meaning "say"
onyomi ゲン, ゴン
kunyomi い.う, こと
い・うword, to say
ことばword, language
じょげんpiece of advice; counsel
言ういうto say (u-v)
言いいいだすto start talking, to speak, to tell, to propose
言いけるいいつけるto tell, to tell on (someone), to order (v1)
けることづけるto send word, to send a message (v1)
ひとことsingle word (n)
り言ひとりごとa soliloquy, a monologue, speaking to oneself
ほうげんdialect (n)
ことばづかいspeech, expression, wording (n)
じょうげんchatter, useless words
あいことばpassword, watchword
かげんwise saying
せんげんdeclaration, proclamation, announcement
かげんreticence, taciturnity
ていげんproposal, motion
だんげんassertion, declaration, affirmation
おうべいしょげんごthe languages of Europe and America
ひかくげんごがくcomparative linguistics
へんげんせきご(not even) a few words
きょうげんkyogen (farce played during a Noh cycle), play, drama; make-believe, ruse, trick
はつげんutterance, speech, proposal
むつごとlovers'' talk, whispered intimacies
りんげんimperial words
言いいいわたすto announce, to tell, to sentence, to order
言いいいわけexcuse; explanation
言わばいわばso to speak, so to call it, as it were
げんきゅうreference, allusion
しょうげんevidence, testimony
め言ほめことばwords of praise, eulogy, compliment
きんげんYours Sincerely ...
せんげんkeeping one''s word
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