meaning "bar-tending, serving sake, the host, draw (water), ladle, scoop, pump"
onyomi シャク
kunyomi く.む
酌むくむto serve sake (v5m)
お酌おしゃくpouring alcohol; person pouring alcohol for guests or customers (typically a woman); (apprentice) geisha, dancing girl
しん酌しんしゃくconsideration (for others), (making) allowance
さんしゃくcomparison and choosing the good, consultation, referring to
じょうじょうしゃくりょうtaking the extenuating circumstances into consideration
ばんしゃくevening drink
しゃくpouring alcohol, person pouring alcohol
酌みわすくみかわすto drink together
しゃくりょうconsideration, pardon
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