meaning "heavy, heap up, pile up, nest of boxes, -fold"
onyomi ジュウ, チョウ
kunyomi え, おも.い, おも.り, おも.なう, かさ.ねる, かさ.なる, おも
たいじゅうone''s body weight
じゅうろうどうheavy labor
重のにじゅうのdouble, twofold, dual
重ねるかさねるto pile/heap up
じゅうようなimportant, essential, principal
みえけんMie prefecture (of Kinki region)
重いおもいheavy, weighty, clumsy, slow, grave, serious
じゅうだいなserious, important, grave
重たいおもたいheavy, massive, serious (adj)
げんじゅうstrict, rigour, severe, firm (adj-na,n)
しんちょうdiscretion, prudence (adj-na,n)
そんちょうrespect, esteem, regard (n)
ていちょうpolite, courteous, hospitable
ここのえninefold, imperial palace, the Court
を重ねるごをかさねるto double the ranks
へんちょう, へんじゅうpreponderance, making too much of, overestimation, overemphasis, attaching too much importance to
やえmultilayered, doubled
やえざくらdouble-flowered cherry tree, double cherry blossoms
りんもうのけいちょうなしequal in weight, equal in significance
しじゅうそうinstrumental quartet
いくえmulti-plied, repeated
ひじゅうspecific gravity, weight, part; relative weight, relative importance
ちんちょうto prize, to value highly, to esteem
そうちょうsolemn, grave, impressive
きちょうprecious, valuable
きちょうひんvaluables, treasures
重みおもみimportance, weight, dignity, emphasis
じゅうしょう, おもでserious wound or injury
じゅうこう, ちょうこうthickness, composure and dignity
じゅうだいserious, important, significant, grave, weighty
じゅうしょうserious illness
じゅうばこmulti-tiered food box, stacked boxes
じゅうとくserious (illness)
じゅうしんchief vassal, senior statesman
おもに, じゅうかload, heavy burden, encumbrance, heavy freight, heavy responsibility
じゅうふく, ちょうふくduplication, repetition, overlapping, redundancy, restoration
じゅうようimportant, momentous, essential, principal, major
じゅうしimportance, stress, serious consideration
じゅうきんしんclose confinement (in one''s barracks)
じゅうきじょうheavy rail
じゅうりょうweight; heavyweight boxer
じゅうちんleader, authority, mainstay
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