meaning "discreet, reverently, humbly"
onyomi キン
ふきんしんindiscretion, imprudence
謹むつつしむto be careful, to be discreet; to do in moderation, to refrain oneself from overdoing; to be reverent; to be purified, to be chaste
謹んでつつしんでrespectfully, humbly, reverently
きんげんstern, grave, solemn, sobersided
きんていwith the author''s compliments
きんけいDear Sirs (opening for a letter), Gentlemen
きんしんpenitence, discipline, house arrest
きんちょうlistening attentively
きんせいhumbly made
きんげんYours Sincerely ...
きんがしんねんHappy New Year!
じゅうきんしんclose confinement (in one''s barracks)
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