meaning'accusation, sue, complain of pain, appeal to'
ふきそnonprosecution or indictment
けいじそしょうcriminal action
しょうそwinning a lawsuit
こくそaccusation, complaint, charge, legal action
かべそしょう, かべぞしょうgrumbling or mumbling to oneself
こうそkoso appeal (initial appeal to a higher court)
ていそpresenting a case, suing
はいそloss of a court-case
みんじそしょうcivil action, civil suit, civil proceedings
みんじそしょうほう(Japanese) Civil Proceedings Act (1890, revised in 1926)
ぎょうせいそしょうadministrative litigation (action)
訴えうったえlawsuit, complaint
そじょうpetition, complaint, (legal) brief
そしょうlitigation, lawsuit
そしょうじけんlawsuit, (legal) case
そしょうひよう(lawsuit) costs
きそprosecution, indictment
きそゆうよsuspension of indictment, leaving charge on the file
りこんそしょうdivorce suit, divorce proceedings
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