meaning "read"
onyomi ドク, トク, トウ
kunyomi よ.む, -よ.み
よ・むto read
よみかたreading book
読みくんよみJapanese reading
読みよみものreading practice
くとうてんpunctuation marks (n)
読みよみreading (n)
読むよむto read (v5m)
読みおんよみChinese-derived reading
ふくとくほん, ふくどくほんsupplementary reader
読みのひよみのとりkanji "bird of the zodiac" radical (radical 164)
せいこううどくworking in the field in fine weather and reading at home in rainy weather, living in quiet retirement dividing time between work and intellectual pursuits
ろうどくreading aloud, recitation
ん読つんどくbuying books and not reading them
読みよみかたway of reading, how to read
どくしんじゅつlip reading
よみうりYomiuri (newspaper)
どくしょ, とくしょreading
こうどくsubscription (e.g. magazine)
こうどくりょうsubscription charge
えつどくreading, perusal
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