an assembly
するしゅうちゅうするto concentrate, to centralize
集まるあつまるto gather, to come together, to swarm
ぜんしゅうcomplete works (n)
へんしゅうediting, compilation, editorial (e.g. committee)
ぼしゅうrecruiting, taking applications (n,vs)
もんだいしゅうa collection of problems, a workbook
ちゅうおうしゅうけんcentralized authoritarian rule, centralised authoritarian rule
ちゅうおうしゅうけんかcentralization of power, centralisation of power
しゃしんしゅうcollection of photographs, photoalbum
ぎょうしゅうagglomeration, clumping together; cohesion (of ions, etc.); flocculation (of colloidal particles); (biological) agglutination
しゅうしゅうgathering up, collection, accumulation
くしゅうcollection of haiku poems
しょうしゅうconvening, calling together (e.g. parliament)
しょうしゅうcalling or convening (a meeting, assembly, congress)
さいしゅうcollecting, gathering
こんちゅうさいしゅうinsect collecting
かしゅうanthology, book of poetry
とくしゅうfeature (e.g. newspaper), special edition, report
しんようしゅうcollection of mythology
へんしゅうしゃeditor (in publishing, etc.)
ししゅうpoetry anthology
しゅうcollection, compilation
集まりあつまりgathering, meeting, assembly, collection
しゅうちゅうconcentration, convergence, centralization, integration, gathering together
しゅうちゅうごううlocal downpour, severe rain fall
しゅうだんgroup, mass
しゅうかcollection of cargo, cargo booking
しゅうらく, じゅらくvillage, community, settlement, town, colony (animals, etc.)
しゅうけいtotalization, totalisation, aggregate
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