meaning "advance, proceed, progress, promote"
onyomi シン
kunyomi すす.む, すす.める
進めるすすめるto advance, to move forward, to promote
進むすすむto advance, to proceed, to make progress
しんぽprogress, (an) advance, (an) improvement
進するぜんしんするto advance, to go aead, to march forward
するしんがくするto go on to a higher school
しんろa course, a route, a way
ぜんしんadvance, drive, progress (n)
しんがくgoing on to university (n,vs)
そくしんpromotion, acceleration, encouragement, facilitation, spurring on
そくしんざいaccelerant, stimulant
せんしんseniority, advance, leadership
せんしんこくadvanced (developed) country, advanced nations
かんじんtemple solicitation
かんじんちょうtemple solicitation book
きゅうしんrapid progress, radical
すいしんpropulsion, driving force; implementation, promotion (e.g. of a government policy)
ぜんしんgradual progress, steady advance
ちょとつもうしんheadlong, foolhardy, reckless
とっしんrush, charge
るいしんsuccessive promotion, gradual promotion, graduated
やくしんrush, dash, onslaught, dancing ahead
しんしゅつadvance, step forward
しんがくじゅくcramschool (for boys and girls who wish to go on to the next stage of education)
しんてんprogress, development
退しんたいmovement, course of action, advance or retreat
退しんたいうかがいinformal (unofficial) resignation
しんちゅうoccupation, stationing
しんちゅうぐんoccupying forces
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