meaning'consult with'
こくさいむせんつうしんしもんいいんかいComite Consultatif International des Radiocommunications, CCIR
こくさいでんしんでんわしもんいいんかいInternational Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee, CCITT
に諮るいいんかいにはかるto submit (a plan) to a committee for deliberation
諮るはかるto consult with, to discuss, to confer
しもんquestion, enquiry, inquiry
しもんじこうterms of reference
しもんいいんかいadvisory committee (council, panel)
しもんきかんconsultative body, advisory committee, advisory organ
しじゅんquestion, enquiry, inquiry
しぎconsultation, conference
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