meaning "rumor, opinion, theory"
onyomi セツ, ゼイ
kunyomi と.く
しょうせつa novel
せつめいan explanation
するせつめいするto explain
じせつone\''s one view, opinion
せつan opinion, a view, a theory, a doctrine, a rumor
するせっとくするto persuade (a person into doing)
説くとくto explain, to state, to set forth, to preach
しょうせつかa novelist, a story writer
説くくどくto talk someone into agreeing
かいせつexplanation, commentary (n,vs)
説よりじじつはしょうせつよりきなりTruth is stranger than fiction
でんせつtradition, legend, folklore
ぼうけんしょうせつadventure story, novel of adventure
りきせつinsistence, (major) emphasis, stress
おくせつhypothesis, speculation, surmise
たんていしょうせつdetective story
すいりしょうせつmystery or detective novel
えんぜつspeech, address
しゃせつeditorial, leading article
せつめいてきだとうせいexplanatory adequacy
せつゆpersuasion, convincing
ろんせつeditorial, dissertation
ゆうぜいelection tour, election campaign, stumping
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