meaning "conceal, hide, cover"
onyomi イン、オン
隠しめかくしsomething used to cover the eyes, blindfold, blinder, blinker, eye bandage; concealing one''s home such that the interior cannot be seen from outside
あるは爪を隠すのうあるたかはつめをかくすa wise man keeps some of his talents in reserve, one shouldn''t show off, the person who knows most often says least
え隠れみえがくれappearing and disappearing
隠しかくしひきだしsecret withdrawal
隠すかくすto hide, to conceal
隠れかくれがhiding place, refuge
いんとくぶっしconcealed materials
いんとくしゃhider, person in hiding
おんみつprivacy, secrecy, spy, detective
いんきょretirement; retired person
いんめつdestruction, suppression
かくれくまのみOcellaris clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris)
いんごsecret language, jargon, cant; humbug
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