meaning'ride, board, get on, place, spread, 10**44'
 kunyomiの.せる, の.る
載せるのせるto place on (something), to take on board
載るのるto appear (in print), to be placed on
さい10^44; hundred tredecillion
さいりょうloading capacity; carrying capacity
とうさいloading (on board); equipped (with), built-in
まんさいfully loaded, full load, loaded condition
とうさいregister, record, printing
せきさいlading, loading, carrying
はくさいocean transportation, importation
かんさいきship-borne plane
きさいrecord, statement, description, mention, listing, registration, booking, entry
さいかとんすうdeadweight tonnage
れんさいserialization, serialisation, serial story
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