meaning'prize, reward, praise'
しょうひんprize, trophy
しょうきんprize, monetary award
にゅうしょうwinning a prize or place (in a contest)
ふくしょうextra prize
どりょくしょうprize awarded for a person's effort
じゅしょうwinning (a prize)
たいしょうbig prize, first prize
けんしょうoffering prizes, winning, reward
じゅしょうawarding a prize
じゅしょうしきaward ceremony
ほうしょうmedal (of merit), prize, reward
ろんこうこうしょうconferral of honors (honours), according to merits
しょうprize, award
しょうよreward, prize, bonus
しょうじょうhonorable certificate, honourable certificate
かんしょうappreciation (e.g. of art), aesthetic sense
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