meaning "defer, turnover, transfer, convey"
onyomi ジョウ
kunyomi ゆず.る
譲るゆずるto turn over, to assign, to hand over (v5r)
ぶんじょうselling (real-estate) lots
かつじょうcession (of territory)
ぜんじょう(historical, in China) abdication by an emperor in favor (favour) of a more virtuous successor
いじょうtransfer, assignment
けんじょうmodesty, humility
譲のけんじょうのびとくmodest virtue
けんじょうごhumble language (e.g. itadaku)
譲りけるゆずりうけるto inherit, to receive, to take over by transfer
譲りゆずりわたすto hand over, to turn over, to cede
じょうほconcession, conciliation, compromise
じょうとtransfer, assignment, conveyance
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