meaning "carry, luck, destiny, fate, lot, transport, progress, advance"
onyomi ウン
kunyomi はこ.ぶ
うんてんしゅdriver, chauffeur
うんどうexercise, athletics, sports, games, a campaign
するうんてんするto drive (a car), to run (a train)
うんone''s lot, (one''s) destiny, fortune, luck
運ぶはこぶto carry, to convey, to transport
こううんgood fortune, (good) luck, a lucky break
ち運ぶもちはこぶto bring, to carry
運がいいうんがいいbe lucky, have good luck
うんてんめんきょしょうa driver''s licence
ふうんunlucky, misfortune, bad luck, fate (adj-na,n)
はいせきうんどうagitation for expulsion
そうこうじんいんうんぱんしゃarmored personnel carrier, armoured personnel carrier
ぎいんうんえいいいんかいCommittee on Rules and Administration (Diet)
運びはこびprogress, pace, carriage, step, stage
うんどうぐつsports shoes, sneakers
うんえいmanagement, administration, operation
うんぱんtransport, carriage
うんぱんにんcarrier, conveyor
うんぱんひtransportation charge
うんがcanal, waterway
うんようmaking use of, application, investment, practical use
うんこうoperating (e.g. ships, aircraft)
うんちんfreight rates, shipping expenses, fare
うんてんoperation, motion, driving
うんゆしょうMinistry of Transport
うんそうtransport, freight, shipping
せんきょうんどうparticipation in election campaign
りゅううんprosperity, good fortune
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