meaning "sickle, scythe, trick"
onyomi レン、ケン
かまsickle; sickle-and-chain (weapon); type of spear with curved cross-blade(s); gooseneck tenon and mortise joint; noisiness; part of a fish around the gills
鎌をかけるかまをかけるto trick someone (into confirming or revealing the truth), to ask a leading question
かまくらじだいKamakura period (1185-1333 CE)
かまきり, とうろう, いもじり, いいぼむしり, カマキリpraying mantis (esp. the narrow-winged mantis, Tenodera angustipennis)
かまがたsickle-shaped, falciform
かまどめcutting grass and trees is prohibited
かまあしlegs bowed in, sitting with heels spread apart
鎌鼬かまいたちcut caused by whirlwind, folkloric monster
くさりがまsickle and chain (weapon)
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